Hunting Noobs doing Slayer for Larran's Keys

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    C EngineerC EngineerVuosi sitten
    • @C Engineer, just hardwire an ethernet cable to your router. You won't disconnect again.

      AustinHAustinHVuosi sitten
    • forgot to mention it destroys your cards within 6 months

    • I'd like to buy a beer for whoever invented the right arrow key

      ꧁Peter Griffin꧂꧁Peter Griffin꧂Vuosi sitten
    • 75 dollars for a bit of metal that will be uncomfortable in the pocket? Nah I’ll stick to my old reliable 5 dollar wallet

      Barn ZeyBarn ZeyVuosi sitten
    • Congrats on the sponsor dude!

      Time for JAMTime for JAMVuosi sitten
  • I love that at the end he showed the cash stack and then price checks the cash stack. Good vid brother

    Josh PerkinsJosh Perkins6 kuukautta sitten
  • bullshit wallet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YouAreMirinYouAreMirin9 kuukautta sitten
  • Mintcow man does it *FIRST*

    Eazy-EEazy-EVuosi sitten
  • Outtro song??

    Kuut KsKuut KsVuosi sitten
  • Bro thats a 75 USD wallet.

    Nathanael VassNathanael VassVuosi sitten
  • Absolutely despise if people are pking the same player on two of their accounts - jagex should make that banable

    ZerkInDaYardZerkInDaYardVuosi sitten
    • It's the wilderness. There are no rules. Anything goes.

      Dennis HillDennis HillVuosi sitten
  • I like that music at 7:30, what is it?

    Sean HannestadSean HannestadVuosi sitten
  • “7.5m ho Mai gawd”

    John DoeJohn DoeVuosi sitten
  • Did they remove emblems from Wildy slayer drop table?

    Big RichardBig RichardVuosi sitten
  • chard by bye do

    LilcrainsLilcrainsVuosi sitten
  • Challenge: Get Synq a computer that can handle more than 10 follow notification

    mrlemonhead54mrlemonhead54Vuosi sitten
  • Khruangbin!

    Gustaf HannemanGustaf HannemanVuosi sitten
  • "all i want is the larrens key" proceeds to spam click loot lol

    Matthew HamiltonMatthew HamiltonVuosi sitten
  • He loves saying good fight when they dont even bother fighting him LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    primedcgprimedcgVuosi sitten
  • song at 3:04 please anybody?

    Dylan GoreticDylan GoreticVuosi sitten
  • good job using krhuangbin

    effervescenteagleeffervescenteagleVuosi sitten
  • You keep saying "good fight" but not really any of them even fought back?

    Mn JLittleMn JLittleVuosi sitten
  • Great vid! Whats the song at 2:11?

    MovieMadeHomeMovieMadeHomeVuosi sitten
  • Ridge is over priced, buy the same quality on aliexpress for 4 dollars

    Sambal bijSambal bijVuosi sitten
  • big thanks to the botters for farming all your pking materials... ban the botters this game is shit with them

    Griff BrockGriff BrockVuosi sitten
  • Just once I want an opening where C Engineer gets PK'd and the PK'er says- "I am C Engineer"

    BakaBuleBakaBuleVuosi sitten
  • whats the song at 8:30

    JoeLikesGamesJoeLikesGamesVuosi sitten
  • You have earned a new subscriber c engineer sir

    TheRusherTheRusherVuosi sitten
  • Chardnado you're gonna be chardbuhbyado lmao

    that guythat guyVuosi sitten
  • What is the song at 0:44?

    Gregory CarterGregory CarterVuosi sitten
  • "Charnado? You're about to be Char-bye bye" hahaha that cracked me up. nice vids man! I would love to get pk'd by you lol

    Ralph DoriaRalph DoriaVuosi sitten

    Quincy L JonesQuincy L JonesVuosi sitten
  • GF c engineer me and my girl killed u greetz from the netherlands s o n s

    Vincent Van Der VeenVincent Van Der VeenVuosi sitten
  • song name at 7:20?

    by_ miqraaby_ miqraaVuosi sitten
  • Snons waaw joj?

