Trying to connect 4 by killing players [TYC 97]

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TYC - Taking Your Challenges.......... is back
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The guy with the dirty pak yak method:

  • Try to take a level 3 through RAIDS without it dying as part of your team

    TheRobertmcdougallTheRobertmcdougall10 tuntia sitten
  • tyc: crash at zammy

    Temo _Temo _15 päivää sitten
  • Kill someone by casting Veng Other on them

    Skip ShullSkip Shull2 kuukautta sitten
  • Add: Dayveon and give him 200m

    Brock HiattBrock Hiatt2 kuukautta sitten
  • Mr C. I have an idea.. Bring diango's Claws pking, and have a friend with a rock cake stand nearby. Fake spec and have the friend quad eat the rock cake so it looks like you specd the wrong person, making your opponent think your down a spec. Then double spec your real target and watch their mind blow up.

    Alex DeSimoneAlex DeSimone4 kuukautta sitten
  • Make Skill Specs rage quit

    Tyler DixonTyler Dixon5 kuukautta sitten
  • Kill chaos elemental with full bronze ( weapons to and if u use ranged with the shortbow and bronze arrows)

    benjamin bravo levitbenjamin bravo levit5 kuukautta sitten
  • TYC: make more tyc’s >:I

    Loud PackLoud Pack5 kuukautta sitten
  • TYC: instead of your normal intro, have the sad music playing as the background is a compilation of you dyeing and saying “I am C Engineer”

    RoninWrldRoninWrld6 kuukautta sitten
  • Kill Skill specs, go to give him his stuff back then high alch it in front of him and give him the coins

    DemilordDemilord6 kuukautta sitten
  • Damn 3:23 Animal Apogee track takes me back😬

    MetroSBMetroSB6 kuukautta sitten
  • Have your sister send me a picture of her TYC

    PainPain7 kuukautta sitten
  • It’s a boT SIR PUGGER WERE ARE YOU😂😂😂 you just became my favorite youtuber

    PainPain7 kuukautta sitten
  • 10+11+4 =/= 24

    Connor NugentConnor Nugent7 kuukautta sitten
  • TYC: kill a skull tricker

    Cody RichardsCody Richards7 kuukautta sitten
  • tyc: id love to see u crash ppl at gwd in hybrid gear.. flex some switches on them, call em noobs then fight bandos like a pvp fight

    Simon S.Simon S.7 kuukautta sitten
  • Seercull to ags

    Skyler OechlerSkyler Oechler7 kuukautta sitten
  • Give a free hat 20m no matter if hes offline at that second.

    LWKGDLWKGD7 kuukautta sitten
    • "A free hat"

      LWKGDLWKGD7 kuukautta sitten
  • Pk a pker and offer them Pk classes as they die 250k an hour

    AbdielAbdiel8 kuukautta sitten
  • TYC: Make a new TYC

    Karel De SmetKarel De Smet8 kuukautta sitten
  • Are you getting back to these ? 0.0 great vids :D

    Brendan ThomsonBrendan Thomson8 kuukautta sitten
  • TYC: Stalk Framed on an account unknown to him. Show up everywhere he goes in just enough time to be creepy.

    NelisNelis9 kuukautta sitten
  • i watch but i can not subscribe it is against my religion

    C BC B9 kuukautta sitten
  • TYC : make an other TYC

    abootlegcatabootlegcat9 kuukautta sitten
  • 0:28 Ur parmed

    Fredrik Von MalmborgFredrik Von Malmborg9 kuukautta sitten
  • trade someone 100k, then tell them if they trade it back, you'll give 500k, then do the same up to a mil, then 3m, then tell them for the last one, you'll give them 7.5m, but if they trade you the 3m, don't give them anything back

    ThomasThomas10 kuukautta sitten
  • Had to give this one some time but run across runescape on your hcim on a pvp world. ; ) ahahahahahahaha no balls

    Gray BainGray Bain10 kuukautta sitten
  • Where the hell has TYC gone D:

    NotRecommendNotRecommendVuosi sitten
  • Where’s the TYC’s @ C?

    Loud PackLoud PackVuosi sitten
  • Get a tier 10 starting with medium gear and after every tier upgrade you can do one gear upgrade after your choosing

    duncan2703duncan2703Vuosi sitten
  • Go to a bh or PvP world and get a kill with each barrows set.

