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1. Urban Lullaby
2. Silently Storming
3. Daydream Bliss
4. Funk Funkorama
5. Noisestorm
6. Lucid Dreamer

  • Tayroc Code dosnt work anymore. I just tried to buy 1 with your code... decided not to because it said code wasn't valid

    Rival_LucidRival_Lucid9 kuukautta sitten
  • Subscribe!!

    ReindertReindert9 kuukautta sitten
  • That clue though

    ReindertReindert9 kuukautta sitten
  • Barely making it past 10 minutes with four ad rolls and an sponsor ad in the video for an average of less than 2 minutes of content (tayroc time doesn't count as content) per ad. Honestly as much as I like the idea of this series it makes it hard to want to keep watching when half of the watch time is advertisements.

    FluffySheep222FluffySheep22210 kuukautta sitten
  • "leave im doing an intro" lmaooooo

    Romeo FURomeo FU10 kuukautta sitten
  • at 8:50 you were playing some really nice music. what was the name of the song!? thanks

    SGSlaysSGSlays11 kuukautta sitten
  • "Oooo mah got... Dee grind is finnala over" "It's offishilu time for me to go from a dragon med helm pure..to a kharils coif pure" *jizz drips out of pant leg*

    That nibbaThat nibbaVuosi sitten
  • LMFAO jagex shafted you at barrows

    brilynbrilynVuosi sitten
  • To much use of "why you bully me" really annoying lol

    DrageDrageVuosi sitten
  • What do the percentages on the titles mean???

    UberAu3tinUberAu3tinVuosi sitten
  • that why you bullying me audio clip is the funniest shit ever

    ChibadaroChibadaroVuosi sitten
  • lmaoo this man literally has the worst barrows luck I've ever seen. its hilarious tho

    CroatoanCroatoanVuosi sitten
  • Intro song please

    Do it allDo it allVuosi sitten
  • you shouldve tried construction through wt :3

    Jessica RobertsonJessica RobertsonVuosi sitten
  • 'Why you bully me' lol Simple in rs07

    HoutstapelHoutstapelVuosi sitten
  • can anybody guess his Secert grind?

    woo bearwoo bearVuosi sitten
    • i think he still alive

      woo bearwoo bearVuosi sitten
  • Post more often you were become my favorite rs content creator and I don’t even play the game 😂

    BluedotBluedotVuosi sitten
    • woo bear maybe he died on his hcim and doesn’t want to give up the money haha

      BluedotBluedotVuosi sitten
    • what do u think his secert grind is?

      woo bearwoo bearVuosi sitten
  • Your videos are making me wanna get back into osrs. Love your content keep it up!

    James ShowalterJames ShowalterVuosi sitten
  • I liked, just out of pity. :(

    Jason LongJason LongVuosi sitten
  • Favorite series by far, just wish it wasn’t so long for each video

    True SpecTrue SpecVuosi sitten
  • Bro that why you bully me in every chest gets me every damn time!! Hahahaa

    YowzerYowzerVuosi sitten
  • sound effects annoying asf

    shanebluebutterflyshanebluebutterflyVuosi sitten
  • Wish C Engineer would upload more

    LeGoLaSxGoKuLeGoLaSxGoKuVuosi sitten
    • what do you think his secert grind is next?

      woo bearwoo bearVuosi sitten
  • Waiting for new upload hurry up! 🤪

    Leroy WestdorpLeroy WestdorpVuosi sitten
  • So if you get 100%Complete does that mean you won?

    Bruce YoungBruce YoungVuosi sitten
  • got full verac before 90kc

    Callum LewisCallum LewisVuosi sitten
  • I live for this suffering :)

    Benjamin ElliottBenjamin ElliottVuosi sitten
  • Hey C, seldom I comment on RS videos but after watching you suffers from Barrows Shitty Streak. Try this method...Kill ONLY 4 Skeleton (level-77) for you to reach 96% rewards potential. I used to do 88% (3 Skeleton) but I found out that it was very bad so after I started doing more 96% , I always get more than 8+ barrows' uniques for every 100 chests. #Justhelping

    IskandarSamsIskandarSamsVuosi sitten
  • Rip maybe you should start again with more on the line

    Golden BotterGolden BotterVuosi sitten
  • Can you make a video showing how to make money using the 1 week membership trial

    Dennis HaraDennis HaraVuosi sitten
  • I love the boaty sound effects 😂😂😂

    Mason DickMason DickVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Jump scare your audience! >=)

