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  • "2018 and ppl are still mining for their iron ore" I feel personally attacked...

    Jan93BananJan93Banan5 kuukautta sitten
  • Song at 4:52 is A Quiet Thought - Wayne Jones. Your welcome :)

    MitchyyMitchyy8 kuukautta sitten
  • So when you asked dude in alkharid who sells scimitars about the dragon scim and he says you’ll be a monkey’s uncle before you get one of those. I actually need to be a monkey’s uncle ...

    Flicc 2xFlicc 2x10 kuukautta sitten
  • What is the piano song @4:53

    WolfStigmaWolfStigma10 kuukautta sitten
    • I also want to know

      MitchyyMitchyy9 kuukautta sitten
  • 9:01 is when you CUM inside a hot girl.

    Commando MasterCommando Master11 kuukautta sitten
  • 😤. 😎 Q

    Tristan McIntoshTristan McIntoshVuosi sitten
  • what is with the % in the titles?

    Rat in TimbsRat in TimbsVuosi sitten
  • Opening easy clue caskets on Entrana rerolls all armour and weapons you get, drastically increasing the chance of getting god pages

    Crispin FreemanCrispin FreemanVuosi sitten
  • Lol in a f2p pvp world i saw a hcim just walking around outside lumby castle. So i went on my level 15 baby mage and 1 shot him. He said " dont " as he saw me running behind him. Was to late, 1 shot:/

    I changed My NameI changed My NameVuosi sitten
  • open the caskets on ENTRANA! you wont get any weapons or armour sooooo youll have a better chance of getting pages

    dennis wilsondennis wilson2 vuotta sitten
  • Check out my new pking vids on my channel if you like pure bridding!!! OSRS fiworld.info/tools/k6_hnKMAr3y-G9av4Fffig.html P.S LOVE UR CONTENT

    JabaitedJabaited2 vuotta sitten
  • I love the "bye" edit it's honestly the best thing ever

    Lucky FamasLucky Famas2 vuotta sitten
  • 5:47 *_Bucket of Sans_*

    Fortnite Awesome ParodiesFortnite Awesome Parodies2 vuotta sitten
  • 8:37 he just turned into mickey fucking mouse lmaoooo

    DJ MetroDJ Metro2 vuotta sitten
  • When c engineer mentioned settled's ultimate Ironman

    Xander MareshXander Maresh2 vuotta sitten
  • at least credit Settled, if you are going to mention his account.

    JordanRhysTVJordanRhysTV2 vuotta sitten
  • I challenge you to fight obsidian and dragon armor sets in warriors guild

    Itsall_ legalItsall_ legal2 vuotta sitten
  • kinda bullshit training on werewolf in a bank..... like not even giving us a chance

    running hammerrunning hammer2 vuotta sitten
  • I can't stress how annoying and unprofessional it looks for you to use other content creator's content in your videos to make yourself seem funnier. Using B0aty's "wooooo", or A Friend's "byeeee" does nothing but remind me that you don't have a "thing". Your "thing" is copying and fangirling other creator's content. You need to step up and realize that you're no longer just a fan of runescape content, you're a content creator. Its embarrassing.

    Nicholas AndromidasNicholas Andromidas2 vuotta sitten
  • Ur a extreme good pker... if i had a maxed pure i would Nh you on it... but keep it up, c engineer... i would to love to pvm with you in main sector...

    mike&yaas aartsmike&yaas aarts2 vuotta sitten
  • I need some hints brotha. Where are you and what's your home pvp world? Also what slay master you use? Now that your 70cb I assume chaeldar.

    Kyle CooperKyle Cooper2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Debatte in public about why people should start to begin playing runescape.

