Pretending to be a Wilderness Lever (with a twist)

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SirPuggers video of Pretending to be a Lever:
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  • CONTENT :)

    SirPuggerSirPuggerVuosi sitten
    • twofoolish guys killing irons is kinda harsh too. I usually give them a pass 🤣

      JasonTheGreat18JasonTheGreat18Vuosi sitten
    • Go home noob 🦀

      PlatypusPlatypusVuosi sitten
    • Engineer is trash. Killing people making them lose their pets even when they have no loots is pathetic

      twofoolish guystwofoolish guysVuosi sitten
    • sirfukker?

      freak0ricofreak0ricoVuosi sitten
    • Be honest pugger, how well did he do ur skulltrick haha his mindgames using his main to distrackt from his skuller. To afterwards kill him with the main the attempted to avoid😂😂😂

      darrell beetsdarrell beetsVuosi sitten
  • @5:06 That song... always gets me. It's so funny.

    Steve MercierSteve Mercier9 kuukautta sitten
  • Lmao gz on the 99 farming

    Everett JonesEverett Jones9 kuukautta sitten
  • you smell like poopoo

    josiahjosiah10 kuukautta sitten
  • Where are they gonna go when theyre tbed like that? Bring some flowers or an ancient mace next time

    Mr. BigMr. BigVuosi sitten
  • Idk I believe in the wildly everything’s fair game but something about This just feels toxic Like don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t even be mad I’d be laughing but not sure on the you know the sportsmanship side of it all lmao

    PhobosPhobosVuosi sitten
  • 3:57 The guy he was following got the final hit on him! Loooooool

    SelassieSelassieVuosi sitten
  • I can relate to the guy who lost the abyss dagger

    dbzdbzVuosi sitten

    Jordan LivingstonJordan LivingstonVuosi sitten
  • Seems so fake

    Darth SidiusDarth SidiusVuosi sitten
  • Your fuxking famous and shit and you’re skull tricking? Sad you have to kill non pkers for content lol not strong enough for real comp?

    Charlesfiggens 1Charlesfiggens 1Vuosi sitten
  • 10:33 CORRECTION he.

    666cuHz666cuHzVuosi sitten
  • Keep up rhe great content ya freak ! I wanna go pking when I get the stats so add mw regardless ! RSN :KP3RS

    jay howwjay howwVuosi sitten
  • multi logging fair go fuck yourself

    knight mehknight mehVuosi sitten
  • 16m staged loot.

    Sir Pumpington Of DumpenshireSir Pumpington Of DumpenshireVuosi sitten
  • No one brings their cash stack to wildy.. hate to say it but that was fake af.

    Fresh AfroFresh AfroVuosi sitten
  • Luckily I'm immune. Haven't had left click attack player on for a year.

    JavveJavveVuosi sitten
  • Answer framed ffs lmao he says what and u ignore him reee

    can we get 500 subscriberscan we get 500 subscribersVuosi sitten
  • rip good mans grace and ddef

    PunOkoPunOkoVuosi sitten
  • Your not pretending to be shit all ur dking is pking people. Lol get some kills with the pure.

    Cody CipparoneCody CipparoneVuosi sitten
  • Lol I actually saw the Disqualifier account at the lever couple days ago I knew it some youtuber and now I found out its you :). Good I logged out immediately else I might've gotten skull tricked. Nice idea

    Stoff Rocks PacksStoff Rocks PacksVuosi sitten
  • trehundredfourteeyone kay

    WhipdashWhipdashVuosi sitten
  • (They never saw it coming)

    ToraToraVuosi sitten
  • 4:16 "ooOOooh, another gay"

    Jack StackJack StackVuosi sitten
  • dagger dude was such a plant rofl. "fuck". instead of u know... clicking protection prayer and losing nothing.

    Divine InsanityDivine InsanityVuosi sitten
  • That's just aids tbh

    DaniellMndsDaniellMndsVuosi sitten
  • Not a fan of skull tricks kinda low.