    Zach JohnsonZach JohnsonVuosi sitten
  • "Love your videos!" ...Leave im doing an intro *insta dislike*

    DJ MetroDJ MetroVuosi sitten
  • You need to carry a blue Cape to barrows in honor of Swampletics. Then the barrows luck will smile upon you. But for real, despite the terrible luck with the chests, this episode was way fun to watch

    Nathan HarmonNathan HarmonVuosi sitten
  • TYC Challenge: Kill somebody with a dark bow regular shot into 2 dragon throwing axes specs and then into a Granite maul spec and finish with a granite maul whack

    Loki YbarraLoki YbarraVuosi sitten
  • Ahrim's staff is actually really good tho, legit 2nd or 3rd best mage wep in the game. I wish I could get one on my HC

    GrazingAntelopeGrazingAntelopeVuosi sitten
  • Wanted to search this video, searched 'c engineer', first youtube suggestion: '... sister'

    PomonoliPomonoliVuosi sitten
  • The edits are clean

    Joseph ThayerJoseph ThayerVuosi sitten
  • " i never liked you anyway." too true

    deedubdeedubVuosi sitten
  • officially the shittiest barrow luck on any account.

    CasatropicCasatropicVuosi sitten
  • So nice to see someone else with such bad luck at barrows. 1 item ahrims skirt at 113 kc. But 7 zenytes at 600 kc

    ahh dragonahh dragonVuosi sitten
  • i only just got my first item last night after 77 chest so bad .. got a veracs flail now i know i wont get anything for another 100 🤣🤣

    DelasDelasVuosi sitten
  • try and get 100 percent potential

    Ely PaintballEly PaintballVuosi sitten
  • i did barrows on my main to get an elite got 2 ahrims skirts and 1 guthans body in 20kills

    pilapila1997pilapila1997Vuosi sitten
  • What does the percentage mean at the end of the title?

    Jesse LucasJesse LucasVuosi sitten
  • 100 Laurens

    Sam VidovichSam VidovichVuosi sitten
  • What do the %s mean???

    Vonn AbeabeVonn AbeabeVuosi sitten
  • Like how good can those watches be when you get 20% off

    Peter TimowreefPeter TimowreefVuosi sitten
  • He doesn’t even get %100 for barrows. He deserves these shit fuck drops

    Kyle GrableKyle GrableVuosi sitten
  • Unpopular opinion. This series > swampetics.

    Shaun WoodShaun WoodVuosi sitten
  • Unfortunately I have to unsubscribe :( So your barrows luck doesn't improve so you don't get tanky barrows armor so I can spec you out for bank loot a little easier.

    James SmithJames SmithVuosi sitten
  • don't do dt pls, it will be your end

    hens333hens333Vuosi sitten
  • "Dry-by". Heh heh

    fosk8fosk8Vuosi sitten
  • watching ur barrows adventures makes me happy i never went there, not all things in osrs is worth your time.

    NixenNixenVuosi sitten
  • Wait can HCIM bank in pvp servers?

    JustAnotherGruntJustAnotherGruntVuosi sitten
  • Swampletics > C engineer until he brings back his TYC videos pls notice me senpai

    sonmydfulsonmydfulVuosi sitten
  • everytime u open a chest i beg for an itemmm ifeeeel bad also i love thw\e why u bully me edit

    Calisthenic_ _YassineCalisthenic_ _YassineVuosi sitten
  • Reported for impersonating mod

    A RA RVuosi sitten
  • Damn you primed us so well and subtly to know you'd get an item and then it was the staff lmaooooo

    EmpEmpVuosi sitten
  • ''sjutton''

    PitchSwitchPitchSwitchVuosi sitten
  • song name at 7:40?

    Alfred BojkoAlfred BojkoVuosi sitten
  • have the girl robot say "why you bully me!"

    La GomLa GomVuosi sitten
  • Ahrims staff isn't the worst item, when you have barrage, you can use that instead of ancient staff

    live4god30live4god30Vuosi sitten
  • Within that one casket I got three breath takers from you huuuh

    Oklahoma OverlandOklahoma OverlandVuosi sitten
  • Lol why would you tell people they’re gonna get money for killing you they’re obviously gonna get you soon

    Oklahoma OverlandOklahoma OverlandVuosi sitten
  • "Portal shamber" My god accents are a strange thing

    CrimsonpattyCrimsonpattyVuosi sitten
  • Did all those "hmm hmm hmm hmm" noise come from Boaty?

