Making a new Pking Account starting with 100,000,000gp #3

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  • Install Raid for Free ✅ IOS: ✅ ANDROID: ✅ PC: and get a special starter pack 💥Available only for the next 30 days

    C EngineerC EngineerVuosi sitten
    • You nerds play a game with built in MTX stop whining about his sponsor

      Caleb KimuraCaleb KimuraVuosi sitten
    • they better be paying good... id rather sign up for patron than see another garbage raid AD smh

      JustusJustusVuosi sitten
    • Instant dislike for raid sponsorship accepted by my favorite osrs youtuber...

      Restrain is GGRestrain is GGVuosi sitten
    • Not you too :( literally can’t avoid those ads

      RyJohnRyJohnVuosi sitten
    • Just an FYI, Raids constantly screws their customers over. I'm all for you taking sponsors but come on man. Raids? Just do a little research, they constantly screw people over with in game purchases and then refuse to refund even with proof.

      Justin BJustin BVuosi sitten
  • Haha “the weed number”

    Maxwell SmithMaxwell Smith11 päivää sitten
  • 100m, ah yes 100,000,00

    sk8ssk8s5 kuukautta sitten
  • When is the next video of this series being released? This series is very interesting!

    Nu'maan JasatNu'maan Jasat8 kuukautta sitten
  • I enjoyed these 3 episodes.

    Jakob SJakob S9 kuukautta sitten
  • whats the song in the background? @CEngineer

    TrackforlifeTrackforlife10 kuukautta sitten
  • No... Engineer ma boy, for that raid add i have to remove you from my addblock white list.

    syrenetsyrenet11 kuukautta sitten
  • This wasn’t recommended to me in sub box, wierd

    T.I.P. HarrisT.I.P. Harris11 kuukautta sitten
  • TYC: making rsmv

    Bomba SneggerBomba Snegger11 kuukautta sitten
  • nothing.. NOTHING will get me to play raid shadow legends. LOL

    FamtamradekFamtamradek11 kuukautta sitten
  • Outro Song? I wonder every episode

    ImaginarypotatoImaginarypotatoVuosi sitten
  • hcim but pvp soon

    seywut Larssonseywut LarssonVuosi sitten
  • I have this exact same account and I'm currently working on stats for mm2 great to know my account has potential

    glen glenglen glenVuosi sitten
  • "Shadow man here..."

    Richard smithRichard smithVuosi sitten
  • Disliked for that shite ad

    JasonTheGreat18JasonTheGreat18Vuosi sitten
  • So you only play raid... jesus i almost search your RIP chest adress

    Quality JrQuality JrVuosi sitten
  • jesus i love you man but raid shadows legends? its practically a meme now for the pathetic. you're better than that!

    IronmanIronmanVuosi sitten
    • He should do the ad like internet historian does. I died when he did his first ad for it

      Richard smithRichard smithVuosi sitten
  • nice graind m8. when is pvp HCI new vid?

    Ovidijus GedminasOvidijus GedminasVuosi sitten
  • I ain't subbing if you can't even make one vid a week of fkn RuneScape...

    J WickJ WickVuosi sitten
  • i really had mad respect for you. until you sold out to raid shadow legends.....unsubscribed T.T

    one Smoothguyone SmoothguyVuosi sitten
  • Should do 3 raid shadow legends ads per vid cause fuck your fans ?

    Gapeh0rnGapeh0rnVuosi sitten
  • Bring back tyc

    13 Trouts13 TroutsVuosi sitten
  • Absolutely love your content! Can’t wait to see you and framed for some more wilderness pking! 💙

    XxILoveSkittlesxXXxILoveSkittlesxXVuosi sitten
  • Aka spending $100 to get ahead in the game 😂

    Trevor BrettTrevor BrettVuosi sitten
  • Aka spending $100 to get ahead in the game 😂

    Trevor BrettTrevor BrettVuosi sitten
  • everyone agrees if u say raid shadow legends dislike

    steve garciasteve garciaVuosi sitten
  • I'm sorry you have to actually accept raid sponsorship. I hope you get your soul back....

    Restrain is GGRestrain is GGVuosi sitten
  • Piss off fanbase: challenge.... completed.

