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In the case of a dropout, who is most likely to drop out and for what reason?
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  • Why are the added sound clips and little clip inserts so great👌🏻

    bzballstar721bzballstar7215 kuukautta sitten
  • 7:49 is that rayman 3 hoodlum havoc music I hear??

    Søberg_Søberg_Vuosi sitten
  • 2207 hcim death

    Tony JohnTony JohnVuosi sitten
  • If I could have 1 wish it would be that your pvp HC iron man vids would come out more often

    True SpecTrue SpecVuosi sitten
  • Does anyone know the song played durign the outro at the very end?

    MittemMittemVuosi sitten
  • Bro play on ethernet, what are you doing m8? If you're on a laptop or something without an ethernet port then throw that shit in the garbage. The new wireless wave be damned, wired is always king.

    Pastry ScentPastry ScentVuosi sitten
  • the intro with Archie and Ayiza made me tear up. so sad they left jages

    Ryan BrophyRyan BrophyVuosi sitten
  • 1:28 LOl dacids dorbik vlogs song

    graffiti maniacgraffiti maniacVuosi sitten
  • We need more!

    Codydawson17Codydawson172 vuotta sitten
  • 6:03 what does that mean? I didn't get it.

    BaSkABaSkA2 vuotta sitten
  • Is this series still active or did he die?

    Diederik BrouwerDiederik Brouwer2 vuotta sitten
  • i got lucky within 90 kills barrows got 8 items counting 2 dubble's

    Nova UchilaNova Uchila2 vuotta sitten
  • The chance of going on 90 kc dry streak at barrows is.... 0.5% Sorry man :/

    Oleksiy BazhenovOleksiy Bazhenov2 vuotta sitten
  • Rap battle FMG Dinero in your next TLC

    Filthy Money GamersFilthy Money Gamers2 vuotta sitten
  • ur insane

    StallionmonStallionmon2 vuotta sitten

    athom150athom1502 vuotta sitten
  • dw I got 490 zulrah kc on my new account with 0 uniques

    Matthew HawthorneMatthew Hawthorne2 vuotta sitten
  • i got 13x items on 55 chest on my ironman :D

    Skee Skee xDSkee Skee xD2 vuotta sitten
  • Ditterbitter will drop just like you drop him

    Pyronex iOSPyronex iOS2 vuotta sitten
  • I felt the hurt at barrows. Went 217 chests til an item on my main when I started the acc

    ForeverPrideForeverPride2 vuotta sitten
  • I won’t subscribe!!’

    FeeL DriftsFeeL Drifts2 vuotta sitten
  • 90 barrows dry, thats some dedication lol

    Alex BowlenAlex Bowlen2 vuotta sitten
  • 1:00 LMFAO whos sound effect did you use for varrock/ahrims getting hit?! sounds like vancouver 07 LOOOL

    ZZ2 vuotta sitten
  • Litterly subscribed right when u said it

    RubikquitousRubikquitous2 vuotta sitten
  • He will die 1037 total

    jill samjill sam2 vuotta sitten
  • you should carry the prize money cashstack with you on hardcore ironman.

    alek macpheealek macphee2 vuotta sitten
  • Yo @cengineer ! TYC but IRL! (The first ever?) go to a store and ask them where they can find RuneScape items, or places, such as the godsword isle, or lumbridge etc... get creative!! Ps. Luv the vids dude!

    Insert name HereInsert name Here2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: Kill a all the dragons with their own gear, example: bronze dragon with bronze armour, green dragon with green d hide. Goodluck!

    SOE LOESOE LOE2 vuotta sitten
  • You vs manked hcim 1v1 be a sick battle!!!!!!!!!

    brother danbrother dan2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC get all of your friends together with ZGSes and spec an entire team. Then all dance and say "chill out" before all tabbing or running away

    James WilliamsJames Williams2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC - stake 1\4 of your bank total(minus 150m for hcim bounty) if you lose double up, if you lose again on me your account details

    AARON JONESAARON JONES2 vuotta sitten
  • give Osbuddy45 10mil

    Exploring with MaxExploring with Max2 vuotta sitten
  • I missed this episode until now

    BenBen2 vuotta sitten

    Minh LeMinh Le2 vuotta sitten
  • the editing on this video is fucking hillarious

    Ya boiYa boi2 vuotta sitten
  • we buy OSRS gold! lilbeefbuddy.weebly.com

    LilbeefbuddyLilbeefbuddy2 vuotta sitten
  • The edits on your videos never fail to make my day.

