HCIM Limited to PVP Worlds [86% HCIM]

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1. Urban Lullaby
2. Ticker
3. Arp Ascent
4. Sad Violin
5. She Died Up There You Know
6. Curb Your Enthusiasm
7. Super Smash Bros Brawl

  • Hey C, why did you have the ectophial on you? What was the point of that plus Cammy tele runes? One-click in inventory so you didn't have to spend the extra crucial second swapping to your spell book?

    JustAnotherPsycoJustAnotherPsyco8 kuukautta sitten
  • Hey from tbe future. Gz on dwh ;)

    ryan breslerryan bresler9 kuukautta sitten
  • starting to look like a boss

    Bas WillemsBas Willems10 kuukautta sitten
  • What is the percentage in the title for???

    Hi I'm NickHi I'm NickVuosi sitten

    Meat PizzaMeat PizzaVuosi sitten
  • What does the percentage mean after every episodes' title? Please, someone explain to me!

    Lenny a.k.a PomsGarluLenny a.k.a PomsGarluVuosi sitten
  • lmao the music when he got the karils skirt xD

    StanChrisStanChrisVuosi sitten
  • REEEEEEEEE where is the next video

    Cal97gCal97gVuosi sitten
  • >Diagnoses internet connection My PC almost reset me!

    DoorThiefDoorThiefVuosi sitten
  • Love your vids dude RSN:ceamypinksoc

    Creamy PinkSockCreamy PinkSockVuosi sitten
  • For those who don't know I think he's trying to get an Infernal Cape.

    ambiguous usernameambiguous usernameVuosi sitten
  • 3 weeks- still waiting for the best content on yt

    Letz FetzLetz FetzVuosi sitten
  • Hurry up and post the video of me killing your HCIM! People will still watch your content! I am not uploading the video out of respect but I wont wait much longer.

    Miami ZombieMiami ZombieVuosi sitten
    • Nice try :p

      JyadelJyadelVuosi sitten
  • Dude your lack of content is ridiculous. Either quit making videos or do more. Cause waiting 2-3 weeks at a time for a 10 minute progress update is dumb.

    Benjamin ChamberlainBenjamin ChamberlainVuosi sitten

    Liutauras DonskovasLiutauras DonskovasVuosi sitten
  • It's safe to assume he died

    DomDomVuosi sitten
  • Ok new vid plz

    HarvpapiHarvpapiVuosi sitten
    • @Dom Nope, he's still alive according to the OSRS HCIM hiscore page

      JyadelJyadelVuosi sitten
    • @Harvpapi Just a guess, but I'm pretty confident he did.

      DomDomVuosi sitten
    • Legendary fr??

      HarvpapiHarvpapiVuosi sitten
    • He died

      DomDomVuosi sitten
  • Jag stödlajkar för drystreak

    Lasse KongoLasse KongoVuosi sitten
  • What can i do when settled and c engineer doesnt post?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    MuscleTeamCoMuscleTeamCoVuosi sitten
    • KempQ

      PaulthefarmerPaulthefarmerVuosi sitten
  • your scamming the people now with your price , raise it a s punishment?

    Quality JrQuality JrVuosi sitten
  • Why you booling me

    Isaac WoodIsaac WoodVuosi sitten
  • Put out a video or I'll unsub you must've lost your hcim account stop being scared

    Isaac WoodIsaac WoodVuosi sitten
  • I don't even play rs, haven't for years and I love this series more than anything. I need more pls c engineeeer

    Th4DeuSsTh4DeuSsVuosi sitten
  • Hey!! Start uploading more frequently!

    lovestop101lovestop101Vuosi sitten
  • just here to let you know i got torag pl8 and k top in my first 5 chest on my hcim

    Michael KnowlesMichael KnowlesVuosi sitten
  • Someone must found him and took away him status at this point🤔

    Ermosk aErmosk aVuosi sitten
  • Whens the next episode? I look forward to these on my breaks at work.

    Jeremy HruskaJeremy HruskaVuosi sitten

    fabia andoomfabia andoomVuosi sitten
  • Brother, figure out a way to hardwire your internet with an Ethernet cord. Much less chance of DC!

    Dennis RupertDennis RupertVuosi sitten
  • Nice widows 7

    Chris BrownChris BrownVuosi sitten
  • 2 Weeks later - we are still waiting for new Upload. I really hope you didnt died and rebuilding the HCIM XD

    Letz FetzLetz FetzVuosi sitten
  • My god please upload another video of this.

