HCIM Limited to PVP Worlds [84% HCIM]

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  • Did anyone notice at 4:14 that he DROPPED THE BASS?? AHAHA.... Sorry..

    RykirelRykirel7 kuukautta sitten
  • Y can't imbue the shield? Sorry I'm noobish

    Thales CarrionThales Carrion10 kuukautta sitten
  • U spend 1000s hours on account and ur bank looks like shit

    matrix alfred cheesematrix alfred cheeseVuosi sitten
  • 9:08 Does NMZ not work in pvp worlds?

    KzarKzarVuosi sitten
  • why cant you imbue shield?

    Justin PaquetteJustin PaquetteVuosi sitten
  • I can't believe my barrows luck is worse than yours... 180 with 2 pieces

    Goose BottleGoose BottleVuosi sitten
  • Nature imps would of been quicker than those rings haha

    Constant ZerosConstant ZerosVuosi sitten
  • I liked the Key* Parts.

    Relish1Relish1Vuosi sitten
  • Freminik Iceless complete

    Fu JoFu JoVuosi sitten
  • why dont you guys just teleblock him

    thenosa87thenosa87Vuosi sitten
    • thenosa87 i dont pvp and cant cast tb

      TaifuneTaifuneVuosi sitten
    • @Taifune why don't YOU?

      thenosa87thenosa87Vuosi sitten
    • why dont u?

      TaifuneTaifuneVuosi sitten
  • Honestly the adrenaline rush and yuh r anxiety that's fun. Some part of me dosent want C (sortaengineer) to die. If I found C++Python I wouldnt want to kill him.... cause AutoCAD rules my soul

    ByronByronVuosi sitten
  • Dam you still havent died 😂

    lowridr2lowridr2Vuosi sitten
  • I will always give you pity likes for pvp hcim

    dmm _clownzdmm _clownzVuosi sitten
  • Just allow yourself to do 1 nmz run for some points

    johan IRONMANjohan IRONMANVuosi sitten
  • tyc:: get killed of Sparc mac with a inventory full of mysterious emblems

    Natalie SmithNatalie SmithVuosi sitten
  • See you out there homie!

    richard hillrichard hillVuosi sitten
  • tyc: edit the 2 hp dharok bomb to 1 hp. that shit is driving me nuts!

    BuddyBonButtBuddyBonButtVuosi sitten
  • Stipulation to imbuing it, IMO, go to NZM in a pvp world but your private has to be on for one hour prior to doing so, if you make it safe, you hop, complete it, hop back, and when you return to safety private off, would be an option for you.

    Last quarterLast quarterVuosi sitten
  • Quit increasing the money to kill you

    B MeltB MeltVuosi sitten
  • What if C engineer does the quests on normal worlds and as soon as he completes it, he turns on the cam... hmmm

    ZeroZeroVuosi sitten
  • 250m isn't enough, make it a solid 1 Bil.

    Philip ZacharyPhilip ZacharyVuosi sitten
  • its a brimstone key ! not ring XD

    Ernesta EErnesta EVuosi sitten
  • Even if i could kill your HCIM, i would just scare you a little cuz i love the series :v

    Ruim mas TimeRuim mas TimeVuosi sitten
  • “Fremennik iceless completed”

    Jay CeeJay CeeVuosi sitten
  • use shades of morton minigame tele to barrows, easy

    San MarkusSan MarkusVuosi sitten
  • I’m sorry that you died man! It was a good run. Respect for actually paying him the 200m

    Doctype RsDoctype RsVuosi sitten
  • killing a bot.. completed.

    Dank MushiesDank MushiesVuosi sitten
  • Bring back TYC am i right boys?

    NotRecommendNotRecommendVuosi sitten
  • that first .5 secs was pretty cool btw

    Titans GuileTitans GuileVuosi sitten
  • Hope nobody gets you, ever!

    Hunter FrugeHunter FrugeVuosi sitten
  • Fremenik Iceless is my favorite quest

    Dillon HartDillon HartVuosi sitten
  • jon makes these videos x D

    blake fontaniniblake fontaniniVuosi sitten
  • When new TYC?

    AxelAxelVuosi sitten
  • Take a shot everytime he says *there*

    xrcohxrcohVuosi sitten
  • This felt like a waste of minutes

    Corey MartinCorey MartinVuosi sitten
  • why is the video so quiet?

    SednaFTWSednaFTWVuosi sitten
  • What is 84%???

    הראל מטלוהראל מטלוVuosi sitten
  • Wait so what happens if you die to a npc and lose hardcore that way

    winterborn 1winterborn 1Vuosi sitten
  • So I totally have a challenge that would crack me up if you pulled it off. Do a dog shit spec on someone, wait till like 5 hp and dharock bomb someone with a 99 or whatever.

    T3LTT3LTVuosi sitten
  • verac's amour for wildy bosses

    Mateo PadillaMateo PadillaVuosi sitten
  • Dude! Rip! I’m so sorry man. ☹️☹️😭😭

    guitarbass22guitarbass22Vuosi sitten
  • wtf does the % in the title mean?

    `No Nonsense` Keith Peterson`No Nonsense` Keith PetersonVuosi sitten
  • 4:13 d-d-d-drop the BASS

    Tom HardrazerTom HardrazerVuosi sitten
  • Omfg is he going to try and team up with swamplectics for TOB in morytania! Calling it

    HespusHespusVuosi sitten
  • Is the barrows equipment for raids 2 with swampletics? That would be very cool...

    andresjavandresjavVuosi sitten
  • Dont know if outro couldve been gayer if you tried. Love the vids

    Addison SipesAddison SipesVuosi sitten
  • what does "84% HCIM" mean?

