I joined a team and logged out with the loot [TYC 94] (DMM)

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  • What's wrong with boxing?

    Harvey BoxwellHarvey Boxwell8 kuukautta sitten
  • Please do another tyc...

    Anthony SheredaAnthony Shereda10 kuukautta sitten
  • this channel is like filthyfrank, every now and then a tyc will pop up in my recommended and i click it. next thing you know i'm watching a bunch of old recommended videos because they were so entertaining.

    harry pjotrharry pjotrVuosi sitten
  • TYC: pk a pker on your hcim! good luck.

    nbs medicinenbs medicineVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Get a Kill with your only armor as Achievement diary armor

    Scypher MageScypher MageVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Do Mage Arena II in a Bounty Hunter world with max gear.

    Spaghetti KellySpaghetti KellyVuosi sitten
  • I sont think he knows what a sports commentator sounds like lmfao

    FunwithaballFunwithaballVuosi sitten
  • 6:20 with subtitles: the clam wheat blazers got me, respect to them

    TraviansLittleHelpeTraviansLittleHelpeVuosi sitten
  • Unsubscribed

    Random DudeRandom DudeVuosi sitten
  • Nice to see you improve on the commentating front! Since I never played this game in my entire life (I was into NexusTK in my childhood, so I missed out on RuneScape), it's nice to get a bit of context to what's happening! It's been a few months and I still don't know why the hell I started watching OSRS videos. I know 99.9% of your viewer base (basically everyone but me if I had to guess) don't need explanations about what's going on, but it would be appreciated if you would clarify the non-obvious stuff, like why boxing gloves disqualify people from Dead Man Mode. I still understood the consequences of doing so and enjoyed the content, but I'm still puzzled about why it's that way.

    PsychOsmosisPsychOsmosisVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Go Pking with full justiciar and dhin's bulwark!!

    Laurence J KnightLaurence J KnightVuosi sitten
  • "I ended up splitting with them because my name isn't Jed" lmfao

    DemonsLightDemonsLightVuosi sitten
  • What's the deal with the boxing gloves?

    TheCarpenterUnionTheCarpenterUnionVuosi sitten
  • get a kill with player models off

    Rogal DornRogal DornVuosi sitten
  • The e sports part was cringe as fuck

    B. McKeB. McKe2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: f2p fight someone in p2p but use an ags as a KO weapon

    Maus FerdinandMaus Ferdinand2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: take down torvesta and say "a bird nest just fall off on the ground"

    Jiasheng JiangJiasheng Jiang2 vuotta sitten
  • Can you fix your audio? The buzzing in right ear is annoying

    ArrenderArrender2 vuotta sitten
    • Oh lol its an old video

      ArrenderArrender2 vuotta sitten
    • Check my latest videos and lmk if its fixed!

      C EngineerC Engineer2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: sexually harass gRAPhIST in dmm

    DJ MetroDJ Metro2 vuotta sitten
  • Can someone explain why boxing is a No-no in dmm? I never played dmm

    Omaha JoeOmaha Joe2 vuotta sitten
  • I didn't realize that was his name i thought you were saying "very good fight..sarcasm 😂" saying it was a terrible fight

    will loadedchamberwill loadedchamber2 vuotta sitten
  • The hell is your RNG?!?!😂

    KuflufflesKufluffles2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: start a fight before your skull timer runs out and let them hit you when your skull disappears so they will skull instead.

    Ruumantiii Gaming OSRSRuumantiii Gaming OSRS2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: complete Inferno

    ArktaArkta2 vuotta sitten
  • Can someone explain the boxing thing to me?

    DeuxTempusDeuxTempus2 vuotta sitten
  • Do a PK with silverlight sword

    Aleksandras ZinkusAleksandras Zinkus2 vuotta sitten
  • @ 5:00 I subscribe for good clicking sound

    AndrewAndrew2 vuotta sitten
  • Liked because you said you split the items "because I'm not Jed." :)

    Jack LambieJack Lambie2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Vegan pseudomedicine PK, as you now are afraid of normal medicine and only believe in alternative medicine, PK a player without using modern medicine, also known as potions. Oh, you're also vegan and can't eat meat.

