HCIM Limited to PvP Worlds [89% HCIM]

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1. Urban Lullaby
2. Men at Work - Land down under
3. Town of 24 bars
4. Ticker
5. Hidden Agenda
6. Batuque Bom
7. The Bronx is Burning
8. End of time
9. Arp Ascent
10. Waterfall

  • Swampletics un-official waiting room

    C EngineerC EngineerVuosi sitten
    • ur a legend m8

      the5711the5711Vuosi sitten
    • C Engineer figured since his luck is so dry just too try too switch it up

      ronny blowronny blowVuosi sitten
    • Karills coif 60 kc

      KKPapi }KKPapi }Vuosi sitten
    • So i wonder how much Mat offered all the big name youtubers to shamelessly shout him out everywhere.

      Combat RuneCombat RuneVuosi sitten
    • .

      FlamingoSaladFlamingoSaladVuosi sitten
  • I clapped when you killed jad. Clutch af.

    Matt ClayMatt ClayUukausi sitten
  • What’s that song with the lady humming

    PainPain6 kuukautta sitten
  • bolt racks r technically a barrows item right u didnt say arnor you said item lol. Theres a loophole engineer. Ill take the case for 20kgp. Lol

    Meagan SchmidtMeagan Schmidt7 kuukautta sitten
  • i Liked 4 mins in just because about this far into the series, we've established about the same rng luck lol

    shortstackhologramshortstackhologram8 kuukautta sitten
  • Has anyone told Engineer NOT to go for 100% reward chance?? Get 86 - 88% man, more than that and you get the possibility of Bolt racks instead of Barrows pieces

    ColinColin9 kuukautta sitten
  • 2:13 @Settled casually in background?

    Nynony RNynony R9 kuukautta sitten
  • What is the woo sound effect from and how do I find it?

    Post_Nut_ClarityPost_Nut_Clarity9 kuukautta sitten
  • That slayer masters name is actually pronounce closer to Mashner than machinma

    Apache ChiefApache Chief10 kuukautta sitten
  • I paused the episode to physically cringe at all of the chests that didn’t have loot @ barrows

    Alex BaldwinAlex BaldwinVuosi sitten
  • this fucking editing is KILLING me

    cnrcnrVuosi sitten
  • Rotfl just started watching, this is some good shit dude keep up the good work!

    Jonathan TaylorJonathan TaylorVuosi sitten
  • lmao how the fuck is your barrows luck so bad that is rigged

    Rat in TimbsRat in TimbsVuosi sitten
  • buy scamrocs

    Sh1eldSh1eldVuosi sitten
  • I mean I watch to see your pain of being in a huge dry streak. It's rather amusing, you getting pk'd is an added bonus.

    Edgar ArzateEdgar ArzateVuosi sitten
  • Word of the day " Depressing "

    zan 27zan 27Vuosi sitten
  • If it makes u feel any better out of my 5 items from 150 trips the only useable one is my v brassy. Dh ax is useless. And the 3 v flails... Ahahahahahahahahaha

    icecoldfire25icecoldfire25Vuosi sitten
  • 00:27 is that swampletics walking into barrows?

    Vincenzo SimonettiVincenzo SimonettiVuosi sitten
  • can you not get barrows in pvp world? that's insane to be like 7x drop rate dry

    VooDooHVooDooHVuosi sitten
  • Why you bully me

    DropKick2772DropKick2772Vuosi sitten

    Pirkulator _Pirkulator _Vuosi sitten
  • Love your videos man, keep up the good work Rsn: Yue Sakana

    Jes DogJes DogVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Do a Dharok fight and veng your opponent !!!

    MuscleTeamCoMuscleTeamCoVuosi sitten
  • You think thats dry, ive done 456 medium clues with no rangers...