    Minnick RSMinnick RS2 vuotta sitten
  • next TIC could you do a pvp/ultimate ironman challenge at the GE against another streamer? Where for all the pks you get you sell everything back to the GE unless you upgrade gear or spec weapons (also buy back pots & food.) You can't use your bank and have to keep a cash stack on you. Then it's a race against the other streamer to get to a green cash stack.

    Michael SandbachMichael Sandbach2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: go wildy pking, freeze people, and then run just out of rapid/accurate range and use long range on them for at least one kill. You don’t have to use range for the kill, I just wanna see if people are confused they can’t shoot back cause they’re not close enough lol.

    PunkPanthaPunkPantha2 vuotta sitten
  • I don’t understand why you just don’t trade over 150m from your main and get good ass gear

    Kevin MaldonadoKevin Maldonado2 vuotta sitten
  • #Tanzoodry

    Evan AllenEvan Allen2 vuotta sitten
  • Add codeina and give him 10m ✌🏽

    Luiz DuarteLuiz Duarte2 vuotta sitten
  • RSN: have_good_da

    Dragonninja 1235Dragonninja 12352 vuotta sitten
  • TYC Give a player 1m in deep wildy and then spec him out love the vids :)

    Abudi Ahmad FaresAbudi Ahmad Fares2 vuotta sitten
  • Hey it's your router/modem updating at a set time every day you should be able to contact your service provider and make it during a set time you dont stream

    jrdjr1995jrdjr19952 vuotta sitten
  • Can someone give me 1 bill please

    imtechguyimtechguy2 vuotta sitten
  • explain the dropping percent number in title!

    TreeTree2 vuotta sitten
  • He attacc but he also go dry.

    HiIamFinHiIamFin2 vuotta sitten
  • the quality of your uploads is skyrocketing, it's so exciting to see :)

    slygamislygami2 vuotta sitten
  • Love the editing on this video 😂

    CC2 vuotta sitten
  • Uses cheating clients aswell ? Should be banned

    john walljohn wall2 vuotta sitten
  • i know the feel of barrows, my uim went 80 chests before an item :(

    SkyDropSkyDrop2 vuotta sitten
  • guys i am new. and have gold. and i am looking for a friend.

    TitoM VeraTitoM Vera2 vuotta sitten
  • C Engineer, your WiFi dropping could be the DHCP lease expiring and renewing from your router, which would cause a disconnection. Try checking what your internal IP address is before and after the disconnect, and also checking your router settings for any schedules/lease timers. PM me if you'd like some help trying to diagnose your network issues.

    Justin TrujilloJustin Trujillo2 vuotta sitten
  • Raikesy? You mean that fat douche bag who RWTs?

    l ll l2 vuotta sitten
  • FeelsBadMan... I finally found someone who surpassed my 58 barrows chest dry streak, keep it up man!

    NickestNickNickestNick2 vuotta sitten
  • Real classy how you handled that situation with Ditter. smh

    Base Infinity BinaryBase Infinity Binary2 vuotta sitten
  • Tyc say taste vengeance the whole fight

    Mr WrecklessMr Wreckless2 vuotta sitten
  • lmao not using runelite in 2018

    Lunar MongooseLunar Mongoose2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC: High Alch a bond.

    use brainuse brain2 vuotta sitten
  • Ur actually pretty funny. Keep that shit up boiiii

    FatalnjuryFatalnjury2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC kill as many unique bosses as you can with one inventory

    SparkieeSparkiee2 vuotta sitten
  • I’m going to stay that 60%

    Lee MLee M2 vuotta sitten
  • Sais doesn't want to upload a video without a barrows drop. *drops a video*

    Sevastjan GretsitsSevastjan Gretsits2 vuotta sitten
  • Tribrid pk with an arma chainskirt, dfs, veracs helm and ahrims body, make your only switches your weapons

    Sam SrockSam Srock2 vuotta sitten
  • TYC borrow an AGS from a streamer and alch it right in front of them.

    James WilliamsJames Williams2 vuotta sitten
  • “Woo woo!” That South Park pc sound clip lol

    ChevsterChevster2 vuotta sitten
  • Holy! C Engineer whats the song name at 5:40??? Please tell me. I love it!

    Daniel KristiansenDaniel Kristiansen2 vuotta sitten
  • Haha i liked the boaty sounds on level up xd

    Hörður Gunnar GeirssonHörður Gunnar Geirsson2 vuotta sitten
  • Never will I ever go to barrows and not think of Dave the Tormented. Same with Dave the Doggo at Dks.

