I locked my HCIM to PvP Worlds [79% HCIM]

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  • The way you say completed makes my ears bleed

    Jared DepewJared Depew6 kuukautta sitten
  • 6:52 *Looks like Zulrah will be expecting it's due compensation rather soon now, don't you think C Engineer? ;)*

    Lewis WilkinsonLewis Wilkinson8 kuukautta sitten
  • I thought you were joking with inferno lol

    ReindertReindert9 kuukautta sitten
  • You already have a higherrznge level :(

    ReindertReindert9 kuukautta sitten
  • Love your content, glad to have a way to give you money

    David MasseyDavid Massey10 kuukautta sitten
  • Beat a streamer on Runelink

    Dawn KeebalsDawn KeebalsVuosi sitten
  • Oh my gawd !

    AppleAppleVuosi sitten
  • If you die just give me the money :) ehpringle

    Andy PringleAndy PringleVuosi sitten
  • Why do you and a friend use default customization.

    Coffee SuccubusCoffee SuccubusVuosi sitten
  • What’s his outro song ?

    Kenpo _Kenpo _Vuosi sitten
  • Hcim but dry in pvp

    Dzintars PaiderisDzintars PaiderisVuosi sitten
  • Lame video

    Camerin W.Camerin W.Vuosi sitten
  • gourmet implings give grubby keys now

    Dylangames__Dylangames__Vuosi sitten
  • If you die to NPC, drop 300M in front of an ironman.

    Jacob DickJacob DickVuosi sitten
  • You can definitely return to fisher realm if you have access to fairy rings.

    Jacob DickJacob DickVuosi sitten
  • 10k likes! we did it boys!

    Josh CJosh CVuosi sitten
  • Does Mage Arena 2 but is scared of starting Fairy Tail 2. Nice

    RavnedRavnedVuosi sitten
  • which pker says "not a single pker spotted - good" ???? pvp worlds are more then just dead lmfao

    kringer alcatroskringer alcatrosVuosi sitten
  • When you die use the money from the bounty to buy PK Gear and then try to PK others while skulled

    Julian de BrouwerJulian de BrouwerVuosi sitten
  • if you dc or get killed by npc it should count as jon killing you and jon should get the money x D

    blake fontaniniblake fontaniniVuosi sitten
  • Canada dry

    Bence KótaBence KótaVuosi sitten
  • you can get to king percival with the fairy ring

    Joseph RoddyJoseph RoddyVuosi sitten
  • Another key! ....and another dry Another key! ....and another dry. Made me giggle

    that guythat guyVuosi sitten
  • i felt your pain on those clues... also obtaining the whistle ...bs.... it's a push to make you do the fairy rings only other way there.

    AndrewAndrewVuosi sitten
  • why do you have a mouse pad of singapore? haha

    haohao ohaohao oVuosi sitten
  • 2:20 I can’t breathe 😂 “another key, another dry”

    Mass ShroomsMass ShroomsVuosi sitten
  • Stake it and make it the new bounty an continue

    Nelson FowlerNelson FowlerVuosi sitten
  • If you die in PvM just keep playing until someone pks you or do a giveaway to like 10 people randomly in the comments and subbed for like 30m each if bounty is 300m. I say up it to 5 or 600m since you've lasted so long. Maybe increase it like every month you survive by like 10 or 20m per month. Keep up the vids. Still confused about the 79% and other percentages in previous titles can anyone explain why he puts that? How is he only 79% hcim? That's how I interpret the titles for this series.

    Envious190Envious190Vuosi sitten
  • you need to use salve ammy for undead druids

    Brandon MooreBrandon MooreVuosi sitten

    Master ChefMaster ChefVuosi sitten
  • Elvemage "welcome to my runescape bank account"

    mathias alsenmathias alsenVuosi sitten
  • 8:19

    PkUFoolsPkUFoolsVuosi sitten
  • "tyc" i want you too ask your friends to go clanning in multi, and bs your mates :)

  • Fury and barrows gloves

    Rhett HalvesRhett HalvesVuosi sitten
  • Hey thats singapore on the mousepad!