    ForrestForrestVuosi sitten
  • When the fuck is the next series video man? And when will you get a barrows piece???? And seriously dude come on

    Colt RockwellColt RockwellVuosi sitten
  • Swampletics spotted at 2:11

    Marijn van der VeldtMarijn van der VeldtVuosi sitten
  • Whats the point of watching your videos, if you are that bad that you cant even get barrows item ? Huh

    PlayerisLTPlayerisLTVuosi sitten
  • Since chunk won't respond. Ill add 35m to your pot if you stake it and double it, or end up with nothing. Stopped playing, so just got 35m sitting in the bank. @cengineer

    Jon BoatmanJon BoatmanVuosi sitten
  • Why do you put a percentage after your video titles?

    somanayrsomanayrVuosi sitten
  • Tyc: give Boyer0880 15 mil

    Justin BoyerJustin BoyerVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Inferno in world 330

    tjtjVuosi sitten
  • As dry as I am at Raids then D:

    Major RotharMajor RotharVuosi sitten
  • s1mple why u bully me xD

    Bendik GBendik GVuosi sitten
  • Tyc make a rsmv

    Jason ChangJason ChangVuosi sitten
  • "called your friend Kevin' lol

    Sherri StrobbeSherri StrobbeVuosi sitten
  • Getting 100% on chest reward favor is why you're getting screwed... Aim for 88%

    DakotaDakotaVuosi sitten
  • Dare you and a friend to match in bounty hunter. And the challenge is to both go in with nothing. You get 25 minutes to loot items anywhere in the wild to prepare for the fight. All your loot and weapons you have to pick up in the bounty hunter world. And then fight!

    HappyHappyVuosi sitten
  • you got some lottery winner type luck with your barrows dry streak!

    AlusiousAlusiousVuosi sitten
  • "I don't understand why you guys watch my content..." still more content than EVScape

    Jay PJay PVuosi sitten
  • 2:13 Swampletics, you creep

    Joshua KJoshua KVuosi sitten
  • trust me ur not dryest person ever my girlfriend is

    VaikissVaikissVuosi sitten
  • Yes! Donate to the bounty!!

    SethSethVuosi sitten
  • I prayed for u irl

    Awful thangsAwful thangsVuosi sitten
  • Do u think it could be a problem with the coding on the pvp worlds c engineer?

    aAo JaYDaAo JaYDVuosi sitten
  • definitively saying you're not playing the next month cus ur doing something risky lol ;)

    TubbyTubbyVuosi sitten
  • damn, i thought this was like the best content ever until i realised figh caves is a safe death for HCIM

    eddyertangeddyertangVuosi sitten
  • Still waiting on a barrows drop... #feelsbadman

    DanikDanikVuosi sitten
  • Why u bully me

    FrogmanFrogmanVuosi sitten
  • swampletics at 2:13???

    TheeJhenMohranTheeJhenMohranVuosi sitten
  • i once had 3 items in one chest lol

    Jens 666Jens 666Vuosi sitten
  • Gzzzz on the firecape bro

  • That Fight Cave ending very much reminded me of Bonesaws' Fire Cape back in 2013 For those who've missed it I highly suggest them to check! fiworld.info/goon/gqytnIimuYGDhoU/videot.html fiworld.info/goon/ZWqttrKn3Hl-gYE/videot.html

    TappajaavTappajaavVuosi sitten
  • 5:15 i laughed way too fucking hard at this

    ImBigDomImBigDomVuosi sitten
  • the first time i went barrows i went 336 dry so idk , it was ok , i got runes XD

    jeuz qdrajeuz qdraVuosi sitten
  • "they should call this depression" as someone who has over 3500 barrows kc I can agree that I am now clinically depressed.😂

    Jacob WatkinsJacob WatkinsVuosi sitten
  • I liked for that clutch city Firecape.

    iEzJayiEzJayVuosi sitten
  • hur låter din dialekt inte svensk?!

    Shoot me nowShoot me nowVuosi sitten
  • Does the C in C engineer stand for chemical?

    CoopusCoopusVuosi sitten
  • Wuow

    LtCmdrMaximusLtCmdrMaximusVuosi sitten
  • Dude knkw one wants that trash ass watch

    Botanical WarehouseBotanical WarehouseVuosi sitten
  • Love the vids bro post more

    Brandon StrattonBrandon StrattonVuosi sitten
  • Framed is such a king of the nerds no disrespect.

    New JonesNew JonesVuosi sitten
  • i love when people find out obby armor has the same def bonus as addy. =P

    CullenCullenVuosi sitten
  • I got Epileptic seizure after intro

    Call MECall MEVuosi sitten
  • C Engineer, I'm one of the few people who understand exactly what this is like, I've hit the 2,000% threshold before I got my first barrows item to drop... 364 dry, 365th chest I got a karil's coif...

