I found him splashing in a PvP World

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  • 2.26 "best friend Framed" man that is cute AF haha

    Ryan MacallisterRyan Macallister8 kuukautta sitten
  • "Why does this game hate me?" 🤣😂🤣😂

    Trevor RamseyTrevor Ramsey9 kuukautta sitten
  • Specs is such a loser lmao

    gmfb russgmfb russ10 kuukautta sitten
  • 200,000th viewer

    Walter WilsonWalter Wilson10 kuukautta sitten
  • can't stand framed's voice, please keep him off your vids

    ispechiispechi11 kuukautta sitten
  • Tyc not complete, you scammed skillspecs 5m lol

    jacobr116jacobr116Vuosi sitten
  • mahal keta im half hybrid xD like u

    3rd Eye3rd EyeVuosi sitten
  • Why did you say sorry to skillspec I’m so confused by that.

    DannyDannyVuosi sitten
  • 7:10 he sounds like borat

    Mr. BigMr. BigVuosi sitten
  • Where u at?

    ScavingsScavingsVuosi sitten
  • Are you still doing TYC's? If so, I thought I'd share some ideas. - You should make a compilation of cool stacked kills with the song Hand of Blood playing in the background. - Try and get Woox to 1v1 you. - Upload more often. We all love your content, but it has been 3 weeks.

    Rhett BarnesRhett BarnesVuosi sitten
  • Sooo hcim status has fallen!? GG..

    JelmerJelmerVuosi sitten
  • a TYC idea, over the duration of 2020 try get a pk in every tile in the wildy

    kitt prescottkitt prescottVuosi sitten
  • Love the music bro great vids!

    Ben DoverBen DoverVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Go pking with full bronze and a dragon scim and dds, and win the fight

    CardPullArenaCardPullArenaVuosi sitten
  • pk with a steamer for 1 hour then use pked gear to 1fight each other and have 10m cash risk

    stephen byrnesstephen byrnesVuosi sitten
  • I have a challenge for you C ENGINEER- Kill someone combo-ing them with a magic shortbow into a saradomin blessed sword using the swords spec attack.

    EricEricVuosi sitten
  • Song at 1.18?

    xerkexerkeVuosi sitten
  • He is officially dead on his hcim. He died at 1508 total and now has 1513 total if you look at the highscores. His last video of the series is going to make me sad now :(

    try1and1own1metry1and1own1meVuosi sitten
  • Bror vad hände med Heroxyouxhate/ youbleedred? vet du något?:o Han var min idol när jag växte upp i pvp/bh xD /hamodi/husby hälsar

    Emir MradEmir MradVuosi sitten
    • alla vill veta, kolla upp det åt oss! ;)

      Emir MradEmir MradVuosi sitten
  • Drop ballista for video

    vengefulskys 11Bvengefulskys 11BVuosi sitten
  • Drop a twisted bow in the rev caves. And pk the guy who picks it up. Then fight back everyone who attacks you and survive.

    LegendsYomiLegendsYomiVuosi sitten
  • You should stream while you grind on your hcim for a week, to make it more challenging.

    christian Lindstromchristian LindstromVuosi sitten
  • what is that green iron man logo?

    AliAliVuosi sitten
  • Before you watch the video guys.... ....... Start at 7:32

    MrTChrissoMrTChrissoVuosi sitten
  • 07:34 "my cock"? xd

    JukanikoJukanikoVuosi sitten
  • GF rip c engineer on Dmm Spring Finals 2018 in my I Cam -Dmm Spring Finals 2018 - 07 Runescape - Solo video at 7:40

    I CamI CamVuosi sitten
  • Get a kill only using dragon thrownaxes

    Martin DexMartin DexVuosi sitten
  • tyc: in pvp, cut a log, light a fire and cook all the food you plan to use for the fight while in combat.

    theherolost0237theherolost0237Vuosi sitten
  • Bro petition staking at games room!

    Nocturnal RSNocturnal RSVuosi sitten
  • That ballista thing was funny as hell lol

    Nocturnal RSNocturnal RSVuosi sitten
  • mike hawk sounded like mycock to me

    SavageSavageVuosi sitten
  • what's the name of the song in the video transitioning around 6minutes?

