HCIM Limited to PVP Worlds [74% HCIM]

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    • @Ethan not just a wallet but I feel you. Still nice to buy to support these content creators that spend more hours than you think making these videos to entertain us

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    • I am perfectly happy watching ads to support the channel

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    • Ahhh unfortunately even with your discount code, those "wallets" are way too expensive.

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    • @Monark YT go to the c engineer youtube page and click community. He has a post from 2 months ago explaining it. It wont let me copy and paste it

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  • I need to know the music you play in this video at 7:09. Scary at "Among us" music

    Sloane SmithSloane Smith2 kuukautta sitten
  • chop chop! the willow log log!

    Dom TDom T7 kuukautta sitten
  • Sit

    Brett ConstantBrett Constant7 kuukautta sitten
  • nothing nothing nothing

    Jason RoseJason Rose8 kuukautta sitten
  • Teasing da noobs xD best stuff haha

    Kevin100469Kevin1004699 kuukautta sitten
  • Pretty sure i ran into his hcim when i used a pvp world to use camelot bank chest during a farm run. (Forgot herb seeds)

    TheAvengedNightmare2TheAvengedNightmare2Vuosi sitten
  • Bro this series is insane!!! I was a Sir pugger fan but you got me hooked! Keep it up !(:

    HypnotizedHypnotizedVuosi sitten
  • Señor ingeniero habla español

    cesar ramirezcesar ramirezVuosi sitten
  • So what if he dies to an NPC, what of the bounty then?

    slapjakeslapjakeVuosi sitten
  • "I am teasing the noobs" lmaoo. I forgot about that.

    OgWittaTec9OgWittaTec9Vuosi sitten
  • Whats with the %? (74% hcim)

    KooriePHKooriePHVuosi sitten
  • @C Engineer tu español muy muy bien

    Daniel AlvarezDaniel AlvarezVuosi sitten
  • Lol 237k is apparently a good task lol.

    Jordan MeracleJordan MeracleVuosi sitten
  • 75 bucks for a dumb ass card holder... this world man

    CasatropicCasatropicVuosi sitten
  • Nobody realised he edited the thumbnail for clickbait? His health wasnt that low.

    Internet ManInternet ManVuosi sitten
  • 75$ for this shity wallet holy fuck, who in the hell would pay 75 for a piece of metal like that.

    Aurimas SimonisAurimas SimonisVuosi sitten
  • Your stupid ass accent if it even is one is so damn annoying holy fuck

    J WickJ WickVuosi sitten
  • What does the 74% mean?

    EthMadEthMadVuosi sitten
  • Outro song?

    Kuut KsKuut KsVuosi sitten
  • can I get the 1b if I say that you will die after inferno attempts?

    Ae7 Df2Ae7 Df2Vuosi sitten
  • Every time I see one of these videos, first thing I always think is "this is the big one boys!!"

    Tiki TorchsTiki TorchsVuosi sitten
  • C engineer I have a tyc request. There’s loads of people skill tricking at earth warriors. Can you anti pk one please

    georgespringett1992georgespringett1992Vuosi sitten
  • "if youre looking to LITERALLY get your wallet stolen by clipping your credit cards licence and cash to your hip loosely try this!"

    BlakeeBlakeeVuosi sitten
  • music: Coyote Hearing | Fun House

    Amadeusz LewandowskiAmadeusz LewandowskiVuosi sitten
  • Compleeted XD

    Age dezAge dezVuosi sitten
  • I am teasing the noobs 😂

    Nazeer El kadiNazeer El kadiVuosi sitten
  • i love the spanish

    BenjiBenjiVuosi sitten
  • 61 attack doesn't change your max cmb at max stats right? You'll be right(ruined acc 13hp etc)

  • Ahhh pero tu hablas español

  • if u wanna change timesone ur gonna have to move from sweden

    WoodbearKWoodbearKVuosi sitten
  • If a Clan kills you and not Jon I am going to be so sad....

