HCIM Limited to PvP Worlds [78% HCIM]

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  • You jinxed yourself bro smh

    Dmitri MoralesDmitri Morales5 kuukautta sitten
  • This episode feels like foreshadowing

    Kenny MurphyKenny Murphy8 kuukautta sitten
  • "Will i be able to get the blowpipe before zulrah takes my life?" Well this didn't age well.... RIP PVP but HCIM April 2020

    hilolman13hilolman138 kuukautta sitten
  • Probably because you survive so long lol

    ReindertReindert9 kuukautta sitten
  • Each video is getting more and more popular

    ReindertReindert9 kuukautta sitten
  • Man I swear you have the best background/outro music

    Cameron MatsonCameron Matson10 kuukautta sitten
  • keep up the great content even if I don't win the give away add me brother i wanna pk together when my stats right . Keep up the great content brother RSN : KP3RS

    jay howwjay howwVuosi sitten
  • Had no idea You cud get pked in Wintertodt. 🤯

    John HynsonJohn HynsonVuosi sitten
  • Zulrah is going to kill you. Don't do it!

    Shanee VanstoneShanee VanstoneVuosi sitten
  • My face when I realized Runescape was into gender fluidity before all that shit became a thing.

    Flemish NationalistFlemish NationalistVuosi sitten
  • 1:42 "druids altar killing a mogre ictharlins little helper" somehow he made them rhyme he's a secret rapper. lil c

    TubaxTubaxVuosi sitten
  • "full karims" ;0

    Oneup AusOneup AusVuosi sitten
  • How long has this TYC been going on?

    Torag55Torag55Vuosi sitten
  • Make a video in PVP worlds in Morytania where people are hunting imps for SETTLED/Swampletics! So many people world hoping for him!

    Ryan BarrettRyan BarrettVuosi sitten
  • what song is played at the end when showing your current bounty?

    Dylan CDylan CVuosi sitten
  • fking lucker still complaining so much

    dsownz1dsownz1Vuosi sitten
  • 1b bounty, more interesting

    Jonas347Jonas347Vuosi sitten
  • What in the United States of America? Rolf from Ed,Edd, and Eddy has a Runescape and FIworld account!?!?!?! my favorite quote by you is "Rolf sees it! Good bye, Pinocchio"

    Gabriel GomezGabriel GomezVuosi sitten
  • rigged rng rofl

    Trippy TimesTrippy TimesVuosi sitten
  • Shanced

    Mark StevensMark StevensVuosi sitten
  • What does the percentage mean

    DylanDylanVuosi sitten
  • After inferno, perhaps you could complete barrows or complete gwd. ign: aGN0MEchild (o is a zero)

    Kitron WeddingKitron WeddingVuosi sitten
  • C engineer plays HCIM better that A Friend

    Martins DanisevicsMartins DanisevicsVuosi sitten
  • I like michael jackson laugh u have at 5:34

    i2lazyi2lazyVuosi sitten
  • If you log out in a pvp world because someone has found you and they stay waiting there to kill you are you allowed to log in to a non-pvp world and leave the area or are you completely restricted to pvp worlds?

    Truluxz zTruluxz zVuosi sitten
  • Holy shit………… These videos are so entertaining. I'm burnt on RS but I love these videos so much. Gl on the bp!! My fav RS series by far

    ItsAlcatrazItsAlcatrazVuosi sitten
  • One of the only series I still follow. Such a great concept and execution

    GravyGravyVuosi sitten
  • One of the only series I still follow. Such a great concept and execution

    GravyGravyVuosi sitten
  • yo getting 88% barrows is the meta why the fuck you be getting anything other than 88

    NickNickVuosi sitten
  • Honestly seeing you get tome at 16 kc when im at 650 and 100 fm and dont have it was so triggering im actually glad you went so dry at barrows

    Big BellyBig BellyVuosi sitten
  • PVP but Hardcore Barrows Runs.

    Minnick RSMinnick RSVuosi sitten
  • Wtf your luck is insane regardless!

    William Let me know broWilliam Let me know broVuosi sitten
  • Bounty increased!

    Raamastak ZackRaamastak ZackVuosi sitten
  • love this series!

    Jake EnlowJake EnlowVuosi sitten
  • Someone tell me what 78% means

    Ray McCarthyRay McCarthyVuosi sitten
  • I dont understand the 78% hcim part?