    Jonny BJonny BVuosi sitten
  • How TF have you not been caught lacking at barrows yet lol. U litteraly spend like half ur life there.

    That nibbaThat nibbaVuosi sitten
  • It must kill you that swampletics has gotten almost EVERYTHING on your dream barrows armor list , even alched some of the things on it cause he's gotten them 2 or 3 times lmaaoo

    That nibbaThat nibbaVuosi sitten
  • plz i need new video plz i need it

    the5711the5711Vuosi sitten
  • Oh yea barrows on pvp worlds has decreased chance for loot

    Amir MooreAmir MooreVuosi sitten
  • Full guthans is great for hcim. If u dont have sgs. Sooooo be happy.

    Fresh AfroFresh AfroVuosi sitten
  • I just recorded you at edgeville bank not on a pvp world, lame dude.

    Christopher BrannonChristopher BrannonVuosi sitten
    • Christopher Brannon post proof

      Benjamin ChamberlainBenjamin ChamberlainVuosi sitten
  • what is that location with the shamans

    AzurAzurVuosi sitten
  • Thank u for the dank content C engineer :D

    sean Tsean TVuosi sitten
  • Y you no post more :(((((

    sniper_opsniper_opVuosi sitten
  • Irony, I did 500+ chests back when spear was 13m and never got one.

    Christopher BrannonChristopher BrannonVuosi sitten
  • Nextone plss we had no Swampletics this week:'(

    András MolnárAndrás MolnárVuosi sitten
  • 0:12 hey look, its me!

    TaleOfFearTaleOfFearVuosi sitten
  • I'm confused, you don't do wilderness steps but you're on a pvp world 🤔

    PandaBear RSPandaBear RSVuosi sitten
  • i fucking love ur barrow runs

    Vicho BanzVicho BanzVuosi sitten
  • Why didnt you pick up the rune 2h at 5:17

    emilytumorsareonlyrumours cxemilytumorsareonlyrumours cxVuosi sitten
  • You know how he's gonna go out? Swampletics is going to pop up at barrows with all the best barrows gear and be like *"GET OUT ME SWAAMPP!!"* And fckin 2 hit And c engineer is gonna smash his Computer . Leaving it on the floor repeating "why u bully me" till the battery dies

    That nibbaThat nibbaVuosi sitten
  • You really really realllllllllllly need to get solid internet lol. Super lucky you walked out of that area

    Tim GranataTim GranataVuosi sitten
  • One of my favourite series on youtube!

    Ghjk LkopGhjk LkopVuosi sitten
  • random question by when u seen som1 at barrows n u logged out why it was showing ur world as 343? which is german non pvp world?

    Tomas BukurTomas BukurVuosi sitten
  • Nice video bro! Btw why your not doing wildy clues when your in a pvp zone the whole time anyway :p

    MewMewRSMewMewRSVuosi sitten
    • Less chance to get away. Wider range of levels can attack you. More active I'd say too.

      Paul dPaul dVuosi sitten
  • What is that place you're killing lizardman shamans in?

    MGodchildMGodchildVuosi sitten
  • If you get far enough are you gonna do raids?

    Gino 3SGino 3SVuosi sitten
  • Almost feel like you're getting tired of this series. Iron man doesnt seem like it's for you but it's good content. Inb4nextepisodeyoudid

    winterborn 1winterborn 1Vuosi sitten
    • Smh two types of people. He is very generous to be giving out that huge reward and editing this for us. At least he's doing something original.

      Christopher SmithChristopher SmithVuosi sitten
  • C Engineer, are you from India?

    CasperCasperVuosi sitten
  • I’m coming for yah brah!

    25 Buttholes25 ButtholesVuosi sitten
  • Dw guthans will be really nice for early gwd its not totally useless for you

    Ace CopperAce CopperVuosi sitten
  • were is he killing the shaman? iv never seen that area :o i only get that kinda space in the slayer only cave?

    CrimsonpattyCrimsonpattyVuosi sitten
  • this is a pitty like for more barrows

    Erick FigueroaErick FigueroaVuosi sitten
  • Inb4 goes dry as much as he did at barrows like 10x droprate, over 50k kc at shamans rip c engineer

    Tim BoumaTim BoumaVuosi sitten
  • Completed

    patstar67patstar67Vuosi sitten
  • what does the 86% mean im curious

    branm99branm99Vuosi sitten
  • Pity comment

    Tim A.Tim A.Vuosi sitten
  • This series is a joke that went way too far.