    PeanutcatPeanutcat2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Try to sell a sea turtle by saying it is a pet

    High GroundHigh Ground2 vuotta sitten
  • "Look at this" - Best E sports commentator ever

    Polkagrisen087Polkagrisen0872 vuotta sitten
  • get a kill while alching between each hit

    Ne2oNe2o2 vuotta sitten
  • get a kill in PvP in a members world, and only using f2p items

    Toxic YMCAToxic YMCA2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: KO someone with a bronze 2h

    SyrakusaSyrakusa2 vuotta sitten
  • c engineer's accent makes me sick.

    SEAN LSEAN L2 vuotta sitten

    Daniel CamposDaniel Campos2 vuotta sitten
  • shallange

    Chris LyonsChris Lyons2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Fight someone and get a kill with your Zuriel's staff out of your safe deposit box

    CTDLegionCTDLegion2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: On a pvp world,Tell someone in a bank to cash you outside and 1 hit them

    Jamie MaritnJamie Maritn2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: find a noob begging in the GE and give everybody around him 100k but not him

    ChuggyWooChuggyWoo2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: give 15m to AnimeMate

    AkameAkame2 vuotta sitten
  • Use crazy powerful gear, but PVP so badly against a n00b they win. Maybe even give them pointers during the fight lol.

    Hex AngelHex Angel2 vuotta sitten
  • Tyc get a kill against a maxed player punching them

    matluxor1matluxor12 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Show your 5 angriest reactions when you tell people to sit.

    ATBATB2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: run from the furthest point to point on the world map with no gear/items

    Burt MacklinBurt Macklin2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Post a video for your PVP HCIM once a week.

    Forré GuForré Gu2 vuotta sitten
  • Only use (3 dose) red spicy stew to boost/heal in a fight and get the kill.

    Nick BowenNick Bowen2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Heal someone with Lunar in a fight and call him safer all the time!

    MACCY BEATSMACCY BEATS2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Kill someone with vengeance by using the staff of earth to cast the spell.

    Mr LostMr Lost2 vuotta sitten
  • @c engineer, I got a fun 1. Get all your friends/clan to a bh world and go to revs and say I’m c engineer and from now I own this place pay me 1gp to stay or Tele out

    ahh dragonahh dragon2 vuotta sitten
  • Do a TYS (Taking Your Shit) episode.

    KGamingKGaming2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: smite someone for AGS then alch it

    Slayer TonySlayer Tony2 vuotta sitten
  • Tyc kill someone in whatever gear u wish find them at lummy and give them what u pked and 5mill cash

    Sir SnifffsalotSir Snifffsalot2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: "hop pls" after you crash people's spot, get them to hop

    Floyd ;Floyd ;2 vuotta sitten
  • tyc: do a charity livestream

    kimogkasper1kimogkasper12 vuotta sitten
  • Tyc give ChooseYourNam 10m

    Julius YousifJulius Yousif2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Live stream your PVP HCIM on Twitch in dangerous areas for a few hours

    Zack CulletonZack Culleton2 vuotta sitten
  • Have a NH fight but another player must tell you which overheads to use

    william howewilliam howe2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: attempt to get muted in 1 hour

    AlexAlex2 vuotta sitten
  • Spam Camelot Tele Tabs until someone notices

    NipstirNipstir2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: donate 100m osrs gp to me in the start of your next video.

    Peter MartinsonPeter Martinson2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Kill a deep wilderness pvmer with using only ZGS to freeze.

    JunsqJunsq2 vuotta sitten
  • Pls do the esport challenge again. U are failing so hard. Pls talk like u are watching the fight and not fighting IT urself. «Arrows coming In strong from dq» « In to the Gmaul» «dq is fking him over» «KOOO» «the myth, the legend! DQ!!!» something like this.

    GloomGloom2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: get 20 people to spec transfer you with a crystal halberd and try to get 1mil+ strength xp an hour by killing them with infinite spec

    CptNyrocCptNyroc2 vuotta sitten
  • Got a challenge for you. Get a kill in the same gear duriel321 was wearing barrages allowed

    Mr. EdMr. Ed2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: go to Fairy ring B.K.Q and kill 5 tree spirits, 5 stone golems, 5 river trolls with 1 invent of food... W8753

    Quintin irelandQuintin ireland2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Get a kill whilst holding down your camera rotate arrow

    Hot PotatoHot Potato2 vuotta sitten
  • really? they added the pvp shit? this isnt osrs anymore smh

    Soulside JourneySoulside Journey2 vuotta sitten
  • Protect melee bruh

    Armani NguonArmani Nguon2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Clean your bank xd

    Kert LeppKert Lepp2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: leave the video on a cliff hanger

    eBoyDejaeBoyDeja2 vuotta sitten
  • hey u killed me at 3:42 take the video down or that clip or im sueing you to court i want it takin off now!