    HiIamFinHiIamFinVuosi sitten
  • 😂😂😂😂

    JonJonVuosi sitten
  • Im sorry engineer but those wallets sucks literally,no offense

    jarsajarsaVuosi sitten
  • "People love to bring their cash stack" translation "money is buyable in OSRS so there is really no consequence to losing a cash stack"

    Ppanda zPpanda zVuosi sitten
  • "jon somehow managed to find me" "sup pussy" "aint no where safe" LMAO legend

    LimeJ0SHLimeJ0SHVuosi sitten
  • Larren's keys are pretty shit

    TheApanaTheApanaVuosi sitten
  • Tom you should have dropped the keys at the end lmao, definitely something I would have expected of you 😂

    Drew GDrew GVuosi sitten
  • Free comment for YT stats.

    T uK HT uK HVuosi sitten
  • Was thinking on doing some wildy slayer... glad i watched this video first.

    DukeDukeVuosi sitten
  • If he didn’t price check the 9.4 mill I would of never known the 9.4 mill was 9.4mill

    HappyfeetsmummHappyfeetsmummVuosi sitten
  • Swedish power!

    RubberTagRubberTagVuosi sitten
  • THANK THE LORD FOR RAIDS SHADOW... oh wait. That's actually quite neat.

    PhilPhilVuosi sitten
  • lol ridge wallet toy, it cant fit my 3 bank cards, 12-15 different shoppingmall/ gas station discount cards, my decade old rubber and shitload of coinss

    Leb0lasLeb0lasVuosi sitten
  • make it 20% discount and i'll buy a Ridge

    CCVuosi sitten
  • Didn't they ban using multi lines?

    SantaSantaVuosi sitten
  • Ridge wallets suck y’all, not worth the money AT ALL

    Will BWill BVuosi sitten
  • That chad @6:07 was wearing dragon platebody, dragon legs (g), dragon boots (g), and a graceful hood. This man fashionscapes even when smacking mammoths in the wilderness with his big stick. Name was Pugsrule222 as well. All are beta in comparison.

    Pugtaur ChieftainPugtaur ChieftainVuosi sitten
  • chanced

    SvishaSvishaVuosi sitten
  • nobody: c engineer: Price checks a cash stack to show how much hes made when we can clearly tell

    epicsniper falepicsniper falVuosi sitten
  • you killed katiey hahahahahahhah

    imatank234imatank234Vuosi sitten
  • Expensive wallets that carry the bare minimum. What a shitty concept.

    FrenchieFrenchieVuosi sitten
  • Disliked for saying "Laava" dragons

    God of DiscoGod of DiscoVuosi sitten
  • You pick good music for your vids

    evian clevian clVuosi sitten
  • Bro I need that song I absolutely need it in my life the dubstep ask onethat a lot of streamers use, can anybody help me with the name??

    Nick ZiegenfussNick ZiegenfussVuosi sitten
  • Me: hey I actually need a new wallet Sees price: nope. I mean 75 for a 1 slim piece of metal damn

    Joshua BakerJoshua BakerVuosi sitten
  • Unsubbed. Ty for the reminder to always vote no on pvp polls.

    Saidin RageSaidin RageVuosi sitten
  • Soundtrack in beginning is one of my favs! Isnt it animal apogee?? Brings back sooo many memories

    oke rhrhoke rhrhVuosi sitten
  • Humble front wallet merchant

    Jess CorneliusJess CorneliusVuosi sitten
  • The wallet sponsor is way better than all the raids ones

    Benjamin BooneBenjamin BooneVuosi sitten

    J VJ VVuosi sitten
  • 100 nubes disliked this video. :D

    Nick TobinNick TobinVuosi sitten
  • Sponsorship... completed.

    Ch9ckenCh9ckenVuosi sitten
  • I dont know why those edits of you saying the same thing over and over again make me laugh so hard, but keep doing it.

    JoeWhoaJoeWhoaVuosi sitten
  • wow, a sponsor i'm actually interested in for once. ediit: nvm these things look shit.

    wow!wow!Vuosi sitten
  • Bruh you said titanium and aluminum wrong LOOOOL

    War Chief VWar Chief VVuosi sitten
  • Cthony Engtano here

    HushPuppyHushPuppyVuosi sitten
  • I'd pay just to hear you whisper 'titanium' to me.