    Chris SmartChris SmartVuosi sitten
  • lmaoo 99 farming from a genie wtfff

    JohnnyOmmJohnnyOmmVuosi sitten
  • LMAO

    RSD1RSD1Vuosi sitten
  • dont miss out this sick maxed pure pk vid --- n0 dissapointments ---

    asja pulkasja pulkVuosi sitten
  • Yeah theyre morons for bring the pets but you’re a dick for killing the agility pet guy

    Austin ReedAustin ReedVuosi sitten
  • where the fuck is pvp but hcim?!?! unsubbed! :D

    Sly JohnSly JohnVuosi sitten
  • Honestly man i wouldnt pk someone if they just got a pet and were trying to go get it insured thats fucked up

    Spyder SpillettSpyder SpillettVuosi sitten
  • i just say i hate you

    Andreas OskarssonAndreas OskarssonVuosi sitten
  • i used to watch your vids,but now i will dislike every1 of them i see. i seen you in the wildy on your main.gave you a shoutout and then you have some ppl jump my level jump me(i banked my loot and c balls,only got 1200 ether).i found it funny you no lifes actually took the 20 mins to finally come out to attack me. you a no life,just like your father.wish i could meet you irl. slap you like a bitch you are.

    wayne cookwayne cookVuosi sitten
  • 2019 people still falling for this lol i gotta get back i to runescape.

    Qaib Haib TshajQaib Haib TshajVuosi sitten
    • Ye this is a new skull trik tho lol

      can we get 500 subscriberscan we get 500 subscribersVuosi sitten
  • first guy was so stupid XD

    Michael BooneMichael BooneVuosi sitten
  • Fishy content....

    J TJ TVuosi sitten
  • CmonBruh why that character

    Jumung DaoJumung DaoVuosi sitten
  • L0l 10:12 paid actor

    TheRyza1TheRyza1Vuosi sitten
  • should have titled it "camping 10 hours for 1m loot from pvm boomer clue hunters who can't figure out how to turn off left-click attack options and forget to protect item"

    TheRyza1TheRyza1Vuosi sitten
  • C engiqueer

    Anthony GnoixAnthony GnoixVuosi sitten
  • feel so bad for the gracefull dude that died

    FFS GoodgameFFS GoodgameVuosi sitten
  • This happened to me the other and day and I lost full gracefull a d defender and my pet squirrel. There is a good chance this vid gave them the idea so fuck off

    CJ VarnerCJ VarnerVuosi sitten
  • He sounds so fruit when hes surprised

    sk8ingthemysterysk8ingthemysteryVuosi sitten
  • How come guy with craws bow didn’t skill when he attacked your skull tricker

    MattMattVuosi sitten
    • He attacked by autoretaliate, cuz skull tricker cc attacked first

      HoffmarkHoffmarkVuosi sitten
  • Last kill was a set up lol so fake

    Jakub SiekieraJakub SiekieraVuosi sitten
  • That last one was so scripted

    Ritchi XiongRitchi XiongVuosi sitten
  • Imagine having a smelly right foot

    TheWasabiDonutTheWasabiDonutVuosi sitten
  • Pugger rise

    FlackjackerFlackjackerVuosi sitten
  • Copyright

    Dwayne HornDwayne HornVuosi sitten
  • Lmfao!!! 99 farming xD

    Humberto SaltynutHumberto SaltynutVuosi sitten
  • 1:40 I love how bloody casually you got 99 farming roflmao 😂👌 well played sir.

    Shane Nanigans42Shane Nanigans42Vuosi sitten
  • 1) stand there with your main skulled 2) wear ghostly hood 3) wear occult and seers (i) on ghost acc

    friscofriscoVuosi sitten
  • Thats why u got group pked , u noob.

    Skay HitDaLottoSkay HitDaLottoVuosi sitten
  • I hate guys like you who do camp shit like this to peoole actually trynna do shit in the wildy

    Skay HitDaLottoSkay HitDaLottoVuosi sitten
  • Turn your god damn player attack options off why do you need it on if you never plan to pk?

    Baron Von WolfinBaron Von WolfinVuosi sitten
  • Histories most casual 99 farming

    Trevor ThompsonTrevor ThompsonVuosi sitten
  • This is actually kinda fucked lol

    BroskeiBroskeiVuosi sitten
  • Why isn't the lever cosplay account callered disqualever

    VollnoobschokoladeVollnoobschokoladeVuosi sitten
  • That’s why I have player attack on hidden when I’m not pking

    viralaffectviralaffectVuosi sitten
  • 6:03 sounds like clouse from american dad lol!!!

    xxpyroxx75xxpyroxx75Vuosi sitten
  • I got skull tricked once I hate pkers

    Randy williamsRandy williamsVuosi sitten
  • Bro why do you still kill people even thought they just got there pets. Your a scumbag.

