I went hunting for HCIM by the Mage Arena

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  • Feels bad dude u killing hcim

    Muhammad AliMuhammad AliUukausi sitten
  • oh yea..you feel so bad

    cai Jonescai JonesUukausi sitten
  • That was actually very off-putting. It's just a game, but the vibe of saying "I feel so bad" while ruining the guy's account (which is fine since wildy is fair game), is the fact that you're someone who would still do something to harm others despite feeling bad about it. It's like stabbing a close friend in the back, and then saying "sorry I feel so bad, omg this so bad, I feel so bad omg". It's like dude, you still did it. That's actually eerie af.

    Just a Random DudeJust a Random Dude4 kuukautta sitten
  • Love rewatching these vids dog!

    someguy inthemobsomeguy inthemob6 kuukautta sitten
  • Zulrah was teamed up with this guy and got the revenge :D

    GymsonGymson8 kuukautta sitten
  • Zulrah got revenge

    FlamXFlamX8 kuukautta sitten
  • "I feel so bad..!" *Keeps attacking "I feel so bad..!" *Keeps attacking "Dude I feel so bad..!" *KILLS

    INTYkunINTYkun9 kuukautta sitten
  • amazing video

    GebsusGebsus9 kuukautta sitten
  • 1:04 ill kill you nomatter what check chatbox lmao

    RedMonk3y06RedMonk3y069 kuukautta sitten
  • Lost respect

    Austin RuddickAustin Ruddick9 kuukautta sitten
  • what a piece of shit, actually killed a hcim.

    Chris WoestmanChris Woestman9 kuukautta sitten
  • why so many dislikes?

    2PACBRB20142PACBRB201410 kuukautta sitten
  • Cool content, but am I the only one who thinks using 2 accounts to PK someone should require a ban? What happened to old Jagex..

    eballer48eballer48Vuosi sitten
  • LOOOOOL all these salty people in the comments im deadddddd. Hes in pvp he choses if he wants to kill someone or not and the wildy is the wildy, u enter at ur own risk. Braindead people. Can obv see the salty pvmers voting no to polls :)

    DaepDaepVuosi sitten
  • 8:55 - 9:15 "if you want revenge" bro we take our revenge everytime we see pvp polls lmfao

    2poor4gdname2poor4gdnameVuosi sitten
  • "i feel so bad" shut the fuck up i know what happens

    Nute 44Nute 44Vuosi sitten
  • Lmfao everyone's so mad. Game rules don't give a fuck about your morals. You risk, that's the whole point of having a hc account. Go throw him a funeral

    MichaelMichaelVuosi sitten
  • I would respect you if you used your HCIM but you used your maxed account to kill a level 80...

    For Fun And ProfitFor Fun And ProfitVuosi sitten
  • Hahahah this made my day I loved this

    Money MattMoney MattVuosi sitten
  • I have a hardcore ironman and i know the risks. You show up in mage arena (A popular pking spot) Then you're just asking to be killed.

    HeisenbergHeisenbergVuosi sitten
  • failed on me though ;)

    Geraint Dafydd JonesGeraint Dafydd JonesVuosi sitten
  • Ironmen... Most virgin way to play the virgin game.

    Artur EestlaneArtur EestlaneVuosi sitten
  • Dislike

    Steiny5843Steiny5843Vuosi sitten
  • Has 67 hp and gets speces out a 72 tf

    dayhide dayhidedayhide dayhideVuosi sitten
  • disliked, you're an asswipe

    GilzGilzVuosi sitten
  • “I feel so bad I feel so bad” continues to murder him..... ok?

    Nelson GilNelson GilVuosi sitten
  • Unsubed for killing hcim! You had to spare his poor life in the end cause it was a bug by attacking him in mage arena first stade...

    Marius KundrotasMarius KundrotasVuosi sitten
  • why did u kill the hardcore one man fuck u thats not cool for a 1 mil shove em up ur ass

    Addy Big HeadAddy Big HeadVuosi sitten
  • how long is it before he gets teamed in PvP and dies on both accounts?

    Man Like MorrissMan Like MorrissVuosi sitten
  • Why would you feel bad? They're in the wild, fair game. Dumbass hcim goblin boy got a free ticket to lumbridge on the savage Express.

    GrundesGrundesVuosi sitten
  • Yoo C, you should make a rule which makes it easier for Ironman to kill you. For example every ironman who scouts you, you have to try to kill. Never kill HCIronman again.