    SquadxoSquadxoVuosi sitten
  • if u die to zulrah 1b drop party

    Instances RotMGInstances RotMGVuosi sitten
  • I got pyro full and tome at 90kc

    SubscribeArmySubscribeArmyVuosi sitten
  • What does private on off do i thought that was a chat boc

    Charlie LindCharlie LindVuosi sitten
  • what is the % for

    Cal97gCal97gVuosi sitten
  • love your vids first time commenting

    daniel bentleydaniel bentleyVuosi sitten
  • I did 60-99 and no tomb ...

    SSL StoneSSL StoneVuosi sitten
  • Completed completed completed completed completed completed completed completed completed

    Ya YEETYa YEETVuosi sitten
  • What is the song at 4:00?

    SockPuppetDinosaurSockPuppetDinosaurVuosi sitten
  • I sold my rs acc like 2 weeks ago and now i recovered it and it had max raid gear and tbow and 5b cash in bank. Lmao

    ekiekiVuosi sitten
    • @eki hahaha ite vetäsin RWT ja nyt abouttia 20m mutta tosin omatienaamaa rahaa seki :D

      niilo22niilo22Vuosi sitten
    • Stakesin vähä nii nyt enää 70m bank lmao

      ekiekiVuosi sitten

      niilo22niilo22Vuosi sitten
    • Niilo22 lool torille

      ekiekiVuosi sitten
    • same happened to me but it only had 800m in the bank lmfaoo

      niilo22niilo22Vuosi sitten
  • Cant wait for another video, hardcore iron man limited pvp

    Modestas SilinskasModestas SilinskasVuosi sitten
  • I got c engineer down to 20hp, no food and he begged me and offered 1b to not kill him lol

    Zachary CroninZachary CroninVuosi sitten
    • Zachary Cronin quiet loser no u didn’t

      Ya YEETYa YEETVuosi sitten
  • Dude went full on Micheal Jackson at 5:35.

    Orenji ProductionsOrenji ProductionsVuosi sitten
  • impossible to die at this point unless you get full hp stacked which is highly unlikely

    Jordan league OLJordan league OLVuosi sitten
    • you should disable the use of teleports so you have to either run to a safe zone or get a box this would allow people with barrage to hunt you as normals are piss weak

      Jordan league OLJordan league OLVuosi sitten
  • If you die to Zulrah, I want you to drop the bounty within the Zulrah instance

    SirAdammmmmSirAdammmmmVuosi sitten
  • ree

    Cody RobertsCody RobertsVuosi sitten
  • Well back you hunting you down since your worth 500m now

    sniper_opsniper_opVuosi sitten
  • 15k likes forn750m?

    Kurt MccowanKurt MccowanVuosi sitten
  • Its pronounced "Ich-th-larin"

    Coffee SuccubusCoffee SuccubusVuosi sitten
  • dang gonna have to increase that bounty

    Jay JJay JVuosi sitten
  • 500m bounty now lol

    General ZodTheGodGeneral ZodTheGodVuosi sitten
  • Imagine if you are the guy who kills PVP but HCIM. Instant legend... or master party pooper.

    ATBATBVuosi sitten
  • what's your outro song bro?

    RozuRFRozuRFVuosi sitten
  • No way, the series ended with zulrah, great series C, RIP HCIM but PvP

    Jonathan McCueJonathan McCueVuosi sitten
  • Me: 19m FM xp no tome, c engineer 16 kc. The fuck is this game I swear 😭

    seanseanVuosi sitten
  • 10k likes in 2 days 👍🏼

    August HandAugust HandVuosi sitten
  • Dude your getting crazy like l0l

    Mark MoralesMark MoralesVuosi sitten
  • msb(i) or crystal bow is better for zulrah than rcb

    Kai OzawaKai OzawaVuosi sitten
  • Going to be so sad when this series ends all report whoever kills him lol

    smurf pkingsmurf pkingVuosi sitten
  • rsn - c entriion !

    Fabio CatarinoFabio CatarinoVuosi sitten
  • got unbanned yesterday for my 2015 ban just bought membership let the fun begin

    Brandon SwartzBrandon SwartzVuosi sitten
  • Why am I missing a food?