    Hersh AHersh AVuosi sitten
  • Another dry another dry another dry nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing another dry another dry

    Troy johnsonTroy johnsonVuosi sitten
  • Wow Im shocked that you actually have no idea how to use fairy rings to get to fisher realm and youve spent how many hours on this game? apparently you didnt even google the clue? lazy youtubers nowadays shake my smh

    NoobPeriodNoobPeriodVuosi sitten
  • never lucky ur mum

    dsownz1dsownz1Vuosi sitten
  • Undead drudes

    Thomas GraingerThomas GraingerVuosi sitten
  • If you go down to an npc, can I have the bounty?

    Saher MohammadSaher MohammadVuosi sitten
  • Drop party worth 300m

    Enzo WiddershovenEnzo WiddershovenVuosi sitten
  • That beautiful C Engineer RNG (or maybe I should say lack thereof)

    Michael RabeyMichael RabeyVuosi sitten
  • Yo C is that Dungeoneering music in the background?

    Dimitri HarelikDimitri HarelikVuosi sitten
  • dry /drī/ Learn to pronounce adjective 1. free from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist. "the jacket kept me warm and dry" synonyms: parched, dried, withered, shriveled, wilted, wizened; More 2. bare or lacking adornment. "the dry facts" verb 1. become dry. "waiting for the paint to dry" 2. THEATRICAL SLANG forget one's lines. "a colleague of mine once dried in the middle of a scene" noun 1. US a person in favor of the prohibition of alcohol.

    ZapBrannigan121ZapBrannigan121Vuosi sitten
  • What are you saying? Another dry? what??

    ZapBrannigan121ZapBrannigan121Vuosi sitten
  • small shanse

    Liam MerrittLiam MerrittVuosi sitten
  • Can't you just fairy ring to fisherking realm?

    ZmieniKZmieniKVuosi sitten
  • Can someone explain the %s???

    J RJ RVuosi sitten
  • Completed completed completed completed completed completed completed completed completed. Jesus Christ

    Ya YEETYa YEETVuosi sitten
  • Wow that's the coolest FIworld sponser I've yet to see

    StrosityStrosityVuosi sitten
  • why does he have a mouse pad of the Singapore skyline?

    ruxby ラクスビruxby ラクスビVuosi sitten
  • Increasr it to 1b

    omgfackdehell ✅omgfackdehell ✅Vuosi sitten
  • If you die you have to stake 150m to torvesta and the other half to skill specs

    P0ndersP0ndersVuosi sitten
  • Another dry

    TheAnYBoDYKiLLaTheAnYBoDYKiLLaVuosi sitten
  • So let's just say I panic checked my bank for that whistle c engineer :) hard clues are a pain on hcim frfr...

    CalebCalebVuosi sitten
  • the first time i actually intrested in a commerical ty.

    santwokk 123santwokk 123Vuosi sitten
  • I don’t think you can take purple sweets in the inferno

    cheese footcheese footVuosi sitten
  • We need a damn completed meter🤣🤣🤣🤣 fr atleast 50 a vid i garrentee ✅🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Brandon PierceBrandon PierceVuosi sitten
  • Up that bounty >:)

    Travel E DTravel E DVuosi sitten
  • 500m

    AtomicFoxAtomicFoxVuosi sitten
  • Taking a week off work to hunt you. "ITz BuTTeR o" imma get that 300M

    ITz BuTTeR oITz BuTTeR oVuosi sitten
    • 10k likes, 400m now.

      Dougs MomDougs MomVuosi sitten
  • Drop party?

    5redskys5redskysVuosi sitten
  • You whinge so much

    JackJackVuosi sitten
  • Atleast 1b

    Joonas KoskinenJoonas KoskinenVuosi sitten
  • Please don't say you raised your bounty at the start because that means you probably didn't die in this episode. Thanks!

    Paul dPaul dVuosi sitten
  • tbow to whoever kills you

    ouroboros oouroboros oVuosi sitten
  • sell out

    SMN LASMN LAVuosi sitten
  • Completed

    Francis GrimaldiFrancis GrimaldiVuosi sitten
  • My recommendation. If you die pvm, you have to donate $500 to a charity.