    LJLJVuosi sitten
  • Skull tricking players is one of the many reasons why We have players, voting no to pvp. Attacking everyone on sight Is another reason for players voting no to pvp...(I get that even some "naked" player risk bank. So we honestly need a wealth overhead, Similar to BH to show wealth amount. Then you can easily tell who is a hobo or ragger, and who is the bling bling man, bank carrier. At least it would make wildy a little more healthy.) A big Idea that would reduce, But not stop skull-tricking. I have a PASSIVE MODE button for PVP/wildy. Then it is toggled on. You cannot attack other players at all, unless they attack you first. Which then you're free to fight back against that player, for the attacker's skull time. Which is 20 minutes. This means if that pker is trying to use a similar account to attempt to skull-trick you. so he can rape you for bank. He won't be able to skull-trick you, As your passive mode disallows attacking any players that have not attacked you. To avoid having this PASSIVE MODE abused. You cannot use the PASSIVE MODE, if you are already SKULLED! As most skulled players are normally pkers, pvpers, or clanners. I get that Wildy, BH, and pvp are dangerous places to be. But Why not at least, make it a bit more fair, and actually fun. Not make every victim wish PVP, to be removed. (We also need a pj timer. which may be coming soon. Oh, and NERF THE F#$^*NG G MAUL!)

    Dominque DotyDominque DotyVuosi sitten
  • I felt so bad for undead rip

  • You are a real asshole man, unsubbed man

    AlanAlanVuosi sitten
  • Well my mage arena can wait a few weeks or months on my ironman till this settles down.

    Baktaai SaladeBaktaai SaladeVuosi sitten
  • Unsubbed for killing the hcim.

    The Vengeance of DianaThe Vengeance of DianaVuosi sitten
  • "I feel so bad!" *click click click click click click click click click*

    MrAndersonLPMrAndersonLPVuosi sitten
  • il so glad you killed that hcim, why should they get treated different? its the bloody wildy :L

    l3gg3rzl3gg3rzVuosi sitten
  • Fuck that's brutal haha

    Matt EdwardsMatt EdwardsVuosi sitten
  • Lol!! That clip where you were fighting two people on two different accounts at the same time.... Omg, talent lol.

    kaylor87kaylor87Vuosi sitten
  • Too bad you don’t fight anyone on your HCIM, you just tele every time you see a white dot on the map. Telling everyone you feel bad and to get their revenge, smdh

    James HandJames HandVuosi sitten
  • i just lost so much fucking respect for you..

    imTrixWizzKnowItimTrixWizzKnowItVuosi sitten
  • Why are there so many weak minded people in this comment section crying about killing HCIM lol... it’s a fucking game virgin boi

    Luke TurnerLuke TurnerVuosi sitten
  • i instantly like ur vids before watchin usually but i changed to dislike when u killed hcim :(

    MMQuckMMQuckVuosi sitten
  • I know this isn’t a tyc vid, but I want you to put a god sword into the g.e for 1gp. Any godword!

    Brandin OlsonBrandin OlsonVuosi sitten
  • The fact of the matter is that those people chose to HCIM. No one has to feel bad for killing you in a place made for killing other players.

    David StraitDavid StraitVuosi sitten
  • Really fucked up.

    Justin PoindexterJustin PoindexterVuosi sitten
  • goto ardy knights w2 and tele other people to wildy and pk them

    CharmsOCECharmsOCEVuosi sitten
  • offplz


  • Dont apologize, kill more HCIM

    NiCoL4xNiCoL4xVuosi sitten
  • Please do more vids of killing hcim

    Ave LAve LVuosi sitten
  • Fucking asshole. Unsubbed ;)

    Cameron RayCameron RayVuosi sitten
  • 2k dislikes what a bunch of PUSSIES.

    Stereotypical Youtube ViewerStereotypical Youtube ViewerVuosi sitten
  • Unlike this video

    Mosa BurshaidMosa BurshaidVuosi sitten
  • Did you just fkin pk on 2 accounts at the same time ? :D Absolute respect i luv you man

    Puskás PéterPuskás PéterVuosi sitten
  • C engineer is the reason why i vote no to EVERY wildy update

    Teh FluffyTeh FluffyVuosi sitten
  • Just ordered a mouse pad for my brother's birthday, saved 5 dollars on the order. Thanks beast.

    A DingusA DingusVuosi sitten
  • so sad man, disliked

    Mark GroenendijkMark GroenendijkVuosi sitten
  • Bruh u got 6.9k likes you dont gotta choise now

    Alex HokansonAlex HokansonVuosi sitten
  • Souless

    Kfcommunist 2Kfcommunist 2Vuosi sitten
  • Wow douche move. Ruined his entire year. Love your vids though!

    Brenden PhillipsBrenden PhillipsVuosi sitten
  • You're a psychopath lol.