    Conny PålssonConny Pålsson2 vuotta sitten
  • For iron I go to f2p and buy them for 1gp from the ore shop in mine guild in falador when it’s stocked that is

    The Neeson'sThe Neeson's2 vuotta sitten
  • Love this serie sooooo much bro! Always good content! Btw, every time you turn private on, i go pvp to hunt you down

    Ancientz ArtAncientz Art2 vuotta sitten
  • Damn 100 dry

    donna moralesdonna morales2 vuotta sitten
  • That dry narrows run is amazing 😂😂😂😂

    Skank hunt 42Skank hunt 422 vuotta sitten
  • I’m out to get you c engineer 👀

    Angel TenorioAngel Tenorio2 vuotta sitten
  • I died laughing when you first teleported and used A Friends voice, instant like hahah

    taylor zahaykotaylor zahayko2 vuotta sitten
  • Shoutout to the Settled reference

    HiggzHiggz2 vuotta sitten
  • New Years resolution: Get an barrows item in 2k19

    TheLautikTheLautik2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: give lil oozing 10mill. If this does not succeed, go crash someone's slayer in multi

    kirisamekirisame2 vuotta sitten
  • Only progress series I enjoy because of the unique risk u got a gem here

    Trap HomeTrap Home2 vuotta sitten
  • Mike Honcho lmfao

    Benaiah LarisonBenaiah Larison2 vuotta sitten
  • Man go play DMM, wtf

    Dirty EddyDirty Eddy2 vuotta sitten
  • Tyc: go to w24 cox entrance and dharok bomb these raid pvp world scammers for bank

    Kameli000Kameli0002 vuotta sitten
  • Solid work my man! Always love the content

    Admiral NipsAdmiral Nips2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: JOIN your clan chat with your hard core half an hour each day

    RedeemedRedeemed2 vuotta sitten
  • Good video! Deverses my sub 😊

    mr bug toemr bug toe2 vuotta sitten
  • 7:24 were those guys always that fat??

    R0KURUR0KURU2 vuotta sitten
  • I had a black kite on my iron when i was like lvl 12.. And its f2p

    Celtix9Celtix92 vuotta sitten
  • this requires me to complete sea slut. sea slug.

    Green ManGreen Man2 vuotta sitten
  • open easy clues on Entrana, so you got get any combat gear, better rolls for pages

    Ash MetcalfAsh Metcalf2 vuotta sitten
  • No such thing as streamer's luck? Maybe because you don't stream anymore?

    margeraman1090margeraman10902 vuotta sitten
  • im gonna say it. See Ya Next Year!

    It's DevinIt's Devin2 vuotta sitten
  • You can buy steel square from fally

    Kroum KachevKroum Kachev2 vuotta sitten
  • "BYE"

    Jeff SmogolskiJeff Smogolski2 vuotta sitten

    Garrett JohnsonGarrett Johnson2 vuotta sitten
  • LOOOL the audio clips are key

    408M408M2 vuotta sitten
  • 8:10 It's 2018 and you still kill those flesh crawlers for iron ore, while you could've instead started the frem isles quest without having the reqs and buy the ore from the jatiszo ore shop 🤓

    DutchCannaDutchCanna2 vuotta sitten
  • expected the series to end when I heard the piano music

    MoriMori2 vuotta sitten
  • That barrows dry streak is a big oof lol

    LowSoulGamersLowSoulGamers2 vuotta sitten
  • Awesome series, love all your videos keep it up brother.

    Jeremy HruskaJeremy Hruska2 vuotta sitten
  • Why he keeps his private off?

    NiiloniusNiilonius2 vuotta sitten
  • The comedic use of the random soundclips lmfao "Why you bully me?"

    ASFALT21ASFALT212 vuotta sitten
  • Tyc: set a world record dry streak at barrows

    Kivakork OskoldKivakork Oskold2 vuotta sitten
  • 73 combat level

    Cody BCody B2 vuotta sitten
  • If you don’t get a barrows piece in the next 50 kc i’ll eat my tennis shoe and post a video of it

    Levi TLevi T2 vuotta sitten
  • Fire cape soon?

    Daniel Wiesner-PappDaniel Wiesner-Papp2 vuotta sitten
  • You should have given him a shoutout

    nice2835nice28352 vuotta sitten
  • do u play csgo, u had a clip of simple say "why u bully me"

    christian mcniffchristian mcniff2 vuotta sitten
  • Also how long did this video span?

    Skyler OechlerSkyler Oechler2 vuotta sitten
  • I'm tempted to find you and be your bodyguard haha

    Skyler OechlerSkyler Oechler2 vuotta sitten
  • 2:23 look how sheep

    max9871123456max98711234562 vuotta sitten
  • Lol s1mple at 7:49 Edit: lmao just noticed you lost all of your hair in the beginning

    Robert FainRobert Fain2 vuotta sitten
  • Could've shouted out Settled at least

    Razzle DazzleRazzle Dazzle2 vuotta sitten
  • Someone hunt this man down! He must be stopped.