    OnyxAngerOnyxAngerVuosi sitten
  • Prediction - he’s gonna suicide to Zulrah

    Armen VArmen VVuosi sitten
  • 3:10 SONG NAME????????????????????????????????????????

    Majin DripMajin DripVuosi sitten
  • 3:10 what is the song name??????

    Majin DripMajin DripVuosi sitten
  • Kharims?

    Goose BottleGoose BottleVuosi sitten
  • AYUWOKI XD 5:33

    José GarciasJosé GarciasVuosi sitten
  • I got the winterodt phoenix pet at 2kc

    HenHenVuosi sitten
  • What I was doing; fiworld.info/goon/e5-7nnqZ0m2yl5E/videot.html

    MacweeseMacweeseVuosi sitten
  • gottem

    no dox plsno dox plsVuosi sitten
  • How come you still suck at english

    jesper norderjesper norderVuosi sitten
  • loved that little Michael Jackson laugh you did 5:35

    shaunoz1shaunoz1Vuosi sitten
  • "dont have enough dps".... rendi + soloMission like cmon bruh

    Double CorksDouble CorksVuosi sitten
  • Gör en 30 minuters lång video nästa :)

    Jonatan JohanssonJonatan JohanssonVuosi sitten
  • next time, before u go to zulrah use 1 of spells, for example, vulnerability, witch lowers opponents defence, i think for gcim its neceserry to use all the abilities

    Vaidotas MalinauskasVaidotas MalinauskasVuosi sitten
  • New bounty 500m. I'm just waiting for it to reach 1b before i end your hcim career. That and i need you to be able to fight cb 118

    osrs ohsopotentosrs ohsopotentVuosi sitten
  • Moreeeeee

    Jason WhaplesJason WhaplesVuosi sitten
  • My anxiety watching this series is through the roof

    idlaWidlaWVuosi sitten
  • Not knowing how to kill Zulrah is the problem, not dps :P

    Soft to HardSoft to HardVuosi sitten
  • Can someone explain what the percentages mean in the title? 78% HCIM???

    • It means how many episodes , this was episode 22 100 - 22 = 78

      bigtingbigtingVuosi sitten
  • Dam, good run.

    LunaXXLLunaXXLVuosi sitten
  • what is the percentage in the title i never understand lol

    WavesWavesVuosi sitten
  • 20k likes = 1b bounty

    JackJackVuosi sitten
  • please take 2 antipoisons to Zulrah and take 2 doses every 2-3 phases

    EkimEkimVuosi sitten
  • Hey what is the effect of turning private on or off?

    Walt GottliebWalt GottliebVuosi sitten
  • I’ve never seen anyone this lucky at barrows wtf

    John TreeJohn TreeVuosi sitten
  • kind of boring, barely anyone does anything on pvp worlds

    bandit jonesbandit jonesVuosi sitten
  • " shut up Kevin this is my moment." Lmao

    corrupted Synccorrupted SyncVuosi sitten
  • After all this time I still don't know what the % in the title means

    KevinskieKevinskieVuosi sitten
  • Ben waiting so long for this

    Fredrick FernsbyFredrick FernsbyVuosi sitten
  • Looks like the bounty is 500m now :0 If you die to an NPC and not a player I say this. You double down on the bounty and do a fair give away of some sort for all the viewers.

    Knifing4DayzKnifing4DayzVuosi sitten
  • What's the 78% mean?

    Jonny SuttleJonny SuttleVuosi sitten
  • If you waited long enough, could you have an infinite prayer inferno run? Hear me out, falador shield 2 restores 50% prayer each day, yeah? So what if u just logged out at the start of each wave and just waited til tomorrow to do the next wave? Boom, infinite prayer inferno, would only take like.... a few months

    Patrick Le ZottePatrick Le ZotteVuosi sitten
  • “I don’t want that, I don’t want that”

    25 Buttholes25 ButtholesVuosi sitten
    • Chop chop

      OSRS - SoundDesignOSRS - SoundDesignVuosi sitten
  • Hes obv playing on a single server so he can be the only one online

    Zex SinZex SinVuosi sitten
    • @Ya YEET what you mean he's playing a private server meaning he is the only one online

      Zex SinZex SinVuosi sitten
    • Zex Sin except this makes 0 sense

      Ya YEETYa YEETVuosi sitten