    Alex MacGroganAlex MacGroganVuosi sitten
  • dks duh

    Dyaln RubyDyaln RubyVuosi sitten
  • TYC??????

    Johan SchiltJohan SchiltVuosi sitten
  • best osrs content ever made

    Kristoffer SolemKristoffer SolemVuosi sitten
  • Great vid, the content keeps getting better... except that time u said Fremenik aii-cells

    Chef BoyarBlumpChef BoyarBlumpVuosi sitten
  • Your only supposed to kill 3 skeletons for best drop chance at barrows

    stephen byrnesstephen byrnesVuosi sitten
  • You could let people donate to your bounty and make it more interesting :P

    PotlandPotlandVuosi sitten
  • when you eventually do get PKed what will happen to this series?

    Daniel JamesDaniel JamesVuosi sitten
  • Theater of blood?

    cody beebecody beebeVuosi sitten
  • FREMENIKK IS LES???? 7:52

    cr1msontidecr1msontideVuosi sitten
  • Literally never going to die.. cool concept nice to see you progress. But you will never die.

    Jamesy TheReDevilJamesy TheReDevilVuosi sitten
  • what does the 84% mean?

    GuyGuyVuosi sitten
  • why cant you imbue your c shield

    ouroboros oouroboros oVuosi sitten
  • Opened my DT chest on first lockpick, lucky?

    JustchaosJustchaosVuosi sitten
  • I challenge you to tank the next pker who attacks you :)

    ZeekZeekVuosi sitten
  • if your hardcore ironman dies to a monster, you should do a 200m Drop party

    Milton BermudezMilton BermudezVuosi sitten
  • Fremmenik iceles hahahah

    Tmzu on ConsoleTmzu on ConsoleVuosi sitten
  • fremmy "IS-LES- completed. lol

    God of DiscoGod of DiscoVuosi sitten
  • "Rune Platelegs thats bad" Bro, if you think thats bad, something's wrog with you. Id be spasming.

    Coffee SuccubusCoffee SuccubusVuosi sitten
  • clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap

    ZuluZuluVuosi sitten
  • good wideo

    The DonatorThe DonatorVuosi sitten
  • Bridding

    SongsSongsVuosi sitten
  • I hate the freminiek iceless quest also

    BektBektVuosi sitten
  • what does the %in the title stand for

    d0d0Vuosi sitten
  • "Ill be happy with forever going dry" Ill hold you to that

    Bruce YoungBruce YoungVuosi sitten
  • 2 more combats and youre fucked. All the maxed 75 att piety accounts gonna get ya.

    peepee poopoo manpeepee poopoo manVuosi sitten
  • what is the percentage in the title ?

    James ElgetiJames ElgetiVuosi sitten
  • Brimstone Ring was better

    Disciple XDDisciple XDVuosi sitten
  • Well thanks for the 250m, I'm just lucky I got the drop on you when you entered the tomb.

    Heath Needs ManaHeath Needs ManaVuosi sitten
  • Gets magic logs for dt. Gets v skirt. Announces 250m bounty. Yw.

    Dr PhilDr PhilVuosi sitten
  • 84%hcim?

    Lauge Hjulmann DalbramLauge Hjulmann DalbramVuosi sitten
  • Bring back TYC and I'll sub

    ShaneShaneVuosi sitten
  • Fremennik Iceless completed pog

    Addison McintoshAddison McintoshVuosi sitten
  • Easy. You are doing ToB with Swampletics. Runescapes most ambitious crossover

    HonkerHonkerVuosi sitten
  • Final chest of the video🤗.... nothing😂

    Geert BruinGeert BruinVuosi sitten
  • Change prize pool to 50m and put private on? :o

    T0phazT0phazVuosi sitten
  • Always wondered what the % means at the end off all these videos

    Stefan SlaterStefan SlaterVuosi sitten
  • danke återigen

    david gustavssondavid gustavssonVuosi sitten
  • Completed

    A Harmless TwigA Harmless TwigVuosi sitten
  • I swear if he uses the key on the chest one more time instead of just left clicking the chest ima lose it

    DirtyVegaZzDirtyVegaZzVuosi sitten
  • why cant you imbue? is it disabled on pvp worlds?

    Joe SwaazJoe SwaazVuosi sitten
  • You should double the reward if an ironman acc kills you and triple for ultimate or hc ironmen.

    TottTottVuosi sitten
  • 100 100

    SuperScre4mSuperScre4mVuosi sitten
  • T.H.E. B.E.S.T. O.S.R.S. C.R.E.A.T.O.R. A.N.D. C.O.N.T.E.N.T.

    U wish umeU wish umeVuosi sitten
  • didn't know konar tasks drop brimstone rings for the first 3 you got lul

    I am CheesinI am CheesinVuosi sitten
  • When he starts doing the "61 fletching,62 fletching, 63 fletching, he legit sounds like a chimp. Lmfao!

    Ya YEETYa YEETVuosi sitten
  • The fact that I didn’t have to see a Tayroc watch ad to see this video made it 100x better.

    ATBATBVuosi sitten
  • 4:10 DROP THE BASS

    Ethan SchultzEthan SchultzVuosi sitten
  • OSRS FIworldr with the most original and entertaining content. Love it

    OnyxAngerOnyxAngerVuosi sitten
  • its obviously dk's for your ring set.

    TFViperTFViperVuosi sitten
  • You need the items to help Settled with ToB

    Jonas StarklintJonas StarklintVuosi sitten
  • Why didn't you imbue the crystal shield?

    itsafeatureitsafeatureVuosi sitten
  • This series is very conflicting for me, on one end I want to kill you for 250mil, but on the other, I don't want the series to end.

    JeredJeredVuosi sitten
  • Med levels can almost get you 😂😂😂

    mike kobermike koberVuosi sitten