The 100m Challenge in PvP Worlds

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Family Friendly Runescape Video suitable for all ages
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► Ingame clanchat: "C Engineer"
1. Urban Lullaby
2. Island Coconuts
3. Legion (Trap Remix) - OSRS BEATZ
4. Hidden Agenda
5. Shining (Trap Remix) - OSRS BEATZ
6. Downtown Metropolis Chase
7. Batugue Bom
8. Overcome
9. Fall Colors
10. Noisestorm - Crab Rave
New Sound effects:
The Pigmoney

  • Why is c engineers name written in black in the videos chat box? Conspiracy theory??

    Fractal SightFractal SightVuosi sitten
  • challenge pkers to a death match and use full guthans and sgs :)

    Elizabeth-Margaret MilnerElizabeth-Margaret MilnerVuosi sitten
  • Challenge: make people pay you 50k to fight you also give me a shoutout my ign: d mahatma b

    Erin StenschkeErin StenschkeVuosi sitten
  • tyc: kiss framed on the lips

    StormiiStormiiVuosi sitten
  • I like it

    Xidea RSXidea RSVuosi sitten
  • The budget was cool, I wanted to know how much you made back at the end.

    Mathew ManninoMathew ManninoVuosi sitten
  • 1v1 yourself Use 2 accounts

    BumbleBeastBumbleBeastVuosi sitten
  • Pk with 50k budget

    Adi NguyenAdi NguyenVuosi sitten
  • Mr. C Engineer, I propose a task for you that may just be your best yet. Get a 1 def 1 prayer firecape, and record it so I can have a guide on how a r33l C would do it. Or just do it for me @Slam Her Dry.

    Sean LennonSean LennonVuosi sitten
  • What is the do re mi song he always plays?

    TheMidLaneSavageTheMidLaneSavageVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Make a F2P pker. See how many kills you can get before you die. How many kills you get multiply by 1M drop party in a random skilling area.

    Knottie MunkieKnottie MunkieVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Pk with redemption prayer instead of food

    Cokeman439Cokeman439Vuosi sitten
  • Tyc: go bounty Hunter pking run up to your target and ask to buy then try to one tick him w gmaul/ags

    JuicedJuicedVuosi sitten
  • where's the tyc??

    JuicedJuicedVuosi sitten
  • Cody CodemanCody CodemanVuosi sitten
  • TYC?

    ScyntaxScyntaxVuosi sitten

    mickkey mccmickkey mccVuosi sitten
  • lol hahahahahahaha XD

    efrain ramirez maldonadoefrain ramirez maldonadoVuosi sitten
  • For the next TYC, in the intro of the Ms. Jackson song when they say “woo”, replace it with the B0aty “woo!”

    Michael PorterMichael PorterVuosi sitten
  • which Runescape toolkit do you use?

    Palagan RsPalagan RsVuosi sitten
  • Doubt you'll see this, but TYC, get Framed to say "This is how you get ants!"

    DoftDoftVuosi sitten
  • TYC pk someone while playing on a smart fridge

    SaharaplaceSaharaplaceVuosi sitten
  • uh how is ur attack avoiding 10% of their magic defence, why dont i know what causes this?!

    Polar BearPolar BearVuosi sitten
  • hey mate, Scaped here, i got a tyc? lmao get a kill in pvp with nunchaku, gl :)

    xScapedx oldschoolxScapedx oldschoolVuosi sitten
  • I wanna see your trip do a vlog!

    Zerk FestZerk FestVuosi sitten
  • 5k bud jet nxt tiem pls

    HashimHashimVuosi sitten
  • btw he hit a 72 not a 71

    Micah RsMicah RsVuosi sitten
  • You need an emblem in ur inv in order to get emblems off of targets

    Hempy308Hempy308Vuosi sitten
  • max cash budget.

    VaiderVaiderVuosi sitten
  • Max cash budget

    First Name SurnameFirst Name SurnameVuosi sitten
  • Try to pk someone without be able to see any of the health bars

    Filip RosendahlFilip RosendahlVuosi sitten
  • TB a guy in 50 wild, then kick him to death as he runs to level 1.