    Rhian MeaneyRhian MeaneyVuosi sitten
  • the weed numberr ayy

    DaNxFaMDaNxFaMVuosi sitten

    Calvin Henrique GoebelCalvin Henrique GoebelVuosi sitten
  • why do people mock “completed” but not “awowogei”

    Tommy335Tommy335Vuosi sitten
  • Account is looking so good

    ModehfyModehfyVuosi sitten
  • Your mic is way too loud

    ParisParisVuosi sitten
  • should have put a clock /time on your training levels be interesting to see how long it took.

    bloodystuokbloodystuokVuosi sitten
  • Best raid shadow legends sponsor on Steve O's video. The dude tattooed a champion on his arm lmfao

    Savage SockSavage SockVuosi sitten
  • 10:02 and a raid sellout, holidays really took a toll on the wallet eh

    BigPaarynaBigPaarynaVuosi sitten
  • 4:54 _I lost it_

    Mr. BigMr. BigVuosi sitten
    • thanks

      J1mmyJ1mmyVuosi sitten
  • Disliked because of raids. It's a predatory mobile game. Stop taking their sponsorship.

    Mr JMr JVuosi sitten
  • Your 94 to 107!? 😂😂 fuck I was attacking you while you were on your slayer grind. I didn’t even know 😂

    IamSu XIamSu XVuosi sitten
  • Lmaaoo, 420k the weed number

    JoeWhoaJoeWhoaVuosi sitten
  • Your a funny guy man. I love the videos. Just make my day with the commentating. Can’t believe I’m not subscribed yet. Watched your guides and help a lot. Thanks again. Keep up the great videos ❤️❤️❤️

    Daniel MenciaDaniel MenciaVuosi sitten
  • Ffs stop be a sellout and take sponsors from shitty mobile games.

    MajmanMajmanVuosi sitten
  • Who are you kidding? Does anyone actually believe you play raid shadow legends?

    LolwhatLolwhatVuosi sitten
  • TYC? :)

    Loud PackLoud PackVuosi sitten
  • TYC? :)

    Loud PackLoud PackVuosi sitten
  • I watched a donkey show in Mexico, still haven’t recovered

    Bryce MacBryce MacVuosi sitten
  • repeating the same few words 10 times in a row is not funny. Like you've done with "another kill", "why you bully me" and so on.

    OlleOlleVuosi sitten
  • I pay for FIworld premium so I don't need to see adverts, and yet I can't escape them. Don't you already make enough through FIworld or?

    Shady PoisonShady PoisonVuosi sitten
  • I'm gonna unsub to anyone still shoving RAID shadow legends down my throat

    Dann PinnDann PinnVuosi sitten
  • Let's mass rush C Engineer and give him a hug

    King J AriesKing J AriesVuosi sitten
  • I'm just laughing at how he tried to blur the word but we still see it lmao 9:29

    AppleAppleVuosi sitten
  • C Engineer is the most unlucky person for chests

    kingfrederikkingfrederikVuosi sitten
  • 0:03 but there isn't enough zeroes.

    Nocturnal PyroNocturnal PyroVuosi sitten
  • "an heavy ballista" lel

    Dylan UnrauDylan UnrauVuosi sitten
  • Just so you know any other youtuber advertising raid I stop watching you're the only allowed to get away with that spam

    Joshua ZachanJoshua ZachanVuosi sitten
  • Everyone takes that shadow legends sponsor, I hear about it all the time. I'll never even look it up in the app store lol

    Alex MyrickAlex MyrickVuosi sitten
  • "Making a brand new peeking account"

    BeemoTDBeemoTDVuosi sitten
  • journey of lightening lol

    SeymourSeymourVuosi sitten
  • Go away with ur raid ads....

    nielsnielsVuosi sitten
  • Upload more!! These videos go by too quickly

    Jay TJay TVuosi sitten
  • maid shallow leggings

    HeshyHeshyVuosi sitten
  • Wheres the Hcim ????????

    Matas SelezniovMatas SelezniovVuosi sitten
  • Ping pong show. It'd be fun they said...until you realize no one is playing any actual ping pong games.

    Dominic FranciaDominic FranciaVuosi sitten
  • Id rather you sponsor dollar shave club

    Mr. CEOMr. CEOVuosi sitten
  • Yo whats your raid shadow legends ign i wanna play with you??

    Mr. CEOMr. CEOVuosi sitten
  • The WEED number!!!!! Lmao glad to see u back ❤️

    YazanYazanVuosi sitten
  • Good job blurring out the f word lol

    Paul dPaul dVuosi sitten
  • fyi harry potter doesn't float you could have said magneto -.- triggered

    matt pematt peVuosi sitten
  • im not even mad, i heard raid is paying out fat so im happy c engineer got a payday.

    michael knowlesmichael knowlesVuosi sitten
  • the weed number, dead rofl.