    Tophers AdviceTophers AdviceVuosi sitten
  • Guys, low-key... Ridge Wallets are legit

    Tophers AdviceTophers AdviceVuosi sitten
  • I don't comment much but could someone please tell me the music track that came on when he was getting pked

    Bailey LaceyBailey LaceyVuosi sitten
  • Starting to wonder if you have Jon waiting for you just for the content. He was doing a emote when you teled to ardy lol how could he possibly know

    Sours Discounted POSSours Discounted POSVuosi sitten
  • Can someone explain why its 74% HCIM?

    Saylor WSaylor WVuosi sitten
  • Tyc kill framed with your hcim

    Lupane RomaineLupane RomaineVuosi sitten
  • Hope u got a good chunk of loot for the wallet ad that things actually pretty dope

    Kurt MccowanKurt MccowanVuosi sitten
  • your friendship with dad is goals.

    KoastKoastVuosi sitten
  • More sand of buckets lmfaooooooo love it

    Nicholas KlippertNicholas KlippertVuosi sitten
  • I have a ridge wallet. It's fucking terrible!

    Walk DerzWalk DerzVuosi sitten
  • “Sand of buckets”

    Joshua DunawayJoshua DunawayVuosi sitten
  • Thumbs up for “teasing da noob”

    Will MurrinWill MurrinVuosi sitten
  • The fact you've lasted this long is just crazy

    Devyn YatesDevyn YatesVuosi sitten
  • Can we get a swedish episode? A swepisode?

    CharkelCharkelVuosi sitten
  • SO I was eating my girlfriends ass after she ate a huge bag of cheetos.... and she farted right in my mouth and it was the most rank thing I have ever smelled. This is my last message before I die ! Bye

    bob joebob joeVuosi sitten
  • Que buen español, amigo

    Xtx xolo xtxXtx xolo xtxVuosi sitten
  • let's go jon

    MasterfiendMasterfiendVuosi sitten
  • Enjoy the bond bro!

    R4MB0 DDSR4MB0 DDSVuosi sitten
  • 75$ for a fucking wallet? Lmao

    Alexander jardebergAlexander jardebergVuosi sitten
  • I ordered the titanium gun metal 2 days ago 105$, aluminum is 85$ and Damascus steel is like 280$ lol

    Brandon MurrayBrandon MurrayVuosi sitten
  • Please bring TYC back. Here's one: Borrow someone's rock hammer at gargoyles and alch it. Then on an alt, sell them a rock hammer for at least 50k.

    Brandon PrinceBrandon PrinceVuosi sitten
  • [TYC] put "Sallamakar Ro!" in autochat and pk someone using only ice barrage and melee

    Teemu HeikkinenTeemu HeikkinenVuosi sitten
  • Kevin = ROT

    Chip RollChip RollVuosi sitten
  • Can someone remix "chop chop da willow log log"?

    Ryzen4000Ryzen4000Vuosi sitten
  • PVP but I DCed

    TonsHeavyTonsHeavyVuosi sitten
  • A $67 wallet.. wtf?

    Lil CastielLil CastielVuosi sitten
  • Hey @Cengineer how did u get so kany dragonstones on the hcim?

    Jordy SchaafsmaJordy SchaafsmaVuosi sitten
  • Is your intro music from command and conquer generals?

    Calum HorsburghCalum HorsburghVuosi sitten
  • Bounty is getting big...will the final death be an inside job for the content? You never know

    casey kuhncasey kuhnVuosi sitten

    BaretBaretVuosi sitten
  • Pogtent

    SamuelSamuelVuosi sitten
  • You should carry the 1bill cash on you at all times

    Adam AdliAdam AdliVuosi sitten
    • Its not that easy to get 1 bil on iron man

      Ipa _Ipa _Vuosi sitten
  • Fuck dude you almost got away too smh

    Trevor RobersonTrevor RobersonVuosi sitten
  • I could listen to him count hunter levels all the way to 99.

    tyler browntyler brownVuosi sitten
  • Framed sounds like mclovin from superbad and has constant mud butt.

    BrandonBrandonVuosi sitten
  • "Alloomineeyum" PogChamp haha love the vids Mr. Engineer keep it up bro!