    BostonCelticsfan21BostonCelticsfan21Vuosi sitten
  • Give Kaaan 10mil

    Kan KoKan KoVuosi sitten
  • get 5 ecumenical keys in one trip

    Fuq KingFuq KingVuosi sitten
  • 10+11+4=....25

    TUWAN NTUWAN NVuosi sitten
  • Tyc.. Do a 20mill f2p drop party

    Dont DropItDont DropItVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Set up a cannon in the wilderness Godwars dungeon and tank for 15 minutes.

    Ed SmithEd SmithVuosi sitten
  • Tyc: While pking fake an ags spec by switching to ags then do the spin emote then spec him out for ko following through

    KecoKecoVuosi sitten
  • Kill a boss in osrs at the same time at the same boss in rs3... if you can! -Gray Kage

    Damien GrayDamien GrayVuosi sitten
  • Pk someone only using gear u get from quests

    Adam NessAdam NessVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Kill framed while you "help" him on his Pk trips.

    Josh7279Josh7279Vuosi sitten
  • TYC: drop a twisted bow at the ge and pick it up before everyone else 5 times

    Ganon95 MusicGanon95 MusicVuosi sitten
  • Do 200 med clues no rangers u fail

    KevinKevinVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Let me bench press you at runefest

    EVScapeEVScapeVuosi sitten
  • TYC compleet the Gauntlet without armour

    Chato van der ZwanChato van der ZwanVuosi sitten
  • let me do your next intro

    My KeyboardMy KeyboardVuosi sitten
  • PK someone while using your mouse with your left hand.

    R HR HVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Make a Jiglojay styled pvp montage

    BlinkandDieBlinkandDieVuosi sitten
  • Stream Pvp but Hcim

    Mr SalsaMr SalsaVuosi sitten
  • Next TYC: gather a group of 3, crash people soloing Wintertodt, preferably irm Crash it by finishing with 4 active fires

    Amund KvisteroAmund KvisteroVuosi sitten
  • Tyc: pk a player and use a skill Cape emote when they die with no food and no pots

    Suicune193Suicune193Vuosi sitten
  • Dress as Durial321 and kill people in Falador on PvP worlds.

    Lee MilesLee MilesVuosi sitten

    K SeeK SeeVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Here's an idea, go PKing, kill a guy, then take a screenshot, kill another person, hunt that 2nd person down and give them the 1st guy's loot.

    Vile*Vile*Vuosi sitten
  • kill some1 with a help of a dragon fire at green drags

    Jespal SinghJespal SinghVuosi sitten
  • Perform woox walk at Vorkath while drunk from Keg of Beer

    SnorlactsBluntSnorlactsBluntVuosi sitten
  • Tyc wear full prospecter and kill someone with a 3rd age pickaxe

    sage rousesage rouseVuosi sitten
  • Spend an hour in monk robes, converting PKs to worship the RS God of your choice

    thegeneralreggiethegeneralreggieVuosi sitten

    brilynbrilynVuosi sitten
  • Tyc get jagex to fix the security on this game and get my bank back 😂

    Gary KiernanGary KiernanVuosi sitten
  • Stand outside the clan wars tele and tell them it doesn’t work anymore when they go to stat reset

    Loud PackLoud PackVuosi sitten
    • Wack

      Loud PackLoud PackVuosi sitten
  • Dress up as the Wise Old Man, and suprise someone in the wildy with a KO

    Vebjørn ThunesVebjørn ThunesVuosi sitten
  • Dress up like rev imp bring craws bow in inventory skulled and tank test some people until someone kills you and get the message off that they received a rare drop: craws bow (blahblah whatever the fuck)

    cole harringtoncole harringtonVuosi sitten
  • Give "rhett645" 1 gp, do not stop until you give it to him. Kappa

    Rhett HalvesRhett HalvesVuosi sitten
  • Kill a 100 chaos elemental and go pking whit the loot from them

    LolijsLolijsVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Give "Jigi" 100M gp

    Moods ChiChuMoods ChiChuVuosi sitten
  • Get an actual kill with the Castle Wars catapult

    PonicratPonicratVuosi sitten
  • TYC: fight someone in members world using only Free 2 Play items and kill him. Food and potions included. Runners, bots and looters won't count.