    Calvin YangCalvin YangVuosi sitten
  • Liked just for crab rave music

    Cheeeo TVCheeeo TVVuosi sitten
  • You know, the time you got the karil's coif, you had 100% reward potential. And you've been getting no luck at 88% reward potential. Maybe it is time to switch it up and go with 100%?

    Memento MoriMemento MoriVuosi sitten
  • Your barrows luck will be remembered.

    Guy TeaGuy TeaVuosi sitten
  • nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo he became sellout :( rip i really liked these series

    Trix WizzTrix WizzVuosi sitten
  • With the amount of troll comments going on we will never really know if he has died or not lol

    verem makiverem makiVuosi sitten
  • How do I use that collection log?

    Mr BallMr BallVuosi sitten
  • nobody bully you :D

    jormapeikkojormapeikkoVuosi sitten
  • I have always wondered what the percentage is at the end of every title. Can someone tell me?

    Marthin NielsenMarthin NielsenVuosi sitten
  • I thought my barrows luck was shite getting staff/hammers 😂 i hope you get the best items b2b2b2b bro you deserve it

    CJ HeynesCJ HeynesVuosi sitten
  • Could someone explain what the %'s on each video title means?

    Michael WahligMichael WahligVuosi sitten
  • Your the unluckiest man in history i legit feel bad for you. I subbed.

    Jacob huddJacob huddVuosi sitten
  • Damn 3 bad Uniques.... you definitely got my pity like 😂😂. Loving this series so much btw man ❤️❤️. I wish u luck in getting either full dharok or Karil :) maybe some mage pieces to just help u when u to train magic !!

    LogisticsLogisticsVuosi sitten
  • That clue almost makes up for the Barrows luck

    Greg PalaciosGreg PalaciosVuosi sitten
  • lmao at the edits.... im dying irl

    SoUnderRatedSoUnderRatedVuosi sitten
  • Show us ur pc

    PabloPabloVuosi sitten
  • NO WAY you brought back the *WAY HO!* video Ray William Johnson reviewed like 10 years ago lmao. Everyone used to play that shit in class 😂🤦‍♂️ you legend

    StalkerGtfoStalkerGtfoVuosi sitten
  • Ur so bad at the game u cant even get an item. :D

    PlayerisLTPlayerisLTVuosi sitten
  • It has been 3 months since the last TYC, release one!

    Kivakork OskoldKivakork OskoldVuosi sitten
  • Man! Your videos are the best. Just the right dose. You show your actual progress and has memes has bonus. Big thumbs up!

    Flander AbreuFlander AbreuVuosi sitten
  • Y u bully me with this bad repeated joke

    matthew taylormatthew taylorVuosi sitten
  • I subbed because I had a vision that your third barrows raid tomorrow will give you what you seek.

    YananonYananonVuosi sitten
  • Such a good bait with the music @ 8:05

    DakkxDakkxVuosi sitten
  • :~)

    ZuluZuluVuosi sitten
  • I know you think its boring content to see dry barrows runs everytime, but It honestly drove me into watching as soon as it comes up even more. If you get a drop, then fuck yeah!... But if you don't it blows my mind even more that the rng is so ridiculous!! I am literally so shocked each time you go dry... EDIT: (Should have finished the fucking video lmao.) but hey drops are drops man at least youre gettin em~!

    sandy ravage hsandy ravage hVuosi sitten
  • Yeah I’m not subscribed to you. keep that dry streak rolling

    Berlon BBerlon BVuosi sitten

    Nick SmithNick SmithVuosi sitten
  • I've done 80 Chests on my streams. 9 items, all uniques. Are you mad C Engineer?

    HCIMessiahHCIMessiahVuosi sitten
  • You got literally every shit item before a single decent item feels so bad.

    VenVenVuosi sitten
  • Lmfao jagex hates u. I would’ve given up already by now 😂

    SexyRustySpoonsSexyRustySpoonsVuosi sitten
  • does anyone know what he is using to highlight those barrows items in his checklist?

    oldnite1100oldnite1100Vuosi sitten
  • Wooo

    fafadafafadaVuosi sitten
  • Am I the only one who got an advertisement right after he said mod ash told him something very important about barrows. And be left in suspense?

    Matt MerrittMatt MerrittVuosi sitten
  • at first i was thinking you were so unlucky for going so dry, but how the hell do you get only 4 items in 160+ kc, and they are literally THE WORST4 items?!!?

    lil richylil richyVuosi sitten