    Sheldon RhymesSheldon RhymesVuosi sitten
  • Ur a big bully

    Tanner AhernsTanner AhernsVuosi sitten
  • To be real though even though I would be embarrassed you were freezing and los him behind the tree so I mean do that right and it’s pretty much a guaranteed kill

    Logan MLogan MVuosi sitten
  • song at 6:30 ?

    FlipeFlipeVuosi sitten
    • Animal apogee

      Saif MohammadSaif MohammadVuosi sitten
  • What’s the name of that sexy song he uses at 0:20 ?

    T. T.T. T.Vuosi sitten
  • *greed got the best of you* and you admitted to *rage-deleted* the vids lmfao LMFAO SKILL SPECS *WHY DOES THIS GAME HATE ME* Hahahah made my day.. And bro you killin *oda* for an elly *helps me sleep at night* .. Love you *C* !

    Eazy-EEazy-EVuosi sitten
  • 2:09 damage stall/negate

    Little.SaturnLittle.SaturnVuosi sitten
  • 1st clip was def a bot lmfao

    i iilili iililVuosi sitten
  • 1:30 what a bot lol rsn:HustleMuscl3 give me christmas present bro

    kajcsapapakajcsapapaVuosi sitten
  • 2:08 wtf he dodged a dds

    Vegan BtwVegan BtwVuosi sitten
  • I don't like the rule that you don't kill people hunting you.

    Hunter AndersonHunter AndersonVuosi sitten
  • Can prove i login with my username lmaoooo

    mike gerhardmike gerhardVuosi sitten
  • Lul let me get a bond, I havent played since 2003 to when they removed wilderness, tryna make enough for a bond 😢

    mike gerhardmike gerhardVuosi sitten
    • mike gerhard it was 2007 -_-

      YozoraYozoraVuosi sitten
  • Lol that’s me at 4:40!!! I was wondering if you were vidding when I saw you 🤣🤣 liked

    Fred GhannamFred GhannamVuosi sitten
  • that 98 on skill specs tho. im lmfao

    ArcanusArcanusVuosi sitten
  • Shut up indian

    Chad LeaseChad LeaseVuosi sitten
  • Skill Specs OMEGALUL

    high5high5Vuosi sitten
  • Damn I thought youbleedred was done with rs 😧

    Ben DoverBen DoverVuosi sitten
  • 6:00 can anyone tell me what song is that ? i feel so relaxed

    FuriWanPCFuriWanPCVuosi sitten
    • Osrsbeatz - animal apogee ( trap remix )

      Seth KolisnekSeth KolisnekVuosi sitten
  • whats the name of the song starting at 6:01?

    Siel Van NieuwenhuyseSiel Van NieuwenhuyseVuosi sitten
    • I found it : fiworld.info/goon/dXWzrYDGnWxud58/videot.html&ab_channel=OSRSBeatz

      SmallPixelSmallPixelVuosi sitten
    • I need to know too!

      SmallPixelSmallPixelVuosi sitten
  • Always a pleasure watching you, cheers and happy holidays Tom :)

    BaretBaretVuosi sitten
  • Why alch cast in pvp world? Why not a normal one

    Z 357Z 357Vuosi sitten
  • framed is a scamming bitch

    Eddiebnyc1990Eddiebnyc1990Vuosi sitten
  • Thailand, nice. Don't get any STDies there pal, use overhead protection.

    Edmon DantesEdmon DantesVuosi sitten
  • Anyone know the background song he uses? It's really peaceful

    preston reesepreston reeseVuosi sitten
    • watch?v=EAOGHb875Ag

      sygosygoVuosi sitten
    • fiworld.info/goon/dXWzrYDGnWxud58/videot.html

      sygosygoVuosi sitten
    • Animal Apogee (Trap Remix) search it on youtube

      sygosygoVuosi sitten
  • you talk funny

    Beasty RsBeasty RsVuosi sitten
  • “Drop the ballista”...................*YOINKS* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Philip LocklearPhilip LocklearVuosi sitten
  • LOL you said Mike Hawk out loud...

    Jon Pom420Jon Pom420Vuosi sitten
  • You scripted that pvp boi

    Jon Pom420Jon Pom420Vuosi sitten
  • Why is Gimp's iron man helm green*?

    syrenetsyrenetVuosi sitten
  • Ron agbme in game. My RSN is: jfk now afk.