    Christian GuntherChristian GuntherVuosi sitten
  • Still not 100% sure if it's really Kevin talking live him.

    Jacob NealJacob NealVuosi sitten
    • are u dense?

      lemurlemurVuosi sitten
  • big brain plays

    Lifeismyjoke ツLifeismyjoke ツVuosi sitten
  • his voice makes me happy him and framed together are a power couple lol

    flexflexVuosi sitten

    Psychotic-SethePsychotic-SetheVuosi sitten
  • Teasing da noobs

    ShooterShooterVuosi sitten
  • Ridge is a shit site btw, $50 for 2 plates of aluminium and a rubber band. I see why you would want to get sponsored, but they're for rich spastics that dont know better.

    DogBaptiserDogBaptiserVuosi sitten
  • now that's an ad that's not annoying

    swiftair produitsswiftair produitsVuosi sitten
  • I'm shocked ridge wallets sponsored you haha how odd! I'm an admin in a massive EDC Facebook page and I've been trying to work through them also

    Tophers AdviceTophers AdviceVuosi sitten
  • That wallet is sleek, too sleek. You wouldn't feel someone taking it out of your pocket. Then again they might not notice anything in your pocket...but also You are fighting in the wilderness without paying the 1b coin tax to 25buttholes and his army of goons.

    MichaelMichaelVuosi sitten
  • Comes in aliminum l000l

    makia braamakia braaVuosi sitten
  • TYC you and framed go rushing for 5 hours and at the end stake the total value of your earned loot against eachother in the dueling arena

    HolyNickTheHobbitHolyNickTheHobbitVuosi sitten
  • I love watching ice cubes run across the map lol

    ElricElricVuosi sitten
  • Another dry!

    byever1byever1Vuosi sitten
  • Christmas present? Yeah i dont hate my family or friends 😂

    Mauno ErmMauno ErmVuosi sitten
  • bring back TYC

    J JJ JVuosi sitten
  • Is nobody talking about that 100

    BlitzyBlitzyVuosi sitten
  • Not gonna lie that Ridge in damascus is kinda sex

    ZeleneZeleneVuosi sitten
  • SoloMission: C Engineer: I died to an iron man... thats emberassing

    Joshua OstrowskiJoshua OstrowskiVuosi sitten
  • No one: Absolutely no one: C Engineer: *gets dressed* *Tuck my shirt in* *puts empty ridge wallet in pocket* *go pking*

    Joshua OstrowskiJoshua OstrowskiVuosi sitten
  • Wear a bearhead+bearfeet the next time the pure goes into the wildy. Heard its BiS

    ChocoboChocoboVuosi sitten
  • C engineer new video > Torvesta new video

    RuneTubeRuneTubeVuosi sitten
  • Cthony Engtano

    Young lonnyYoung lonnyVuosi sitten
  • At 5:55 you did kill him, but his loot was on the cannon

    luis albanezluis albanezVuosi sitten
  • Food recipeeeeeee

    Meth_Shooter BridMeth_Shooter BridVuosi sitten
  • "charrnado, you're going to be charr bye bye"

    clayton futchclayton futchVuosi sitten
  • I love when framed does vids with you. Y’all are my favorites 😂😂😂

    Jake MoseleJake MoseleVuosi sitten
  • Hey, do you have some spotify list or something? :)

    Andreas OlssonAndreas OlssonVuosi sitten
  • So many ads :/ ruin the experience for me, I dont mind 1 in the beginning but 3 of them...

    Michiel ClaeysMichiel ClaeysVuosi sitten
  • Obscure reference but the music at 2:14 reminded me of the snowlands right before entering the crystal palace in Paper Mario 64. What a great game

    SnrdrmSnrdrmVuosi sitten
  • love the old summoning track... so many memories :(

    xArtefaktxxArtefaktxVuosi sitten
  • 5:53 isn't the loot just under one of the cannons legs?

    YukigamiYukigamiVuosi sitten
  • drink once every time he says 'Larran's key'

    YukigamiYukigamiVuosi sitten
  • J O N Obviously will be the guy who kills your HCIM, he has a GPS tracker on you

    Jiggy JJiggy JVuosi sitten