    Shadi HaddadShadi HaddadVuosi sitten
  • Ur barrows luck breaks my heart and I don't even play RS anymore.

    Cody CarlsonCody CarlsonVuosi sitten
  • My brother. Love this PvP but HCIM... BUT I need my TYC fix!!! TYC: PK an Ironman on any world.

    HoboJoHoboJoVuosi sitten
  • You complaining about barrows makes me not want to watch

    Dennis AlvaradoDennis AlvaradoVuosi sitten
  • Intro song ??? Please anyone

    Do it allDo it allVuosi sitten
  • Please keep this account going even if you die :O

    InsenseCraft HDInsenseCraft HDVuosi sitten
  • haha, red carrot was actually a zerk pretending to be a noob

    Asocial SociopathAsocial SociopathVuosi sitten
  • What are the percentages in the titles?

    Ramon FernandezRamon FernandezVuosi sitten
  • Eyes of Gluffire quest :’)

    James CorbettJames CorbettVuosi sitten
  • Guthan's Warspear is a decent stab/crush weapon tho right?

    DontCareImaBearDontCareImaBearVuosi sitten
  • Have C engineer and infinity barrows runs, have thumbs up

    Paulo SenaPaulo SenaVuosi sitten
  • honestly this is kind of lame. Basically just playing antisocial HCIM - log out everytime you even see a white dot. This isn't a pvp series.

    Adam CainAdam CainVuosi sitten
    • He says he doesn't want to fight until he's got good gear.

      Christopher SmithChristopher SmithVuosi sitten
  • Those 1 itemers at beginning are actually bots that you can purchase hourly to train on, you actually get around 100k xp an hour on them

    Lance McLance McVuosi sitten
  • imagine alching a guthans warspear when you want to do bandos?!?!?!?

    jayden profettojayden profettoVuosi sitten
  • Why is there a decreasing percent after each episode?

    somanayrsomanayrVuosi sitten
  • U do 90% of ur barrows runs under 85% get it too 100 damn havent learned after how many dry

    Jo ThewJo ThewVuosi sitten
  • Tyc challenge: create a random name alt and try to convince someone you're a famous youtuber. (Yourself)

    Christopher BeaulieuChristopher BeaulieuVuosi sitten
  • Perhaps make vids 13:49?

    Why BannedWhy BannedVuosi sitten
  • u r the best!!!! !!!! !!!

    gLaddgLaddVuosi sitten
  • u had 2 keys that's because u do 100% on barrows u should do 90-99

    TeLcHTeLcHVuosi sitten
  • I swear someone on the dev team rigged your rng lol

    DactusDactusVuosi sitten
  • I like how you say you can't do wilderness clues, even though you're on pvp worlds and people can kill you pretty much anywhere already.

    Desseray hDesseray hVuosi sitten
    • Large multiway areas, can't teleport, no nearby safezones, almost anyone regardless of combat level can attack him. Good enough reasons...?

      TappajaavTappajaavVuosi sitten
  • Bring back why you bully me or unsub

    RunescapeAnonRunescapeAnonVuosi sitten
  • just do 100% at barrows everytime

    SupralifeSupralifeVuosi sitten
  • Dude get your Internet fixed or get a better router..

    Jason ErhardtJason ErhardtVuosi sitten
  • mate, the giant sub and like buttons mid video are obnoxious.

    Pushit666Pushit666Vuosi sitten
  • You sounds identical to fez

    PeelsiePeelsieVuosi sitten
  • 6:33 i dont think you can get a dragon warhammer from barrows kappa

    Daniel PetersonDaniel PetersonVuosi sitten
    • twitch.tv

      TappajaavTappajaavVuosi sitten
  • I know how to get him, still I dont PK

    Martin ClementzMartin ClementzVuosi sitten
  • why is your audio so fucked?

    LOreLOreVuosi sitten
  • What location is he killing the shamans?

    Kalman EinarssonKalman EinarssonVuosi sitten
  • idiot get 100%

    Martins DanisevicsMartins DanisevicsVuosi sitten
  • People need to use a ring of stone in barrows tunnels to surprise attack him you can’t see white dots in there lmao

    Nick RNick RVuosi sitten
    • That's actually very good idea

      TappajaavTappajaavVuosi sitten
  • Am i the only person that wants to know what the 86% hcim is?

    Crodles CS:GOCrodles CS:GOVuosi sitten
  • Why you bully me

    YangYangVuosi sitten
  • F

    AlexAlexVuosi sitten