    Onewaylife1Onewaylife1Vuosi sitten
  • Step 4 of the clue was for me to watch an ad.

    JinxJinxVuosi sitten
  • If you die PVM instead of PVP, you should donate all your money to Venezuelan gold farmers. You might actually put food in someone’s belly.

    ATBATBVuosi sitten
  • dont need those Stay-ves huh? :P

    ThatSubieDudeThatSubieDudeVuosi sitten
  • Another dry

    iZombexiZombexVuosi sitten

    Tyler HarroTyler HarroVuosi sitten
  • you got no fairy rings unlocked? rip BJR

    WestheimWestheimVuosi sitten
  • ngl this challenge is way easier than he makes it seem. Theres 0 pkers actively looking for you. They dont even know when hes online, hes tanky enough to survive most situations. The only hope is someone spots you somewhere and rushes you...

    EyeCon33EyeCon33Vuosi sitten
  • 500m bounty since its ending soon, sadly.

    Form mannnForm mannnVuosi sitten
  • You cheated in link and rarghs pvp challenge and you cheat on 1/3 of your tyc’s. You need to learn how to read son. Or your just cheating on purpose which would just be even more sad. Disappointed cuz

    Digdug DonkeyDigdug DonkeyVuosi sitten
  • so about that magic whistle quoted from osrs wiki "If lost after the quest, another may be collected in the same manner as during the quest by using a holy table napkin, or if the player has access to the fairy rings, from any of several spawns within the Fisher Realm: one on a table inside the house in the northwest, one just outside this house, and one on a table just inside the castle."

    kristi gjinikristi gjiniVuosi sitten
  • 500m

    Robert AldermanRobert AldermanVuosi sitten
  • if you die to a npc you should give 3 doses of 100 mill to 3 random FTP players and make there day or should i say there year

    Johnny TaylorJohnny TaylorVuosi sitten
  • use the 300m if you die to a npc to pay the tax of the goblins deaths by going to max wilderness with the stack

    healsohardhealsohardVuosi sitten
  • what does the % mean?

    Ivo OvingeIvo OvingeVuosi sitten
  • How about 1m for every barrows kc until you get the ahrims top and bottom?

    Sam McdonaldSam McdonaldVuosi sitten
  • What is the percentage? For months I don’t understand....

    הראל מטלוהראל מטלוVuosi sitten
  • C engineer is full of lies he claims to lock his account in pvp worlds only just to see him in clan chat on a safe world.. It is cute how he adds a bounty and only records his vids in pvp worlds lmfaooooo nerdass arab even better is you probably use that ironman to lure people to the wildy with c engineer

    Lablunt JamesLablunt JamesVuosi sitten
  • Spice it up every time you lose to the infernal you have to pk somebody on your hcim

    Jesse SaechaoJesse SaechaoVuosi sitten
  • I don't ever want this series to end

    pin Chanzoespin ChanzoesVuosi sitten
  • If you die bc of pvm or dc, play with private on until you get whacked

    Alrx AllenAlrx AllenVuosi sitten
  • One of the items he needs is an archers ring like the comment so everyone knows and he dies at dks xD

    MadPKzzMadPKzzVuosi sitten
  • Completed

    NotBad EhhNotBad EhhVuosi sitten
  • if you die, give it all to a venezuelan at green drags

    SaharaplaceSaharaplaceVuosi sitten
  • What does the 79% mean?

    Christian _Christian _Vuosi sitten
  • Next series PvP but UIM

    JoshlyJoshlyVuosi sitten
  • I hardcore 79%'ed my pvp into ironman worlds

    Chilln PlayChilln PlayVuosi sitten
  • can we buy him a new keyboard lol... mans out here rocking that old logitech

    eric died richeric died richVuosi sitten
  • I say you should keep a log in videos of the last person to do damage to you. If you die to an NPC that person gets the drop.

    Jordan TaylorJordan TaylorVuosi sitten
  • You should get yourself a lootingbag they work in pvp worlds.

    GageGageVuosi sitten
  • If you die to a dc/monster/not a player death, do a drop party of 100m + the current bounty

    silverashsilverashVuosi sitten
  • Video, completed

    DeggjaDeggjaVuosi sitten