    Smith3r33nsSmith3r33ns2 vuotta sitten
  • Out of all the Runescape FIworldrs your editing is by far the best.

    FuckingRaccoonsFuckingRaccoons2 vuotta sitten
  • Yes use the official client. I just had a main banned for using a third party client and the only thing besides the official client I have used is OS Buddy. I have since appealed it but honestly can’t believe it myself

    Nbodley19Nbodley192 vuotta sitten
  • how the hell, is this a record?

    Burr MudaBurr Muda2 vuotta sitten
  • Is it possible that the restrictions on barrows chests from dead man mode carried over to the pvp worlds by accident? I mean especially with the rotating world thing it could be possible

    RedeemedRedeemed2 vuotta sitten
  • Bruh ima quit leveling my cb so ill be able to attempt to kill you lol im 115cb cmonnn get them cb gainzzz

    DG GrouchDG Grouch2 vuotta sitten
  • 5:49 RICK ROLL.

    illuminatiilluminati2 vuotta sitten
  • The tanzoo rage was perfect!

    Jeff BasileJeff Basile2 vuotta sitten
  • I went dry 132 chests on my main and then got another at 138 :P

    Chris TomsChris Toms2 vuotta sitten
  • It’s good to see because I went 100 dry then got ahrims staff rip

    Michael WalkerMichael Walker2 vuotta sitten
  • 1 barrows item = 1 subscribe

    KennethKenneth2 vuotta sitten
  • If you die to a monster or something you should do a giveaway to all ur viewers for the 100m

    ligma nutsligma nuts2 vuotta sitten
  • You don't get your reward potential up to 100% each time so don't expect the best drop rates.

    obsidheartobsidheart2 vuotta sitten
  • Nice video, lovely series. I honestly hate the woooowh on every level tho...sorry

    Galan xGalan x2 vuotta sitten
  • I'll sub when you get a barrows item

    Ryan PalmerRyan Palmer2 vuotta sitten
  • You’ll definitely be replacing ditterbitter. He’ll “dc” again on his way over to the event.

    janan.kjanan.k2 vuotta sitten
  • Playing HCIM on spotty WiFi. I don't even like playing on my regular account without a nice wired connection, that would make me super paranoid on a hardcore

    RubsRubs2 vuotta sitten
  • How did u get enough ppots for barrows? I mean what did u kill for rannars or the seeds

    Othman AmouissaOthman Amouissa2 vuotta sitten
  • never subbing nerd

    Xyzar —Xyzar —2 vuotta sitten
  • I just hit 40 KC on barrows on my HCIM. Gotten 2x Karil Skirt (not happy about the double already but whatever), Karil's Bow (super happy), Guthans Top (super happy).... and I thought I was going a little dry lol damn bro.

    Kevin ParsonsKevin Parsons2 vuotta sitten
  • the spam "BRUH" made me lose it. hilarious

    Gickels McDoogleGickels McDoogle2 vuotta sitten
  • Feelsbackupman

    RaikesyRaikesy2 vuotta sitten
  • Really interesting and entertaining content! I really like your vids C Engineer, watched your videos for months but now subbed as well, much love from Estonia 🇪🇪

    Robert RandRobert Rand2 vuotta sitten
  • If you pay me 100m in game or get Venenatis spiderling on your hcim, i will subscribe.

    Suomi PoikaSuomi Poika2 vuotta sitten
  • I got Dharok's legs, and Torag's torso in the same chest, then Guthan's helm my next. at my 18th and 19th chest...

    Za XyZa Xy2 vuotta sitten
    • I also have done a lot of thieving with 9th Thief

      Za XyZa Xy2 vuotta sitten
  • Update your windows 10 c engineer thats what is causing ur disconnect issues

    Canberk AtesCanberk Ates2 vuotta sitten
  • Tryna be like pure seb with the memes in ur vids?

    Charlie SclafaniCharlie Sclafani2 vuotta sitten
  • Dryed out.

    Legend PrideLegend Pride2 vuotta sitten
  • DitterBitter disconnects at airport

    Alex BAlex B2 vuotta sitten
  • You are honestly the only osrs FIworldr I'm subscribed to. You make the most entertaining videos. Wish you luck on that barrows grind man. Hope you get that karils cb

    Collin SmithCollin Smith2 vuotta sitten
  • everyone wait for him to max his hcbutpvpbtwim so the bounty on his head would be like 10b

    PedsPeds2 vuotta sitten