I have let you down

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  • TYC: Get a pk wearing Max strength gear but wielding a bronze crossbow

    Sam McEwanSam McEwanVuosi sitten
  • I am chemical engineer.

    w00dzmanw00dzmanVuosi sitten

    Garret LuxGarret LuxVuosi sitten
  • Damn you planked

    HybridHybridVuosi sitten
  • I'm just sad that you haven't posted a video in a week ;( hope your cool bud

    Jonis JanplinJonis JanplinVuosi sitten
  • You suck! Gave a like.

    StiX sStiX sVuosi sitten
  • Bro we already knew ur shit

    Travis DTravis DVuosi sitten
  • It was all for nothing

    David LloydDavid LloydVuosi sitten
  • You did well boy dmm just for fun tho with chance of winning 30k ofc

    Mr NutellaBombMr NutellaBombVuosi sitten
  • Gets barraged to 27hp “Let’s sip a sanfew and try to barrage instead of spam clicking your 12 brews and running somewhere else”

    GranturismoGranturismoVuosi sitten
  • At least you fought back, some of the content creators, -cough- seerz -cough- didn't do anything but sit back and hide.

    Lee DaoLee DaoVuosi sitten
  • rip feels bad man

    Josh KettellJosh KettellVuosi sitten
  • After seeing this many DMMs, the multi part of it makes no sense.

    Garrett JohnsonGarrett JohnsonVuosi sitten
  • You didn’t get sniped man, you got caught in a clump and didn’t tank it. Zuriels staff helped you survive longer if anything. Thanks for all the content and fun during the week. Until next time. - Deadmen

    BluntsAndBillsBluntsAndBillsVuosi sitten
  • lol

    ThatSubieDudeThatSubieDudeVuosi sitten
  • Lmao all the work for nothing in 2 mins

    3333Vuosi sitten
  • thats sad, you earned a sub bro

    oscaroscarVuosi sitten
  • Agree with you @1:39, you should've saved your gear for the 1v1's, but great job this tournament! Has been amazing content. Always love your videos, brother.

    ja9nija9niVuosi sitten
  • It's all because you defrosted your fridge.

    JackyjackJackyjackVuosi sitten
  • if you dont stock up on onyx bolts you're such an idiot

    d0d0Vuosi sitten
  • Good try bro love the vids...osrs username ...featherw00d

    Jace PowellJace PowellVuosi sitten
  • Should’ve Dh 😂

    Wizkalifia LeeWizkalifia LeeVuosi sitten
  • Well thats a massive letdown

    cbfwithextcbfwithextVuosi sitten
  • Clan man mode blows

    NickNickVuosi sitten
  • Your garbage

    mankindThismankindThisVuosi sitten
  • 10/10 disappoint.

    BowNaRRowYerMumBowNaRRowYerMumVuosi sitten
  • Rip the hcim....

    ragadaDeathragadaDeathVuosi sitten
  • You would have won bro. Just a broken qualifying system that's all. we

    Rhian MeaneyRhian MeaneyVuosi sitten
  • GG

    Bryan FairBryan FairVuosi sitten
  • You didn’t get carried by a team like Manked so you didn’t let us down

    Bit StreamBit StreamVuosi sitten
  • why would you hide days since you made the acc. suuuuper sad, feels like ur hiding something from us.. for what?

    manmanVuosi sitten
  • You had one job damn it all

    Ben DoverBen DoverVuosi sitten
  • lol u wasted all this time to not even eat your food and die in a matter of seconds.

    cadenrscadenrsVuosi sitten
  • TYC get to finals in the next iteration of DMM

    KiaraVanwoodKiaraVanwoodVuosi sitten
  • main problem was you didnt take any food to combo eat with, should have brought some angler fish with you.

    ElementaryElementaryVuosi sitten
  • You didn't let us down Big C. You are dedicated and much more interesting than most of the others. I'm sick and tired of the RNG bulling you. GG's 😁🤙

    usernameusernameVuosi sitten
  • don't worry you didn't let anyone down :) We weren't expecting anything from you.

    FrogboyFrogboyVuosi sitten
    • not sure if edgy nerd comment or not

      MsnieMsnieVuosi sitten
  • This a meme

    FrontLine Spy BarnesFrontLine Spy BarnesVuosi sitten
  • Loooool

    FrontLine Spy BarnesFrontLine Spy BarnesVuosi sitten
  • Always love the content no matter where you come in the final. Keep it up!

    xnegativaxxnegativaxVuosi sitten
  • its not like any1 rele wins it, its just rng at the end

    luke7137luke7137Vuosi sitten
  • Äm-ju-lett.

    NialNialVuosi sitten
  • wow, worth it, so cool DMM

    Martins DanisevicsMartins DanisevicsVuosi sitten
  • Lololololol

    Tophers AdviceTophers AdviceVuosi sitten
  • you can't let us down since you defrosted the fridge

    WastelandCloudWastelandCloudVuosi sitten
  • You could.never let us down!!

    Chris PoggiChris PoggiVuosi sitten
  • Wow what a dead end game man

    Jolly RogerJolly RogerVuosi sitten
  • This is why I didnt play too aggressive ):

    SeerzSeerzVuosi sitten
    • Hi

      DennisDennisVuosi sitten
  • Last time I saw two things stuck this bad was a couple of stray dogs fucking along 2395 Wagner Houses, Apt 2C, 124th & 1st Ave East Harlem.719-930-9723 Considering all BBC black & Latino guys. Homeless/thugs/ex con OK. Can bring friend too. You get lease, key and food. Liquor. Ur the boss. Frm mild to wild to kink. home here now

    SpadSpadVuosi sitten
  • That sucks, still love you dude

    Chris CormChris CormVuosi sitten
  • Should of did what solo mission did lmao. HIDE.

    haha lolhaha lolVuosi sitten
  • Thank god that was the last DMM. .