    Rich RichRich Rich2 vuotta sitten
  • Challenge someone to a tribrid death race around wildy agility course. Winner must have completed all agility tasks/areas within the course and must kill the opponent before finishing.

    Raja MunjalRaja Munjal2 vuotta sitten
  • Because my name is not jeb... lol! TYC: Get a combo kill in a hybrid fight using SGS spec into the g maul spec and then hold flowers as a "k0" potential weapon as a humiliating fatality then leave the flowers where his bones are as a great given respect for a hard fought battle.

    Tavin ManningTavin Manning2 vuotta sitten
  • "I ended up splitting with them, cause my name isn't Jed" lmfaooooo!!!

    Kyle KerkoulasKyle Kerkoulas2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Stake 10m and if you win give Arecode 5m. :)

    PalumorPalumor2 vuotta sitten
  • 8:08 my name isnt jed lmao!!

    JohnnyOmmJohnnyOmm2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: in dmm equip bad armour and get into a arguement with someone so they attack you, then swap to good gear and kill him

    kale platkale plat2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Go Pvming with Tanzoo and when you get a drop say you'll split everything. Then when he trades you, decline the trade say "Seeeeeee ya a later mate" and logout

    Christian HChristian H2 vuotta sitten
  • should of kept the spear lul

    cowpker4lifecowpker4life2 vuotta sitten
  • C engineer as e sports commentator is like woox as an auctioneer

    Juho KosonenJuho Kosonen2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: try to double someones money on DMM (over 50k)

    J JJ J2 vuotta sitten
  • Song name at 6:01?

    brace face ïndybrace face ïndy2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: actually use the javelins on vid in a fight

    Lucas ParraLucas Parra2 vuotta sitten
  • get people to take you to a slayer task then kill them when you get there

    VV34kVV34k2 vuotta sitten
  • I don't care what you do, I want you to troll Mr. Mammal. He gets a lot of random people messing with him so he's used to it. better make it good!

    Crystal BullCrystal Bull2 vuotta sitten
  • Promising career in esports commentating if youtube goes to pot.

    Mootube RsMootube Rs2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Ask to fight someone in PvP then use Excalibur spec and tab right after they start fighting

    Zach Ryan MortusZach Ryan Mortus2 vuotta sitten
  • i don't play osrs or dmm (obviously) but what's it mean when you box? and why would you get dq'd? can anyone explain this to me?

    MilanMilan2 vuotta sitten
    • Milan Luis boxing is getting into combat with Someone in multi, but take off your weapon so you don’t deal damage. This makes it so they can’t be attacked by anyone else in single combat.

      Luke BurrisLuke Burris2 vuotta sitten
  • 8:04 ...because my name isn't Jed... xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD i almost choked on my cereal.

    Blake BadgleyBlake Badgley2 vuotta sitten
  • "I decided to split because my name isn't Jed" holy shit

    Solid SnakeSolid Snake2 vuotta sitten
  • This nigga funny af for the instrumental @ 1:22

    Aureity KennyAureity Kenny2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Find a player doing pvm in multi wilderness and kill him but, the killing blow must go to a monster

    AvaAva2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Heal someone in pvp with lunar then call them a safer

    Thomas RobertsThomas Roberts2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Donate 24 hours of earnings to Amidodo

    trama1wizardtrama1wizard2 vuotta sitten
  • More of an esports "back seat driver" than caster :D. Great episode.

    Jon WhanJon Whan2 vuotta sitten
  • 5:35 did he just leave the hard clue scroll on the ground?

    gamma gammagamma gamma2 vuotta sitten
  • Wtf kind of e sport commentary was that lmao

    vinod rajathvinod rajath2 vuotta sitten
  • Challenge: Do an activity in Deadman Mode as if it were normal RuneScape until you get killed (e.g. Motherload Mine, Gem Rocks, Clue Scrolls, etc)

    Herb QuestHerb Quest2 vuotta sitten
  • #weedblazers

    Herb QuestHerb Quest2 vuotta sitten