    NickNickVuosi sitten
    • Thats how they pronounce it anywhere but the usa

      Ashley ProchnowAshley ProchnowVuosi sitten
  • I think he is going to blue dragonsnow

    Myco HolicMyco HolicVuosi sitten
  • Cant wait for the plot twist of Jon actually being Framed this entire time

    Crispin FreemanCrispin FreemanVuosi sitten
  • What is ur ethnicity ur accent is driving me nuts trying to know where ur from

    Matt UrbaniakMatt UrbaniakVuosi sitten
  • 11:12 Lmfao

    Ralph PootawnRalph PootawnVuosi sitten
  • lmao a engineers monotone voice in disproval of turkey man at the end got me

    SurfingJakeOwnsSurfingJakeOwnsVuosi sitten
  • i love framed so much lol

    wuffwuffVuosi sitten
  • This kind of content is great and I could watch it all day. Simply amazing keep it up brother. Happy holidays you legend!

    Jeffrey PetersonJeffrey PetersonVuosi sitten
  • I like Framed

    Joke acc OsrsJoke acc OsrsVuosi sitten
  • What is the song for your outro music? Great video! I'd panic so hard being tele-blocked like that haha.

    RebirthRebirthVuosi sitten
  • ITs a lie. he'll go back to green drags!

    ChillnkillChillnkillVuosi sitten
  • Are you genuinely angry at framed?

    cheeky Bumcheeky BumVuosi sitten
  • "next task" 4:40 😃

    Laurynas LeskauskasLaurynas LeskauskasVuosi sitten
  • This is the ONLY series I ever get excited for. Keep this up it's my absolute favorite series and extremely entertaining!

    WilliamWilliamVuosi sitten
  • Kevin always was a scammer back in the day and still is today. He loves rsgp. He sells online as well ;)

    Nikolai DineroNikolai DineroVuosi sitten
  • You are at wyverns

    Johnny WalkerJohnny WalkerVuosi sitten
  • Was he actually leaking your location?

    Benjamin BooneBenjamin BooneVuosi sitten
  • “how do we bug abuse this” 🤣

    Preeminent EmpirePreeminent EmpireVuosi sitten
  • Why do you need 95 magic ?

    Etienne RayesEtienne RayesVuosi sitten
  • fucking framed lol you better keep him in your vids

    RindoraRindoraVuosi sitten
  • I'm going feel really bad when he dies... The amount of time you spent on this account only for it to go away once you die. Sad really.

    NathanNathanVuosi sitten
  • Funny as hell how he worked around saying 'warlock negros' at 6:26 to avoid being demonitized 😂

    ContentContentVuosi sitten
  • Thank god something that’s not twisted league. Ily c engineer thanks for the amazing content

    Fortherec0rdFortherec0rdVuosi sitten
  • I love u spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edwin ContrerasEdwin ContrerasVuosi sitten
  • “Tease da noobs” needs to be a T-shirt or poster brother, I will buy one all day everyday. Please please please. We need this. Love the content, and idk if you know Jon personally and it’s part of the gimmick but I legit love it. This series is captivating. Thank you for all the hard work.

    Dylan KeyDylan KeyVuosi sitten
  • Jon is a massive loser

    Dyfan BennettDyfan BennettVuosi sitten
  • 39 40

    JamesOfTradesJamesOfTradesVuosi sitten
  • Who even cares that much to hunt you. Jon is fucked

    Dyfan BennettDyfan BennettVuosi sitten
  • Jon is an obsessive psychopath

    Dyfan BennettDyfan BennettVuosi sitten
  • What happens after you get the cape?

    HansenLaMooseHansenLaMooseVuosi sitten
  • make the ridge 20% discount and i'll get one

    CCVuosi sitten
  • I wish he didnt completely panic every time he gets spotted or attacked

    Sam AdamsSam AdamsVuosi sitten
  • Wouldn't dare to show my wallet if i used a Ridge-wallet

    MajmanMajmanVuosi sitten
  • What if Jon IS framed.....

    Blake SimpsonBlake SimpsonVuosi sitten