    Vimp GamingVimp Gaming2 vuotta sitten
  • " Its 2018 and people are still mining to get iron ores. " Yea because it literally takes like 50 secs to mine a full inventory of iron ores

    vinod rajathvinod rajath2 vuotta sitten
  • No trucks driving in to People this video? Damn

    Tordsthetics 01Tordsthetics 012 vuotta sitten
  • You cut out my ”hi youtube” PM :c -oatmellow

    LitesparkLitespark2 vuotta sitten
  • this is my fav youtube osrs series! love from belgium!!

    Simon MahySimon Mahy2 vuotta sitten
  • Killing you for 150M and then losing it at the sand casino will be my primary objective for 2019. Love the vids mate

    BaretBaret2 vuotta sitten
  • 0:07 i was expecting a liam neeson right there

    rocky toombstonerocky toombstone2 vuotta sitten
  • Love this series! PS (Gl with barrows item)

    Kenneth BachsteinKenneth Bachstein2 vuotta sitten
  • Bro I cant even 20% a main account limited with nothing.

    God of HaitiGod of Haiti2 vuotta sitten
  • 0.30 anyone heard he say he done mm2 ?

    Death HacksDeath Hacks2 vuotta sitten
  • as soon as you're inside of my level bracket you're all mine

    budlitebob YTbudlitebob YT2 vuotta sitten
  • Gott nytt på dig också, ser fram mot dina vids 2019

    Johan ÅkessonJohan Åkesson2 vuotta sitten
  • penis

    PopCoinPopCoin2 vuotta sitten
  • Haven’t played in a while but doesn’t falador shield shop sell steel square shields?

    JJ2 vuotta sitten
  • Enjoyable content man! Lot of work put into this aswell

    LastweldLastweld2 vuotta sitten
  • If you want Zammy pages open your caskets on Entrana, it rerolls armour pieces or anything with combat stats so higher chance at pages

    EddlesEddles2 vuotta sitten
  • is the brother

    RateRate2 vuotta sitten
  • the roblox sound FX lmao

    iiisoiiiso2 vuotta sitten
  • coulda bought steel SQ in falador shield shop

    kappakappa2 vuotta sitten
  • Wait you still make videos?

    no0d1eXno0d1eX2 vuotta sitten
  • Was wondering why I ran into you doing barrows on a pvp world. Great series man, love it.

    KalebKaleb2 vuotta sitten
  • Open your clues on entrana you can’t get anything combat = more pages

    Joshua KillpackJoshua Killpack2 vuotta sitten
  • What if you die to an Hill giant or another npc? Do they get the 150m ?

    JordanJordan2 vuotta sitten
  • This is going way farther than I expected lmao

    NoglassnopassNoglassnopass2 vuotta sitten
  • DAMN bruh, still going? Can't wait for my lvl 90 zerk can hit you (;

    Absent PlaysAbsent Plays2 vuotta sitten
  • so when u eventually die to a monster will you drop 150m to it?

    scott ricescott rice2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Make a whole video in Swedish ;)

    SembeneSembene2 vuotta sitten
  • I swear your trying harder and harder to die 😅

    wade cookwade cook2 vuotta sitten
  • Dude, even if you die. Do this series again. This is actually one of the best pieces of content in osrs. Just do it again if someone kills you, but, lower the amount you give to like 25m or something

    cheezit59cheezit592 vuotta sitten
  • 2:25 Ayyy Settled/Swampletics

    Crystal BullCrystal Bull2 vuotta sitten
  • Omfg I seen you the other day!!!!! I’ve been walking around looking for noobs in pvp worlds with my newb lvl 72 spaghettio

    Rider MadeRider Made2 vuotta sitten
  • Love this series

    MrTubbyTonyMrTubbyTony2 vuotta sitten
  • 3:07 "Ice warriors. Well, that's sexually good one." -C Eng

    UnderdogWarriorUnderdogWarrior2 vuotta sitten
  • This is trash!

    Merlins RsMerlins Rs2 vuotta sitten
  • byee

    D'Jasper Thicket-Suede Jr.D'Jasper Thicket-Suede Jr.2 vuotta sitten