    Cody HeislerCody HeislerVuosi sitten
  • get 88% instead of 100% for barrows

    Ellie JaeEllie JaeVuosi sitten
  • pretending to be a cow in pvp worlds pls

    Pedro MontillaPedro MontillaVuosi sitten
  • B0aty noises really?

    LeaLeaVuosi sitten
  • RSN-33degrees Love series :)

    jack frostjack frostVuosi sitten
  • I'm not dropping a like cos ur not uploading a new vid.... LET ME SAY AGAIN. ONLY get 88% at barrows for max chance at a barrows item. Kill 3 skeletons in cave. THAT'S IT.

    Mick WardMick WardVuosi sitten
  • what a clever way to not upload videos. but what gets me is you're asking for more money while at the same time uploading no/less content. why?

    Dustin DemuthDustin DemuthVuosi sitten
  • Stop getting 88% just kill all brothers 2 skele 1 rat or worm i'm 90 chests in with 12 items

    1# Ox1# OxVuosi sitten
  • Very entertaining for a Runescape video. Do you have any professional practice aside from this channel?

    GG 4UGG 4UVuosi sitten
  • Rofl... fuggin simple.

    Lundi SorLundi SorVuosi sitten
  • 116 barrows chest dry....I would have beaten my grandma by then

    SeerzSeerzVuosi sitten
  • Tanzoo and Virtoso videos be like: Get barrows item on chest 117, make a 45 minute video withholding that information and pretend it never happened until the end.

    MaxedEXPMaxedEXPVuosi sitten
  • Everytime someone donates 100m to bounty turn private on for 10 hrs

    RedeemedRedeemedVuosi sitten
  • TYC: complete a basilisks task without a mirror shield

    nathan yatesnathan yatesVuosi sitten
  • Stop being a noob and get barrows items

    Alex BAlex BVuosi sitten
  • No donations, just makes everything sketchy

    Chris WChris WVuosi sitten
  • Do not be sad my dearest shampion

    f of oVuosi sitten
  • Taking donations for this purpose is a lot better than what a friend did lol

    Johnathon AbbottJohnathon AbbottVuosi sitten
  • I don't even have a firecape and I'm a normie ironman not on pvp worlds :(

    Johnathon AbbottJohnathon AbbottVuosi sitten
  • Kill all barrows bosses, and kill 5 skelies in tunnels. Guaranteed Drops. It's frustrating to see you click on the chest with 86% reward potential...

    Daemen GDaemen GVuosi sitten

    snowking654snowking654Vuosi sitten
  • Would donate for bounty increase

    Zack ZiccardiZack ZiccardiVuosi sitten
  • It actually pisses me off how much he goes dry

    Jonathan McCueJonathan McCueVuosi sitten
  • TYC: Upload another HCIM video this month

    Davis RickettsDavis RickettsVuosi sitten
  • You got your pity like.

    Chimi ChangaChimi ChangaVuosi sitten
  • tack för en ny video taggar nästa redan!

    david gustavssondavid gustavssonVuosi sitten
  • Only reason we watch you is to feel better about our shit barrows luck...

    ElephantElephantVuosi sitten
  • lmao, i love the s1mple sound over.

    k n17k n17Vuosi sitten
  • The audio clips are really cringy.

    ChanizuChanizuVuosi sitten
  • was that swampletics in the intro?

    LaevoLaevoVuosi sitten
  • Machinima is my favourite slayer master

    Not EskinorNot EskinorVuosi sitten
  • I thought I’d try barrows for the first time on osrs, did 18 chests and got dharoks legs, Torags legs and a Karils top... so.... rip you

    TDremovalsTDremovalsVuosi sitten
  • I'm still waiting for 150 dry for that one guy to make a video eating his shoe.

    Bruno MartinsBruno MartinsVuosi sitten
  • :(

    Ryan `Ryan `Vuosi sitten
  • Imagine making a video barely over 10 minutes with the sole purpose of ads, smh you disgust me. Unsubbed disliked

    SociopathSociopathVuosi sitten
  • @c engineer tyc - kill sparc mac in LMS

    Max My IronMax My IronVuosi sitten