    Sheet CvntSheet CvntVuosi sitten
  • Whip spec :(

    Sheet CvntSheet CvntVuosi sitten
  • why do you keep telling them to drop the ballista? lmao

    Samuel OakSamuel OakVuosi sitten
  • bullshit who would splash on pvp world. set up

    Carlos GalindoCarlos GalindoVuosi sitten
  • That dude was botting in pvp world lol

    Jamie BJamie BVuosi sitten
  • 09:50 song pls

    MATAS barkauskasMATAS barkauskasVuosi sitten
  • This was fucking hilarious and I don’t even play anymore. Love it engineer keep it up

    MoyerMoyerVuosi sitten
  • 1:35. Drops 1.3k per shark for 1k per super strength potion 🤔

    Jon SoltanaJon SoltanaVuosi sitten
  • Gave skillspecs back 20m instead of 25m. SCAMMER

    N9GamingN9GamingVuosi sitten
  • Did his pvp hcim die? Did he show death?

    Luke LunaLuke LunaVuosi sitten
  • First challenge comes from " My Cock" 😂😂 I'm done 7:34

    FFS GoodgameFFS GoodgameVuosi sitten
  • did you notice around 2:22 one of your specs was used but didnt show up in game? stranges...

    Jesse ChapmanJesse ChapmanVuosi sitten
  • Loving the adventure vids! Please continue the series

    Zack JarmanZack JarmanVuosi sitten
  • And I still don't know what he was doing. Lol

    leviathan livesleviathan livesVuosi sitten
  • 3:19 Youbleedred :o

    MacJFitMacJFitVuosi sitten
  • Guys I’m being kicked out my house I’m 17 my parents hate me, I was a mistake, I’m going to be homeless just before Christmas and I don’t know what to do

    JAY TRAYJAY TRAYVuosi sitten
  • Off to Thailand to find some Whores, which is High Risk also. Hope you don't get Lured by some Chick who has a mandingo

    Ben LBen LVuosi sitten
  • song 0:30?

    fjollamoparfjollamoparVuosi sitten
  • What is that song at 0:20?

    Camilo Uribe BernalCamilo Uribe BernalVuosi sitten
  • Tyc: go pking with a dh set till it breaks and stake the total amount you’ve won.

    Senart PleetSenart PleetVuosi sitten
  • You are legit evil, innocent people trying to skill

    Joey O'NeillJoey O'NeillVuosi sitten
  • Go back thru your tyc series and try a jumble of them again

    Surraka SurovecSurraka SurovecVuosi sitten
  • No 70% HCIM title? feelsbad

    Dark PikachuDark PikachuVuosi sitten
  • I challenge for you. In a team of 2 or 3 people, get a 5 kill streak without any communication between the team. No voice, game chat, text, etc.

    tackoracko Blasterstackoracko BlastersVuosi sitten
  • 3:18 anyone else remember youbleedred from way back in the day??

    turglowturglowVuosi sitten
  • Lmao @drop ballista for video

    Collin HeathCollin HeathVuosi sitten
  • wtf that fairy ring dude negated two attacks by spamming fairy ring teleport while being teleblocked, im sure the bug community can find a way to abuse this

    Joe SwaazJoe SwaazVuosi sitten
  • michaels unce ? lol

    pettepoikapettepoikaVuosi sitten
  • Omfg that was YouBleedRed wtf?!

    Conoco JakeConoco JakeVuosi sitten
    • The one who dropped ballista omg.... I thought he quit!?

      Conoco JakeConoco JakeVuosi sitten
  • Change my Mind: "Framed and C engineer is a better love story than Twilight and 50 Shades"

    TheGreenStone1988TheGreenStone1988Vuosi sitten
  • You know it's going to be garbage when it's a 10:01 long video.

    Dmitriy KravchukDmitriy KravchukVuosi sitten
  • Still to this day, Ron is waiting...

    MynxMynxVuosi sitten
  • 1:59 special unce turns into rare unce and one cb level lower

    Trent DavidsonTrent DavidsonVuosi sitten
  • 2:23 I know what he was doing, he was botting.

    Delano 808purppDelano 808purppVuosi sitten
  • I think if I see one more add of Raids Shadow Legends I might just download the thing and play it

    Cas DessersCas DessersVuosi sitten
  • 2:32 whats the song? been looking for it forever not even shazam picks it up

    OfficialDufmaanOfficialDufmaanVuosi sitten
  • nice thailand is thee best

    alan mouletalan mouletVuosi sitten
  • We love you ❤️

    Letz FetzLetz FetzVuosi sitten