    GamesAndVaporGamesAndVaporVuosi sitten
  • Tyc: Bring back tyc

    Alex De La CruzAlex De La CruzVuosi sitten
  • 9:30 an attempt was made

    Relish RelisherRelish RelisherVuosi sitten
  • NO I want a pvp but HCIM video gotdammit! @@@@@@@@@@@

    Joey 19xxJoey 19xxVuosi sitten
  • The fishing from the well is a quest but I’m sure someone’s already said it

    PhobosPhobosVuosi sitten
    • Garden of Tranquillity.

      TappajaavTappajaavVuosi sitten
  • dont act like you play that shitty raid shadow legends game LMAO

    SwipaSwipaVuosi sitten
  • Lost all respect for you. Fuck your ad

    PsilocybPsilocybVuosi sitten
  • Wheres hc but pvp?

    MiloeeMiloeeVuosi sitten
  • Making a brand new peeking creeper account

    BgradneyBgradneyVuosi sitten
  • Alllll that money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Darr0wDarr0wVuosi sitten
  • I swear to god I'd rather donate to ISIS than play raid shadow legends

    MilladMilladVuosi sitten
  • love the vids, try range training in nmz on normal rumble instead of rock crabs, they barely hit so its very afk, still use abosrb pots

    1200teck1200teckVuosi sitten
    • ​@Zack nesh ye for restricted accounts with low prayer and defence normal rumble ends up being better, especially compared to rock crabs. i personally wouldn't do normal

      1200teck1200teckVuosi sitten
    • Normal rumble lmao

      Zack neshZack neshVuosi sitten
  • Sponsors are fine but the more i hear about fucking raid the more i want to blow my brains out

    Wind_CallerWind_CallerVuosi sitten
  • i never noticed that animation the player does with the ballista the first time he equipped it after the quest is complete

    el Zebuel ZebuVuosi sitten
    • Big Chungus he got hit with a snowball

      Earl SosaEarl SosaVuosi sitten
  • Fuck bro i wish and probably so many other people do Aswell that ur videos should be like 30mins longer,lol!!

    Joseph MurrayJoseph MurrayVuosi sitten
  • Fucking love your deserve 200k or more subscribers!!

    Joseph MurrayJoseph MurrayVuosi sitten
  • Welcome back

    Ba$edBa$edVuosi sitten
  • Barely over 10 minutes ✅ Raid shadow legends ad ✅ Pretty much confirms this series was just made so he has an easy way to make consistent cash grab videos

    Tony STony SVuosi sitten
    • Imagine doing your job in order to make money, insane

      Zack neshZack neshVuosi sitten
    • Wait... someone on FIworld is uploading videos AND making money?????

      ryan breslerryan breslerVuosi sitten
  • Sorry, thumbs down due to raids shadow legends

    1sademokid1sademokidVuosi sitten
    • Youre cancer

      Zack neshZack neshVuosi sitten
  • I find it interesting how people bash microtransactions for being predatory towards people with addictive personalities... I'm sure if I were to suggest banning alcohol because of its addictiveness, people would tell me off. It's very interesting.

    RyGuyGamingRyGuyGamingVuosi sitten
  • bro stop doing fucking raid shadow legends ads. Stop.

    MasonMasonVuosi sitten
  • Heya C Engineer I'm just gunna echo what the rest of the community is saying, we love you and want you to make money, but please, fuck Raid Shadow Legends, It's a terrible predatory mobile game.

    NineBallNineBallVuosi sitten
  • Journey of Lightning

    NamSamRSNamSamRSVuosi sitten
  • vid starts at 1:40

    Remco SlRemco SlVuosi sitten
  • new parking meter wanabe

  • C engineer don't you dare lie to us you don't play that shitty raids shadow game 😂

    Codydawson17Codydawson17Vuosi sitten
  • That must have been an intense ping pong show if you have to recover just from watching it

    Ch9ckenCh9ckenVuosi sitten
  • Everytime theres a sponsor everything starts going downhill.

    Shoot FlippersShoot FlippersVuosi sitten
  • Jeez your content is insane, the time and effort like its nothing lol

    DarkSecondsVideosDarkSecondsVideosVuosi sitten
  • You dont play raids. Unsubbin, c u.

    M4levolenceM4levolenceVuosi sitten
  • How tf does raid buy so many ads? Does anyone even play that shit????

    ryan millerryan millerVuosi sitten