I locked my HCIM to PvP Worlds [83% HCIM]

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  • This is my favorite series on FIworld. Keep it up you legend

    Vozz XVozz XVuosi sitten
  • 10 + 11 + 4 = 21. You stupid.

    Gandalf22476Gandalf22476Vuosi sitten
  • 24

    blackboard212blackboard212Vuosi sitten
  • 10+11+4=24

    JustTooChillJustTooChillVuosi sitten
  • Recreate Lagunarium's intro (sing the lyrics, do some of the emotes etc.)

    Aivar MAivar MVuosi sitten
  • Was crazy to see you get this far... congrats to that dude 250m is a massive prize

    Minnick RSMinnick RSVuosi sitten
  • anuther emblum XD so cute man

    James HodgesJames HodgesVuosi sitten
  • I was literally saying this for weeks. "Why doesn't one of the OSRS content creators make an HC ironman only PVP world". I hope this is a series. Cheers for the great content. I'm glad I found it finally.

    Mark DuganMark DuganVuosi sitten
  • I saw a guy in the GE claiming to be you, he was begging for a bond saying he was C Engineer and someone actually gave him a bond lol

    ThyPapiThyPapiVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Redbar someone in a fight and then teleport out without killing them or Trash talk someone the whole fight and die to them

    MiddleClass RSMiddleClass RSVuosi sitten
  • 10+11+4????????

    iMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoXiMXoSMaLLVoWeLZoXVuosi sitten
  • i think it would be amazing to see some of the better pk content creators such as your self make a video on your take on what people should do/practice to become a better pker. most of the time i see people in wildly its in a cluster team where its not skill its just who can spec and get lucky. it would be neat for you to make a clip describing what you are doing, watching, looking for and such while pking!!!

    Clay FrankClay FrankVuosi sitten
  • TYC : sell black mask for 100k ;)

    Muhammad Sudais AmirMuhammad Sudais AmirVuosi sitten
  • I am C engineer

    anthony ortizanthony ortizVuosi sitten
  • most people watching your videos I assume are just catching up on your progress to guess where they can kill you, not because they're your fan lol. That's why only half people are subbed.

    Adnan ObicAdnan ObicVuosi sitten
  • C engineer know quick maths like 2+2-1 that’s 3

    General ZodTheGodGeneral ZodTheGodVuosi sitten
  • jagex should host a 20% boost xp weekend, but only on PvP worlds. So then pkers and skillers are both happy.

    Lewis RieszLewis RieszVuosi sitten
  • And there it is, another video

    Daniel EdmundsDaniel EdmundsVuosi sitten
  • why wildy slayer for rune pouch when now you can get it with points

    blazefirerblazefirerVuosi sitten
  • Does anyone know what c engineer's other job is?

    Bisrant HéloiseBisrant HéloiseVuosi sitten
  • Take a shot every time you hear “there it is”

    BoB BuilderBoB BuilderVuosi sitten
  • There it is

    Axel MeurlingAxel MeurlingVuosi sitten
  • I got a challenge for you Alch your +1 if ur smited and about to die

    Osrs NoobOsrs NoobVuosi sitten
  • Greatest OSRS series, easily.

    Vanguard BanditVanguard BanditVuosi sitten
  • you can bank wine supps and get 70 cook in a few casual days

    VelocityVelocityVuosi sitten
  • Thumbed for the 50 mining self-chat solo party

    UniMikeUniMikeVuosi sitten
  • Just subscribe been watching a while keep it up

    nc474nc474Vuosi sitten
  • whats his time zone

    Dr WinklerDr WinklerVuosi sitten
  • C engineer my guy you don't need 24 emblems for rune pouch all you need is 1200 slayer pts

    Winston HuangWinston HuangVuosi sitten
  • Do people even use spears? As far as I know they are the worst weapon.

    INDIDOTINDIDOTVuosi sitten
  • For a good TYC challenge ask someone to think of any movie or video game character. use the Alkinator (movie or video game character guesser) and use it to answer correctly. If you win they give you 5m and if you lose you give them 5m. The alkinator is very accurate and you won’t lose!