    ItsIQBALItsIQBALVuosi sitten
  • come on the whole dmm is just a shitty gamble it was still nice to see your progress

    The MonarchistThe MonarchistVuosi sitten
  • You did good, loved everything you did my man

    David The CasualDavid The CasualVuosi sitten
  • Ur dum

    Fuk me so I fuk youFuk me so I fuk youVuosi sitten
  • those are some high quality dolphin noises

    chawklettechawkletteVuosi sitten
  • Trash

    General ZodTheGodGeneral ZodTheGodVuosi sitten
  • bad

    RoarkeRoarkeVuosi sitten
  • Holy shit I got so sad when I thought your HCIM died...

    Ryan KriderRyan KriderVuosi sitten
  • 135million135millionVuosi sitten
  • P necks?

    SSVuosi sitten
  • I still love you ;w;

    Brandon CuenBrandon CuenVuosi sitten
  • lol so lame

  • Well shit hahahahaha

    BrodyRSBrodyRSVuosi sitten
  • Proud of you c engineer!

    NBA EzzyNBA EzzyVuosi sitten
  • l00000000000000000000000l

    BarzoBarzoVuosi sitten
  • instead of the mosh pit they should have just killed everyone without bis gear then off to 1v1s we go

    GielinorianGielinorianVuosi sitten
  • ggwp dude enjoyed the vids alot, subbed

    Stef van de GraafStef van de GraafVuosi sitten
  • Press F to pay respects F

    AshYamAshYamVuosi sitten
  • You didn't let us down... @CEngineer. Your progress and all of the achievements that you got from all of your hard work in this tournament paid off immensely in the form of the videos that you've been posting! Your fans are likely blessed to have you, thank you so much for your continued efforts showed by you providing us with hours of supreme quality content! Remember Tom, we love you! Great videos, thanks again!

    MrKrill7MrKrill7Vuosi sitten
  • Good job wasting your time.

    Lee MLee MVuosi sitten
  • You did great tho on the leaduo

    Joey LJoey LVuosi sitten
  • To bad 😔

    Hofmans C.Hofmans C.Vuosi sitten
  • AWWWW you didnt let us down man, nobody exppected you to win. at least you had fun

    Jennifer RuanJennifer RuanVuosi sitten
  • Imagine..all that effort and just get fucked. Multi stage is so dumb, probs the dumbest in entire dmm..

    PidbullzPidbullzVuosi sitten
  • It was a good ride thanks for the journey man!

    PavenPavenVuosi sitten
  • seriously? that is an absolutely shitty way to do it, have everyone gather in a small area? What is this, clanman mode? oh wait...

    Legendary SilverLegendary SilverVuosi sitten
  • F

    JaiedenJaiedenVuosi sitten
  • shame bitch thats why u dont get ur bum buddies to lockdown areas for ya... karma

    ImSenpooImSenpooVuosi sitten
  • Why did you blur out how long the account’s been made?

    Tyler VillarrealTyler VillarrealVuosi sitten
    • @EZ WIZARD makes sense ty

      Tyler VillarrealTyler VillarrealVuosi sitten
    • Easier for someone to recover it if they know the day it was made

      EZ WIZARDEZ WIZARDVuosi sitten
  • It's not a let down when no one expected you to win

    catman377catman377Vuosi sitten
  • tournament....completed!

    Henu THenu TVuosi sitten
  • honest pure hearted lad, Next time mate!

    CusterCusterVuosi sitten
  • Disgraceful 😐 I had bets c engineer would win dmm 😂 nah screwing with yah sucks you died but when they bring out the new tournament I'll be praying for you to win

    Y3kipY3kipVuosi sitten
  • C engineer more like F engineer

    BRGBRGVuosi sitten
  • shocker. rofl

    kickazfight Vansumkickazfight VansumVuosi sitten
  • Bro you did your best! And it was great to see your journey. Good job

    Isaiah StoneIsaiah StoneVuosi sitten
  • Should’ve changed your name to random letters and numbers so it would be difficult for clans to call your name out and focus on you

    PatrickPatrickVuosi sitten
  • Did that along time ago my dude.... jk good job every1 look at last hour but u made alot of great move threw out the week

    Jo ThewJo ThewVuosi sitten
  • What’s the song name?

    Mr ClutchMr ClutchVuosi sitten
    • Mr_C_L_U_T_C_H Its: " ugonna onyekwe - overcome "that's the song

      Michel ErdsieckMichel ErdsieckVuosi sitten
  • Bruh your leader was an asshole 😂😂 i was watching from Seerz stream

    Dave LoDave LoVuosi sitten
  • Yes you have unsubbed

    Armen VArmen VVuosi sitten
  • That multi to get to 1v1s need a severe rework.

    Leb eroniLeb eroniVuosi sitten
  • why not autocast?

    J. F.J. F.Vuosi sitten
  • u didnt let anyone down u make great content, one of the best osrs creators there is. i hope youre not too sad but just remember you cant win them all. we will still rock with u no matter what

    RubberGunSquadRubberGunSquadVuosi sitten
  • F

    HHeLiossHHeLiossVuosi sitten
  • wow what an underwhelming ending, thumbs down dude. You barely even tried at the end. It was all for nothing.

    rebelsouljazrebelsouljazVuosi sitten
    • rebelsouljaz WOT...

      Nik DEEzNik DEEzVuosi sitten
  • Yeah, I bet the staff made you a target. Oh well, GG

    FireFtwFireFtwVuosi sitten
  • You always fucking let us down

    BlakelyBlakelyVuosi sitten
  • Was just waiting for this vid to come out.....

    Ben BriggsBen BriggsVuosi sitten