    Raz FiascoRaz FiascoVuosi sitten
  • Tyc: Try to kill someone and wear full bronze armor but get a Ko with godsword

    Magnus SikutMagnus SikutVuosi sitten
  • Imagine downvoting a video because the guy killed someone in a pvp zone

    Jordan SmithJordan SmithVuosi sitten
  • What was the song at like 4:00

    bobblob23vr2bobblob23vr2Vuosi sitten
  • It has a reason why this video have so much dislikes

    SamSamVuosi sitten
  • LOOOOOOOL when u killed the HCIM I couldn’t stop laughing

    Zachary CroninZachary CroninVuosi sitten
  • what the fuck c engineer that was the shittest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. You probably just made someone leave this game, asshole

    Termazel *Termazel *Vuosi sitten
  • You definitely made some hcim quit the game lul

    ChromskiChromskiVuosi sitten
  • You’re kind of a dick lol

    Collin BrownCollin BrownVuosi sitten
  • How can you be mad that he killed a hc when he's doing the most dangerous thing on his own hc gtfo

    Lucas 67Lucas 67Vuosi sitten
  • why would u kill him? hes in the wildy as a hc lmao

    San MarkusSan MarkusVuosi sitten
  • For person bringing untradable, I don't care, their fault next time they will learn. About HCIM death, mixed feelings, but wildy is wildy.

    GhostPengyGhostPengyVuosi sitten
  • Iron cucks mad with the dislikes xD

    XoldnewsXXoldnewsXVuosi sitten
  • Whats with all the dislikes??

    IsakIsakVuosi sitten
  • Are HCIM the new runecrafters? The whole idea of the wilderness is that it's an unsafe place to be and you risk being killed.

    MerlinMerlinVuosi sitten
  • love it c-eng. just got a new sub

    surfin wolfssurfin wolfsVuosi sitten
  • All the HCIM’s disliking haha failed hardcores now hayayayaha wow!

    LiL SaPLiL SaPVuosi sitten
  • Unsub u sound like a bitch u feel bad for that nerd

    Javi OrtegaJavi OrtegaVuosi sitten
  • 8:15 you are fucking peace of shit

    Eidotas BuivydasEidotas BuivydasVuosi sitten
  • PoS for killing him - also you haven't been doing it for 2 years.

    ExxyRTExxyRTVuosi sitten
  • is C engineer for Cannon Engineer?

    Chris KujawaChris KujawaVuosi sitten
  • Fuck, I wouldn’t have the heart to do that

    James CharlesJames CharlesVuosi sitten
  • Love 2 see people cry when a hc ironman dies

    Arjen BosArjen BosVuosi sitten
  • You should never ever in your life feel bad when killing anyone in the wilderness

    Arjen BosArjen BosVuosi sitten
  • gayest

    Fourth World / exostalkerFourth World / exostalkerVuosi sitten
  • Why kill hcim we just trying to lv up leave us alone 😥

    Zex SinZex SinVuosi sitten
  • The wilderness is a PVP zone. Go in at your own risk. Long live C Engineer.

    Tim SwainTim SwainVuosi sitten
  • 3:28 when you at a party and keep giving the girl you want alcohol and after alot of drinks you ask her if she's going with you to your place and she say; yea

    SosaSosaVuosi sitten
  • 1:10 "I kill everyone no matter what..." Also in 1:10 chat box "I'll let you live." "Gl on cape" 😂😂

    Austin SheafferAustin SheafferVuosi sitten
  • Easy dislike fuck you

    Kappa-1-2-3Kappa-1-2-3Vuosi sitten
  • that was so scummy

    ImSenpooImSenpooVuosi sitten
  • lmfaooo that hc fam

    ElevatedLifestyleElevatedLifestyleVuosi sitten
  • The thing with hardcore ironmen is it's not an achievement to not have died unless you go through what everyone else has. If people let you off for sympathy then it's not rewarding it's just a title.

    SpriteNeosSpriteNeosVuosi sitten
  • >profusely apologizes for killing a hardcore ironman >gets excited at the possibility of making someone lose their fire cape and torso in the very next clip LMAO

    TubbyTubbyVuosi sitten
    • Let's be real doe. While risking HCIM status for a mage arena cape is understandable, bringing a fire cape and torso into deep wildy is just stupid.

      MarkusMarkusVuosi sitten
  • Unsubscribed

    oeufs717oeufs717Vuosi sitten
  • F you that u killd the hc

    nonono nononononono nononoVuosi sitten
  • quem é br e vio o tretinha morrendo KASOKSAOKSOAKSAKOOSA

    Wagner PortesWagner PortesVuosi sitten
    • Eu

      Darkao DarksDarkao DarksVuosi sitten
  • Nice client ur using

    VoidVoidVuosi sitten