    CalvinCalvinVuosi sitten
  • I swore the title said you LOST your HCIM

    David RayDavid RayVuosi sitten
  • iron dragons would be better to use fire bolt

    Uncle JessieUncle JessieVuosi sitten
  • This content is like up there with swampletics for me

    SethSethVuosi sitten
  • you didnt even need any of the legends skill requirements to complete rfd

    James RusselJames RusselVuosi sitten
  • Sir Amik Varze Ceramic Vase

    PaddywigglePaddywiggleVuosi sitten
  • Tons of progress!

    Red SlapRed SlapVuosi sitten
  • Man so unfortunate that you died like that , smh... Hopefully the next series is as interesting as this one.

    Edvinas A.Edvinas A.Vuosi sitten
  • bro your videos are ass you gotta smoke more weed

    Sam BSam BVuosi sitten
  • Damn son talk about an annoying voice

    Alex HeyreAlex HeyreVuosi sitten
  • i dont want to subscribe

    couldntgivafukcouldntgivafukVuosi sitten
  • More content plz

    Lewis YafanoLewis YafanoVuosi sitten
  • Can someone tell me what the 83% in the title means?

    James LearyJames LearyVuosi sitten
  • Whats the outro song?

    JonasJonasVuosi sitten
  • why does your percentage drop down by 1 every video ? what does it mean?

    AurimasAurimasVuosi sitten
  • Only look for me if you’re 100% sure I’m online? But your private is off so how is that 100% possible?

    AaronAaronVuosi sitten
  • Where is this beautiful outrosong?? :‘(

    Luca ReberLuca ReberVuosi sitten
  • 50% of the time I'm watching your videos I'm not logged in my youtube account, 50% of the time I am watching your videos I am logged in. Stop asking me to subscribe.

    Sam ThompsonSam ThompsonVuosi sitten
  • What was the name of that song at the end?

    Dion MeachamDion MeachamVuosi sitten
  • Please accept donations towards the bounty for killing you. 250m is a lot but 1B+ people would be going crazy to kill you.

    Christopher MChristopher MVuosi sitten

    Ariel ZilchaAriel ZilchaVuosi sitten
  • wow way to call people out on not being subscribed. dont tell me what to do!

    RiceFromHellRiceFromHellVuosi sitten
  • There it is!

    PandaIsBeastPandaIsBeastVuosi sitten
  • Gr8 video m8

    Interplanetary ReconnaissanceInterplanetary ReconnaissanceVuosi sitten
  • And there we go!!!

    John BullJohn BullVuosi sitten
  • Get a skull before wildy tasks! Your emblem drop rate increases! (wouldn't matter if you died skull anyway)

    Daniel AllenDaniel AllenVuosi sitten
  • Plot twist. He’s been in normal worlds 90% of the time. The PVP icon is simply a overlay.

    Doctype RsDoctype RsVuosi sitten
    • Lmao that would be hilarious

      NiclasNiclasVuosi sitten
  • And there we go, task compleded.

    ALC0LITEALC0LITEVuosi sitten
  • "you kill me you get 250m" and he logs off or tele on everyone he see. BOOORING.

    PhenomzQCPhenomzQCVuosi sitten
  • Someone please tell me the name of this song(near the end of the video) . I am geeked right now afking on rs and heard this song and immediately got lit. Please help me

    Michael HinojosaMichael HinojosaVuosi sitten
    • SAME BRO!!!! I need to find it

      OrigenOrigenVuosi sitten
  • can someone please kill c engineers hcim, only one person has even come close to killing him and now he has barrows. where tf is rot, they should be all over this.

    divine Lightdivine LightVuosi sitten
  • but fr vote yes to question #3

    Blake BadgleyBlake BadgleyVuosi sitten
  • What is the goal of this series? I dont understand the percentage in the title

    Devin MesmanDevin MesmanVuosi sitten
  • 4:52 for C Engineer + a dose of B0aty Woo!

    CloudCloudVuosi sitten
  • can't wait til you get a qpc so you stop saying 'completed'

    YublitzYublitzVuosi sitten
  • Why do you put a 83% before hcim? Like why?

    Cape krakenCape krakenVuosi sitten
  • "Crystal weapon imbues will be removed from the Nightmare Zone shop *IS* this question passes" Literally unplayable.