    ClaudClaudVuosi sitten
  • Hit a player with a dragon bolt jade spec and say "sit" as he does the animation (the spec makes the player trip and fall on their ass)

    FugoMSFugoMSVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Gather a army of players and have them all dress up as falador guards and then go pking in multi.

    nathan yatesnathan yatesVuosi sitten
    • This is legit

      zandiskoulzandiskoulVuosi sitten
  • Tb someone, house tele, spell book swap to ancients then go back for the kill

    Alex MacBeanAlex MacBeanVuosi sitten
  • Box a player who just got a big kill for a few seconds, then KO him with whatever you need 😂

    Robert DonatoRobert DonatoVuosi sitten
  • Tyc: high risk pk in a shit server ^^give wyverbane7 10 mill :D

    Lloyd EscobarLloyd EscobarVuosi sitten
  • Use the beckon emote while wearing full builder's clothing, and when someone comes near you, kill them.

    V For ValkV For ValkVuosi sitten
  • Give “MurdaNotNice” ancestral robe bottoms

    Chain LinkChain LinkVuosi sitten
  • TYC but HCIM PVP

    Jason DavisJason DavisVuosi sitten
  • TYC:team up with a stranger to do wilderness bosses, ask to split the loot and kill them instead

    Marshall RiceMarshall RiceVuosi sitten
  • wear ale of the gods and say: I am beer engineer

    YunerdYunerdVuosi sitten
  • you should bait pkers with expensive gear then switch to worse gear and drop trade the good gear to another account, and then kill them

    Ben RobertsonBen RobertsonVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Start with ancients or normal magics, while enemy is froze swap to lunars to get a vengeance stack KO

    GameGlitcherGameGlitcherVuosi sitten
  • PepeHeart PogChamp

    Rob RobRob RobVuosi sitten
  • Tyc kill zulrah with a f2p setup

    William RohmeyerWilliam RohmeyerVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Lie to your cc and tell them your HCIM is in Juliet's house on the second floor, but as they walk up the stairs say "You picked the wrong house, fool" and hit them with a club.

    TaleOfFearTaleOfFearVuosi sitten
    • TaleOfFear yesssssss

      HusseinHusseinVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Get a kill with the very risky bludgeon spec(more damage lower the prayer points are...max hit 84)

    john vaccarojohn vaccaroVuosi sitten
  • Challenge completed

    Andy RamosAndy RamosVuosi sitten
  • Go on pk session with only full torag and 28 sharks

    woesteworstwoesteworstVuosi sitten
  • try to pk on an account that has no skills for it, like mine.. @phantom420

    FueledProductionsFueledProductionsVuosi sitten
  • Make someone TP to you in bounty world, then log out

    ErebosErebosVuosi sitten
  • Kill someone in PvP with bulwark spec.

    Drakon332Drakon332Vuosi sitten
  • TYC: Use the dragon scimitar spec to remove someones protection prayers, then kill them before they can activate the prayers again >:)

    kai bkai bVuosi sitten
  • TYC: kill skillspecs without him getting extremely salty

    djdave4djdave4Vuosi sitten
  • Do a f2p risk fight

    daina pritcharddaina pritchardVuosi sitten
  • 2 challenge ideas. 1. KO a fully geared pker with your fists or feet. 2. Kill skill specs enough that he breaks his mouse or keyboard.

    Wariar11Wariar11Vuosi sitten
  • Get a DH kill by only using the Dharoks Axe one time. Get the opponent down with recoil and Veng until you decide to axe.

    TRazerTRazerVuosi sitten
  • Do a Melee Main fight in p2p, but only use f2p Weapons. (can still use defender/neitz etc...)

    TheElmar99TheElmar99Vuosi sitten
  • 10+11+4=24? 😭

    Zach WZach WVuosi sitten
  • Comp in RS3

    Sam ThompsonSam ThompsonVuosi sitten
  • TYC: KO someone with a bludgeon spec

    spoonmanspoonmanVuosi sitten
  • Go low hitpoints Dharoking while risking a pet and get a kill + to make it more fun do it on high-risk world

    AdamAdamVuosi sitten
  • Fresh TYC, Get 3 friends (Framed plz) tribrid a full 10 waves at Barb Assault.

    Revo NethRevo NethVuosi sitten
  • Why dont u have it so that vials break when u finish the potion?

    Rayleigh SliversRayleigh SliversVuosi sitten