    An_annoying_white_dude meAn_annoying_white_dude meVuosi sitten
  • This is a public reminder that c engineer is still god pk’er

    NismsNismsVuosi sitten
  • Your death did not happen in vain... I subbed!

    Michael AngleMichael AngleVuosi sitten
  • hay just saying a 10k budget

    Ben SmithBen SmithVuosi sitten
  • owwhtt maahhh gawwwt

    CroatoanCroatoanVuosi sitten
  • Can we stop using the water drop sound..

    where amiwhere amiVuosi sitten
  • Ending with crab rave op

    Stuart LaneStuart LaneVuosi sitten
  • Update your intro speech, you have been using the same one for along time :)

    tammeloltammelolVuosi sitten
  • 7:34 it was at this moment...

    will loadedchamberwill loadedchamberVuosi sitten
  • You didnt get the tier 5 because now you have to risk an emblem to receive an emblem. At least for the higher level ones i think thats how it works

    will loadedchamberwill loadedchamberVuosi sitten
  • 10% of 117m is 17m apparently

    KristtusKristtusVuosi sitten
  • Good shit.

    Tom Taylor-ShortTom Taylor-ShortVuosi sitten
  • Alright dude, who the fuck are Homie Hops and Fretzy. Tell em they are shit at PKing. PK some real PKers instead of skillers next time.

    V LingV LingVuosi sitten

    FreddyFreddyVuosi sitten
  • Pking on a 50k budget

    Kivakork OskoldKivakork OskoldVuosi sitten
  • Yesterday I saw a fake “c enggineer” at revs. Needless to say I had to respond. I was halfway through typing “I am c engiqueer” when I was tb’d. A well laid trap, indeed.

    John SmithJohn SmithVuosi sitten
  • pk on 69k (All inventory items count towards price total)

    LGD 4033LGD 4033Vuosi sitten
  • inte skada mig i skidbacken - haha

    David StoneDavid StoneVuosi sitten
  • 50k Budget Challenge

    ClairvoyanceClairvoyanceVuosi sitten
  • Stating at safe locations, goes to chaos alter 😂

    Steven AlcornSteven AlcornVuosi sitten
  • Anyone can pk in this kind of budget. I would like to see how you pk with a 50k budget ;D eating monkfish, using dds lol

    Dovydas ŠpakauskasDovydas ŠpakauskasVuosi sitten
  • C Engineer best runescape youtuber of all time. Watched every video. And the editing is always on point, I've seen many that try to make it satisfying but they always suck.Osrs beats make it 10x better too.

    imilkbongsimilkbongsVuosi sitten
  • shallenge accepted

    kodes420kodes420Vuosi sitten
  • TYC : put an advert in your video with the skip add overlay, see how many people fool for it

    Cursed WonderingCursed WonderingVuosi sitten
  • tank test a clan pking multiple times

    running hammerrunning hammerVuosi sitten
  • go pking with a 50k budget then every kill u can add 50k to your gear

    running hammerrunning hammerVuosi sitten
  • Nice vid dude :)

    Thot DanielsThot DanielsVuosi sitten
  • Can't help but loving the heck out of your videos lately, you go my man !

    Non Of yourNon Of yourVuosi sitten
  • Go pking with random gear. Like, go up to people and say; name a shield. Whatever they say is your shield

    MlxMlxVuosi sitten
  • mystic guy was on lunars lol

    Guy TeaGuy TeaVuosi sitten
  • I challenge you to go an entire video without saying oh my god

    stalka929stalka929Vuosi sitten
  • TYC

    Rijschool FreshRijschool FreshVuosi sitten
  • Stacked for 92hp. Rekt

    I-Just-Want MyNameToBeHiddenI-Just-Want MyNameToBeHiddenVuosi sitten
  • Risk twisted bow

    luis moralesluis moralesVuosi sitten
  • Maging with dfs on, free loot

    ZenZenVuosi sitten
  • After a KO like that i think u should stick to a 1M budget😂

    jared pjared pVuosi sitten
  • Boring.

    m16m16Vuosi sitten
  • You didn't get the T5 because now you'll need atleast one T1 to get emblems from other players

    Darry ZerpaDarry ZerpaVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Kind of a mean one.... buuuut go slay some Iron men collecting steel plate body's at the Lava maze!!! Give them a chance by offering them to drop 5 plate body's to spare life! If they have none?? ..... Toooo BAD!