    Give It A RubGive It A RubVuosi sitten
  • the madman runs into 45 wildnerness just to charge some rings of wealth

    chawklettechawkletteVuosi sitten
  • Whereas other content creators are like fast food or even a good steak, C Engineer content is the meal you planned 4 months ago being executed to perfection.

    jeff byrdjeff byrdVuosi sitten
  • Was the explanation of the percentage in the title ever found? Excuse my ignorance if it's widely known now, great vids m8 always quality content.

    Damon ReedDamon ReedVuosi sitten
    • @11th ty!

      Damon ReedDamon ReedVuosi sitten
    • Widely known as his Barrows reward %

      11th11thVuosi sitten
  • 6:05 annnnnnnnd bye

    Nomad OGNomad OGVuosi sitten
    • Annnnnndd nobody cares stfu

      Keyboard warrior DioKeyboard warrior DioVuosi sitten
  • Do you know that you can unlock the Brimstone chest by just left clicking it? You don't need to use the keys on the chest.

    OreoCupcakesOreoCupcakesVuosi sitten
  • I wish you'd upload videos faster on this amazing series. You do get a whole lot done during 10 minute videos I know thats how editing works, but I need to see more damnit !!

    Josh HobgoodJosh HobgoodVuosi sitten
  • 10+11+4=24 seems legit

    Jeff BasileJeff BasileVuosi sitten
  • What does the percent in the title mean?

    Andrew HallAndrew HallVuosi sitten
  • Man that beat @ 10:03 went hard, whats the song name?

    OrigenOrigenVuosi sitten
  • I like your content, but theres not enough for me to subscribe. I'll say it everytime

    Blake HutchinsonBlake HutchinsonVuosi sitten
  • ok fineeeeeeeeeee i'll finally sub

    Ripa KlausRipa KlausVuosi sitten
  • Yay we can now cast ice blitz! Aww

    neilpark2neilpark2Vuosi sitten
  • 100 barrows chest 16 items.. sorry for ur luck.

    NickNickVuosi sitten
  • I can't believe you died to a fucking dc.. F man. F.

    LitesparkLitesparkVuosi sitten
  • "Task. COMPLETED."

    FachieFachieVuosi sitten
  • if you die to a dc does Jagex get the 200m?

    Special FartSpecial FartVuosi sitten
  • 3:47 dude that was torvesta lol

    Clockwork The FrogClockwork The FrogVuosi sitten
  • By far the best series on youtube, keep working at it

    NickNickVuosi sitten
  • But you completed heroes quest why not charge it there?

    Vin JayVin JayVuosi sitten
  • Varrock.org is advertised on this video....

    Semaj YelkaoSemaj YelkaoVuosi sitten
  • lovely series

    Kris wKris wVuosi sitten
  • Hi C engineer , Im a Civil Engineer in real life , and My RSN is "C Eng" since 2015 .. (before knowing you), and when ever i think to go to wild people keep attack ffs just tell everyone Im not you ! thnx bye

    AuxinAuxinVuosi sitten
  • He's gonna die soon, he's reached it to where med levels can attack, so he's pretty much screwed.

    Big DripBig DripVuosi sitten
  • I can't believe it's over. Really sucks to see an HCIM go like that. Thanks for not putting spoilers in the title/thumbnail, though.

    MassDebaterMassDebaterVuosi sitten
  • "Like Subscribe Like Subscribe" Ha!

    AReallyLongAndAwesomeNameThatIsBetterThanYoursInEveryPossibleWayAReallyLongAndAwesomeNameThatIsBetterThanYoursInEveryPossibleWayVuosi sitten
  • Doesn't use gold Smith gauntlets or cooking gauntlets lawl

    NickBmxGuyNickBmxGuyVuosi sitten
  • Dont tell me how to vote, I pick for myself

    tackoracko Blasterstackoracko BlastersVuosi sitten
  • wow fk i wanted to help father C with heros

    AbyssAbyssVuosi sitten
  • I love getting this DMM vibe from your videos

    Ba BoBa BoVuosi sitten
  • well now every1 will hav mith seeds when they fight u

    MichaelMichaelVuosi sitten
  • I'm not going to lie man, I've only recently found your channel and you have my FAVORITE HCIM series of all time! Good job man

    Call Me KaZeCall Me KaZeVuosi sitten
  • I only watch osrs vids on purpose to watch c engineer and settled

    13l00dxx13l00dxxVuosi sitten
  • Lmfao keeping an eye on jon. 😂😂

    Robert BoweRobert BoweVuosi sitten