    twofoolish guystwofoolish guysVuosi sitten
  • use avernic with scroll, fat stacks bro

    QontrolTheHitQontrolTheHitVuosi sitten
  • Its officially the year of the pugger man everyone has pugger on their vids 🤘🤘❤

    GARRY OAKGARRY OAKVuosi sitten
  • Grats on 99 farming lmaoo 🤣🤣

    James MukingJames MukingVuosi sitten
  • In world 330 you'll always find people

    Jose RamirezJose RamirezVuosi sitten
  • The 16m is fake and this guys reactions are gay and fake

    El PadEl PadVuosi sitten
  • Makin people quit dude idk what I would've done if I lost my 13m cash stack 😂 then again im never bringing my bank into the wildy like that, so idk what that person was thinking

    ctac408 gamingctac408 gamingVuosi sitten
  • Sir pugger eats curry 5 days a week

    Lukas ImpactLukas ImpactVuosi sitten
  • 4:35

    rthdshtrrthdshtrVuosi sitten
  • chat box @ 2:18 had me rolling

    MHTATEMHTATEVuosi sitten
  • I love how you just causally achieved 99 farming while waiting in the wild. Such an odd place to get it.

    DiscokriegDiscokriegVuosi sitten
  • 9:16 they used the crossbow AOE lure, if you attack a monster with in pvp it deals AOE damage skulling anyone harmed by it.

    NugologyNugologyVuosi sitten
  • Lesson here is, hop when u see some1

    Bro ModzBro ModzVuosi sitten
  • Protip to people one iteming in the wilderness. Just die. Protect from item on, then just die. That should be your goal when encountering pkers when 1iteming for things like clues. The only way to get smited is by healing up.

    Missed LethalMissed LethalVuosi sitten
  • ruin the wilderness in skull tricking every corner lol

    Jacob VestlundJacob VestlundVuosi sitten
  • why do people hate pk'rs and the wildy.... the world will never know

    ThewestisthebestThewestisthebestVuosi sitten
  • Why use the lamp on fa-.... Oh.

    Bird ClawBird ClawVuosi sitten
  • 2:58 you are such a dick for killing someone in full gracefull get a life..

    Thomas mThomas mVuosi sitten
  • That bait....haha

    William ThaoWilliam ThaoVuosi sitten
  • Genuius

    TheAnYBoDYKiLLaTheAnYBoDYKiLLaVuosi sitten
  • Disliked because framed a snake

    A GuyA GuyVuosi sitten
  • Ingenious

    Jon 88Jon 88Vuosi sitten
  • never seen a more obviously fake clip then 5:26

    bmxscapebmxscapeVuosi sitten
  • how dumb can u be lol i learned how to not get smited like that when i was like 9 years old

    bmxscapebmxscapeVuosi sitten
  • I hear: Pretending to be a Wildness Lover. Me: Wait. What? How? Reads title: OH! Lever!

    QardoQardoVuosi sitten
  • The twist is actually that you skull tricked a genie for a 13m exp lamp

    LoganLoganVuosi sitten
  • Nice 99 farming

    Daniel RedmanDaniel RedmanVuosi sitten
  • LOLL gz on 99 farming

    HaziHaziVuosi sitten
  • Great vid. Had to dislike for the iron kills.

    Brenden PhillipsBrenden PhillipsVuosi sitten
  • "i could almost got a bludgeon" has 6 doses of weren't even close. waste his prayer first before you QQ

    steelers0513steelers0513Vuosi sitten
    • steelers0513 he was smithed for a moment dumbass

      ChanceChanceVuosi sitten
  • Kills look fake not a hater just saying

    SlumpOnLeanSlumpOnLeanVuosi sitten
  • gz 99 farming

    IN281VEIN281VEVuosi sitten
  • Hahahah this was so good. I was laughing the whole time. Best pk video ever!

    noob0wnsnoob0wnsVuosi sitten
  • doesnt fight back = good fight

    konkonVuosi sitten
  • Were you doing this vid back in like April-June timeframe? I got skulltricked for just a d scim (lol) by this exact setup then and I’m wondering if it was you!!

    Nick PNick PVuosi sitten
  • Random 99 farming flex but ok

    Nate DavisNate DavisVuosi sitten
  • Thats not his voice

    EtWoN/Ethan YoUnG/YoungEtWoN/Ethan YoUnG/YoungVuosi sitten