    Ba BalueBa BalueVuosi sitten
  • where my C-Dogs at

    JonniJonniVuosi sitten
  • 6:10 you need an emblem in bh worlds to get an emblem drop

    D GrimbD GrimbVuosi sitten
  • Haha! Gillar hur du klämde in "inte skada mig i skidbacken" @C Engineer

    AdamAdamVuosi sitten
  • PK on a 499K Budget

    Jones ShepherdJones ShepherdVuosi sitten
  • TYC: kill someone and use Last Rites with the Holy Book as you finish them

    Nick BuhlNick BuhlVuosi sitten
  • Please do pk 50k challange :)

    Joonas KolostovJoonas KolostovVuosi sitten
  • go pking on a 10k budget and a +1

    PlacidheadPlacidheadVuosi sitten
  • Glad you went down :D

    Wandering BathtubWandering BathtubVuosi sitten
  • That runelite loot stack plugin is so nice for these types of videos. You can actually see the whole stack instead of just hundreds of brews and sharks.

    Drew BDrew BVuosi sitten
  • My man said a rune pouch is 1m L0L

    cam guffcam guffVuosi sitten
  • Those sound effects make this feel like the 4Kids Entertainment version of a C Engineer video.

    SkirmishSkirmishVuosi sitten
  • “100m budget” BUDGET?!? What budget lmao jkjk

    Michael MurrayMichael MurrayVuosi sitten
  • U need an emblem now to get emblems

    Jonathin vazquezJonathin vazquezVuosi sitten
  • *this is why i love c engineer, hes so down to earth and he never gets angry at runescape, he purely just play for fun and enjoys it and he totally understands its just pixels. money is nothing to him on here. such a great entertainer. really hope his channel goes further and he makes allot more irl money from youtube. such an amazing interesting guy!*

    chris dransfieldchris dransfieldVuosi sitten
  • You don't get their statue if you don't have one yourself.

    MrJuJuiceMrJuJuiceVuosi sitten
  • Lose it all? Raids, fastest rebuild I've ever seen.

    AnyexisAnyexisVuosi sitten
  • You didnt get emblem because u didnt risk one :)

    Joe PrendergastJoe PrendergastVuosi sitten
  • All you video makers losing big amounts lately while pking haha

    ZacPloskiFitnessFanZacPloskiFitnessFanVuosi sitten
  • Easy come easy go. This video was sponsored by yrfatesealed.

    Rocky River MushroomsRocky River MushroomsVuosi sitten
  • noo i want tyc back

    JakeJakeVuosi sitten
  • l2pk before u pk in max. he was clearly antipker, yet ur so clueless u think his a whale running around in robes haha

    BABOBABOVuosi sitten
  • 10K budget.

    CorzappyCorzappyVuosi sitten
  • Have fun skiing, Im from there (Its not italy, insider austrians like me say its austria)

    The1 nOnlyThe1 nOnlyVuosi sitten
  • TYC IDEA hunt down and kill torvesta, skillspecs, framed, and mintmadcow with just your HCIM. Good luck

    Bill CulpBill CulpVuosi sitten
  • I wanna see more of the hcim content

    filip naglicfilip naglicVuosi sitten
  • Dont hurt me on the ski slope @ 10:24

    I am MeizI am MeizVuosi sitten
  • Don’t you have to have an emblem to get their emblem now? I think that’s why you didn’t get the tier 5

    RaceOplasmazRaceOplasmazVuosi sitten
  • 10m budget

    Awful thangsAwful thangsVuosi sitten
  • Raid gp isnt profit from pking. Are you slow irl?

    john walljohn wallVuosi sitten
  • Loses 100m still considered content. In what reality is bragging about how bad you are is content ? Cod if you got 360 quick scoped u were embarrassed. Runescape is now the game where it's cool to lose gp.

    john walljohn wallVuosi sitten